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Our Story

Amazing Tarot is the confluence of 3 people from different backgrounds with the sole aim of providing complete counseling and guidance under one roof.

The organization strives to narrow the gap between the challenges our clients are facing and the outcomes they desire. We provide an extensive support facility through phone, mail or personal visit throughout their transition period.

About Dev Borah

Dev Borah is a holistic healer and spiritual teacher and master from over a decade. As India’s leading exponent of Tarot science, he has been using Tarot extensively to counsel, guide and enrich people’s lives.  Dev has been trained in tarot and healing by some of the most advanced masters in the field.
He have been practicing Tarot from 10 years. Dev Borah have expertise over Feng Shui cures and uses both the sciences liberally to provide complete solutions to his clients.
Over the years he have devised a unique combination of counselling, story telling and coaching in his tarot readings which provides unique perspective to his clients.

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