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Your Fortnightly Tarot Guidance

Get Your Free Sunshine Reading From Me Every Month, Twice!

We at Amazing Tarot believe in adding more value to your lives through our selfless service. Keeping the same spirit we have thought of providing you with fortnightly Tarot Predictions and advice.
Every month on 1st and 15th you will receive tarot guidance according to your sun sign in your inbox. The tarot guidance will include aspects of our life, Relationships, Career, Finances and Life as Whole. 
I sincerely hope this will make your life smoother and more successful. Love & Peace – Dev Borah


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Why Tarot Reading?

Tarot Card Reading gives an unique opportunity to see your situation from a different perspective. It’s a chance to connect to the collective wisdom of the universe and gain understanding of your owner inner mechanics. 

It’s a window to look inside yourself and make the necessary changes to be successful outside. You will know more about yourself during a tarot card reading than anywhere else. Tarot Cards searches and finds the answers and solutions within you rather than outside.

What Information you'll Get In Your Free Fortnightly Tarot Reading ?

The fortnightly Tarot guidance will come for all the 12 Zodiac Signs in 4 segments.


How will the fortnight be for your relationships? Is this the right time to propose her? Does he/she still love you? What is their in her mind? Guidance and advise will be given for any specific point to be taken care of.


How will the fortnight be for your career? Do you need to keep anything particular in mind while dealing with your superiors or juniors? Is this the right time to discuss about a raise? Guidance and advise will be given for any specific point to be taken care of.


What is the fortnight holding for your finances? Do you need to invest in this particular opportunity? What are the chances of luck favoring you this  fortnight? Is there any windfall gain in this period? Guidance and advise will be given for any specific point to be taken care of.


A summary of life for the fortnight. What can be the possible ups and downs in the coming 2 weeks? How to be prepared for any unexpected turn in life? What can be expected in the next 2 weeks for you? How can you be aware about any upcoming challenges in life? General guidance will be provided to sail through the fortnight.

Meet The Tarot Card Reader


Amazing Tarot Reader

Dev is a holistic healer and spiritual teacher and master from over a decade. As India’s leading exponent of Tarot science, he has been using Tarot extensively to counsel, guide and enrich people’s lives.  Dev has been trained in tarot and healing by some of the most advanced masters in the field.
 He have been practicing Tarot from 10 years. Dev have expertise over Feng Shui cures and uses both the sciences liberally to provide complete solutions to his clients.
 Over the years he have devised a unique combination of counselling, story telling and coaching in his tarot readings which provides unique perspective to his clients.
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