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What Is Amazing Tarot?

Amazing Tarot is the confluence of 3 people from different backgrounds with the sole aim of providing complete counseling and guidance under one roof. The organization strives to narrow the gap between the challenges our clients are facing and the outcomes they desire. We provide an extensive support facility through phone, mail or personal visit throughout their transition period.

What We Do?

Tarot Reading And Feng Shui Are The Gifts From Our Ancestors To Connect To The Universal Conscious To Solve Our Current And Future Problems.

Tarot readings are clairvoyant sessions whereby we work with both the Tarot and or Angel cards in conjunction with channeling messages relevant to where you are in life right now.
So You Too Can Make The Lightning-Fast Progress In Your Goal & Dreams That Dev Borah’s Clients Have Enjoyed For More Than 15 Years Now.
One of the most common pieces of advice that you’ll hear from nearly all self-help guru’s is that the fastest way to success is to find a coach, mentor or role model that can help you achieve your goal much faster.
According to Chinese Metaphysics, success or luck is derived from a combination of 3 factors known as the Cosmic Trinity. Let's look at each one of these closer

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Meet The Expert

So You Too Can Make The Lightning-Fast Progress In Your Goal & Dreams That Dev Borah’s Clients Have Enjoyed For More Than 15 Years Now.

Dev Borah

Amazing Tarot Consultant

Dev is a holistic healer and spiritual teacher and master from over a decade. As India’s leading exponent of Tarot science, he has been using Tarot extensively to counsel, guide and enrich people’s lives.  Dev has been trained in tarot and healing by some of the most advanced masters in the field.

Dev works in the Retail Industry providing training & consultation and mentoring the senior management for the best performance in their personal and professional lives. Some of his clients include Nike, Shopper’s Stop, Van Heusen etc. He runs two firms providing companies with training and consulting solutions in sales and service.



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