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Why Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui – Feng Shui is an approach – in fact it’s “the approach” – that helps make way for all the riches, relationships, money and wealth to find you easily. What feng shui wealth does is this; it balances the energies in a home or office to enhance the inflow of money and dramatically reduce the outflow – or unnecessary, unwanted and unexpected outflow – of it.

Introduction To Feng Shui

According to Chinese Metaphysics, success or luck is derived from a combination of 3 factors known as the Cosmic Trinity. Let's look at each one of these closer:

Heaven Luck

Is also known as astrology or our natal chart. We’ve all experienced times when we felt like we were going against a river. And then there are other times when everything goes your way. It’s in these times when we feel like we have little, if any, control of our life and destiny – for good or bad.

Earth Luck

Is the Feng Shui aspect of our success. Have you ever lived in a house that just seemed cursed? Perhaps as soon as you moved in everything seemed to go wrong. The energy flow in our home and on the land we live will have a direct impact on our own energy flow. This will in effect impact all areas of your life – from finances to love to health.

Human Luck

This is the aspect in which we feel like our life is in our hands. We are in control. We have free will. Our fate is in our hands – at least 33% of it! The more we make conscious choices, intentions, thoughts, the more we will be in control of our Human Luck. Have you ever come across someone who just seemed to live life in default. They just took what life handed them. This is a case of not using their 33% of Human Luck.
You can then see the benefits of having conscious intentions while applying Feng Shui remedies and enhancements. In doing so, you combine the Earth Luck and the Human Luck to make a much more powerful punch – 66% to be exact. And when the stars align, well, the sky’s the limit!

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