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Where should I place my sofa? 4 ways to improve Feng Shui |

Feng Shui is commonly related to the artwork of placement, with furnishings having an affect on the texture and circulate of power within the area. On the subject of the couch, a very powerful piece in the lounge, discovering the most effective placement could be tough.

There are numerous other ways to front room Feng Shui and it might show to be a great tool find the most effective place on your couch, particularly if you’re trying to enhance the power in your house on the identical time. Though it’s best to by no means put your couch in entrance of a window in Feng Shui, there are a couple of methods to place your couch for a room that each seems lovely and flows effectively. Right here we take a look at skilled recommendation on the place it’s best to place your couch for Feng Shui and why it is very important get it proper. 

The place ought to I place my couch?  

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