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#DailyGuidance Tarot for Friday, 18th June 2021⠀

Love – Strength⠀

#DearSoul, The Strength tarot card in a love context often appears when you’re having relationship trouble, either with family, a friend, or your lover. This isn’t a bad thing, though. This card represents your ability to accept others as they are, practice patience, and demonstrate the strength of love.

What can you do to be more open and loving? Are there hurts from the past you need to forgive? Avoid the tendency to shut down when faced with hurt. Find ways to open your heart even more during these times. Meditation, volunteer work, and spending time doing things you love are all great options.

You’re having relationship trouble
Demonstrate the strength of love
Find ways to open your heart

Career & Finances – The World⠀

#DearSoul, The World card in a career context can literally indicate world travel or traveling for work. Perhaps you’re planning to move to another country, to study abroad for a while, or to leave your job to go on a sabbatical?

This card tells you to see this as an awesome opportunity! You can learn from other people and cultures all over the world and increase your universal understanding.

Financial improvement is also predicted by the World, but that doesn’t mean it will come without effort. The World represents a personal effort in all areas for success.

Health – The Chariot

#DearSoul, On the whole, your vitality is very strong now and you should have quite a lot of “get up and go.” This is an excellent time to begin or to increase a fitness plan. You may be able to make more progress than you ever thought possible.

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