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This is a 4 Days over the weekend full time course. The course will equip you to deliver Professional Tarot card reading for clients and start your alternative career. We will be covering the following topics during the workshop.

    • Brief History of Tarot & How Tarot works.
    • How the Tarot is useful in Day-to-Day Life.
    • The Rider-Waite Deck and its structure
    • Major Arcana with upright Meanings and Keywords
    • Minor Arcana with upright Meanings and Keywords 
    • How to read Tarot Cards for yourself and friends
    • Meditation with the Cards
    • How to frame questions
    • Tarot Spreads
    • Psychology of Tarot
    • Keywords Chart
    • Cleansing and Charging of Cards
    • Protection from Negative Energies
    • How to be a Professional Tarot Card Reader
    • How to learn and use any deck of Tarot Card Reading
    • Advanced Remedies 
    • Astrology & Tarot Connections
    • Numerology & Tarot Connections
    • Feng Shui & Tarot Connections
    • Chakras & Tarot Connections
    • Mistakes to avoid as a Tarot Card Reader
    • Tarot for Personal Development
    • How to create remedies for any situation
    • Techniques to increase intuition 
    • How to start your Tarot business
    • Support from fellow Tarot Card readers community

This course has been created using lots of research and personal experiences of some of the best Tarot Card readers of modern times. We have created a comprehensive course to help you become a complete ethical Tarot Card reader.

This will help you connect with your clients more deeply and help them get more out of their Tarot sessions. This class will make you aware of tarot card spreads and how to use the correct spread for various situations.

Notes & Certificates will be provided.


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Once the payment has been realised the class timings will be decided.

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