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Your #DailyGuidance for Monday, 16th Sep 2019

#DearSoul be prepared today for an event that might be rather painful. The card of Death, even when it’s moderated by the benign influence of the Sun, indicates the inevitability of a temporary separation or a breakup.

You will have no other choice but to turn the page and close a chapter in order to sort out the affairs of the heart and get on the road to happiness, dear soul. It does look as if there was no other solution. Maybe it’s best therefore to accept this transition and look to a brighter future.

As far as work goes, the union of the Fool and Death seems to indicate that a contract or an important project is coming to an end, though you may not know what will follow it. You’re troubled by this uncertainty about the future, and find it difficult to imagine how you’ll bounce back. Instead of wallowing in doubt, regroup and look to the future with confidence!

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