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What Planet Rules Taurus? An Astrologer Explains Venus’ Influence

It doesn’t matter what your private zodiac signal is, each planet performs a strong function in your astrological start chart — each signal has a ruling planet that imbues that signal with its signature traits. On the subject of lavish and romantic Taurus, recognized for being equal components headstrong and caring, they’ll thank the brightest planet for giving them a few of their defining qualities. The grounded bull loves luxurious and luxury, and so they’re all the time searching for the subsequent factor to indulge is — which is smart when you think about that Taurus’ ruling planet is related to artwork, magnificence, and love.

In case you haven’t guessed but, Taurus is dominated by Venus, and the flirty earth indicators completely embody the planet’s romantic qualities. “Venus is a sort planet that hates drama. Being that Venus guidelines Taurus, it provides sentiments of affection, magnificence, and refinement,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle.

Not solely does attending to know the planet that guidelines Taurus aid you perceive the sensible earth signal higher, nevertheless it additionally helps you perceive your individual start chart. Maintain studying to study extra about Taurus’ ruling planet and type a brand new appreciation for auspicious Venus.

All About Venus, Taurus’ Ruling Planet

Venus, the brightest planet within the sky, was first noticed by telescope in 1610 by astronomer Galileo Galilei. His observations of Venus helped carry concerning the understanding that the planets orbited the Solar, not the opposite method round. In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of affection, magnificence, and fertility, which has similarities in astrology, the place the planet guidelines over relationships, each romantic and platonic. “[Venus] urges us to unite and harmonize with others and keep loyalties,” says Stardust.

Alongside fellow fortunate planet Jupiter, Venus is taken into account to be a benefic planet in astrology, which simply means it’s one of many extra favorable heavenly our bodies. Venus brings abundance in relationships, aesthetics, and funds. When this planet is transiting via the homes, it’s sprinkling a little bit of luck in your pockets in addition to in your love life.

Venus vibes are additionally about luxurious and indulgence, Marie Antoinette-style. “Venus is thought for its decadent way of life and celebration mentality. Anybody who is aware of a Taurus is conscious of their indulgent and sensual vibes,” explains Stardust. Relying on what your Venus signal is, it might outline the way you categorical your self via dwelling decor, style, and the fabric issues that carry you pleasure. In case your Venus signal is stationed in native Libra or Taurus, for instance, not solely are you seemingly obsessed with your thought of affection, however you in all probability have a style for the finer issues, too. Name Tauruses the final word materials ladies.

Venus’ Affect On Taurus

Planetary rulers govern sure sectors of life, giving every zodiac signal an affinity for these subjects or points. Venus symbolizes all issues flirty, creative, and considerable, so naturally, a Taurus gravitates towards a lifetime of luxurious and romance. As a result of the benefic planet is about peace and customary floor, the strong-willed bulls are peaceable at coronary heart, in order that they received’t instigate confrontation, particularly if it threatens their consolation zone — one thing they worth above all else.

That stated, whereas Taurus is a homebody, their Venusian affect helps them to domesticate honest and strong relationships with others. “Being that Venus is a relationship-oriented planet, it’s essential to notice that it’s all about partnerships and regarding others,” explains Stardust. Their devotion to their relationships permits the loving earth signal to guard and defend their family members.

“At instances it might probably make us jealous of what others have attained within the earthly realm, however even that’s not long-lasting,” explains Stardust. “The Bull is tender, sympathetic, unwavering, and gradual to mood, which exhibits how they align.”

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