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Counselling Services

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Why Counselling

We believe counselling focuses on facilitating personal and interpersonal
relationships in the areas of emotional, social and physical well-being. Our
counsellors are excellent communicators who can quickly assess and analyse
emotionally charged situations. They are genuinely interested in people and
improving their life. We don’t have a watch while listen to you.

Interventions used by our counselors may be either brief or long-term; they are
often problem-specific and goal-directed. These activities are guided by a
philosophy that values individual differences and diversity and a focus on
prevention, development, and adjustment across the life-span.

Introducing Counselling


It is the process of counselling the parties of a relationship in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress.

In relationship counselling, a person’s communication patterns are always explored in an effort to make positive changes. If a person does not know how to navigate peacefully through a conflict, employing avoidance and heated power struggles, then nothing gets resolved, resentment builds, and repairs are never made.

The relationship involved may be between members of a family or a couple, employees or employers in a workplace, or between a professional and a client.


In marriage or couples counselling, you, your partner, and we will work together to determine what the goals are within your relationship. The inevitable conflicts that
arise in relationships are actually ways to explore what you can start healing in yourself.

Your partner becomes a mirror of sorts, reflecting back what is in your subconscious world. You, your partner, and we will look at patterns that show up between you, as
well as other internal and external experiences that impact the relationship.

Those patterns are likely to show up in your sessions, just as they do in everyday life. When they do, we may also encourage you to explore them as they occur, in order to support you in adopting more helpful patterns, roles, and ways of communicating.

We know that one of the first steps in improving a relationship is to teach a couple
how to regulate their emotions, stay calm, and use healthy communication skills so
that new problems and old problems can finally be resolved.

Why Does Counselling Deliver Such Incredible Result?

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Individuals Experience Amazing Results

1. Engagement

No Matter How Disturbing The Subject, The Counsellor Will Still Be
Engaged- When you share uncomfortable information with friends or
family, their natural reaction may be to withdraw or run away. A
counsellor is able to stay in the room, physically, emotionally,
relationally, and personally—even in the midst of difficult topics.

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A Counsellor Will Not Judge- A counsellor won’t shame or judge your
actions. He or she is there to help you understand how you got into this
situation, why you made the decisions you made, and the best way to
make things right.

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Counsellors Give You the Opportunity To Speak The Unspeakable-
Sometimes, things that are so difficult to talk about that you carry them around for years. They weigh on you, causing emotional, relational, and physical problems. When you reach the point where you can no longer carry the secret, a counselor will be able to listen to your story and help
you figure out what to do.

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Counsellors Provide A Safe Environment To Be A Mess- Looking at the
heavy stuff in your life can be messy. Because the counselling
relationships is confidential and protected, you can stop worrying about
how you look or who will see you. You are protected, sheltered, and
cared for as you start to experience the appropriate emotions that come
along with difficult situations.

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A Counsellor Has Empathy, Insight, Understanding, And Acceptance- A counselor does more than blindly listen. He or she has the desire and ability to hurt with you without getting lost in that hurt. That’s called empathy. In the midst of that empathy, they will have tools and ideas to help you navigate through some of the difficult situations you find yourself in. Your counsellor knows how to listen with understanding. They get all the information first (or as much as possible) so they have a complete picture of the situation.

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What You'll Take Away

When You Go Through This Session You Will Be Able TO:


Establishing trust- The counsellor helps you in establishing trust with others. It helps us in seeing from the other’s point of view to progress in a relationship.


Listening skills – Counselling helps in improving one’s listening skills. It opens up our mind to active listening.


Reframing people and problems – Counselling will help you in reframing your problems and people around you to see higher benefit around you.


The importance of goals and future scenario development- Counselling will help you in setting future goals and development for your life.

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