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Vastu Tips: Remove these things from your house to avoid problems

Vastu Shastra is a science of structure and building. Any home designed or embellished in accordance with Vastu harbours happiness, well being, wealth and fortune. Indian Vastu shares plenty of similarities with Chinese language Feng Shui. Vastu Shastra is a Hindu custom, designed to advertise concord with the pure forces by together with sure elements in our residence. It’s a longtime perception that in case you hold the issues in your home following the Vastu practices then there’s a certainty of happiness and prosperity in your life. It has been noticed that regardless of the arduous work individuals face issues associated to wealth, consolation and happiness; this might probably be on account of Vastu Dosh.

The students of Vastu Shastra say that by eradicating the Vastu Dosh, the monetary circumstances of a house could be improved. This brings constructive power in a home. The unfavourable power will get destroyed and peace prevails. There are particular issues, in line with Vastu Shastra, that may carry positivity within the ideas in addition to within the residence.

There are issues which have a unfavourable affect within the residence. However how do we all know what issues or objects to be saved and what should be discarded. Right here we’re itemizing the issues which shouldn’t be saved in a house.

Battle or Battle Scenes

One mustn’t hold the battle scene of Ramayana and Mahabharata of their residence. These photos depict rivalry among the many family members.

Cactus or Thorny Crops

You must by no means hold or plant cactus or some other thorny plant in your house. Take away all different thorny vegetation besides Rose.

Detrimental Photos

Photos of a tree with out flowers or fruit, sinking ship or boat, socks, sword battle image, searching photos, the picture of Indrajal (magic), captured elephants and photos of people who find themselves unhappy and weeping shouldn’t be saved in the home.

Taj Mahal

You shouldn’t hold a showpiece of Taj Mahal and even its image. It’s a mausoleum and in addition a logo of loss of life and passivity. Nevertheless, individuals recognise it as a logo of affection however in actuality, it’s the grave of Shah Jahan’s spouse Mumtaz Begum. That is the rationale why one mustn’t hold any showpiece or image of Tajmahal of their home. It’s believed that such issues severely and deeply impression our lives.

Animal work or Idols

Keep away from photos, work and sculptures of animals and birds like pigs, snakes, donkeys, eagles, owls, bats, vultures, pigeons and crows. In line with Vastu, a pair’s bed room mustn’t exhibit even a single hen or animal. Neither the image nor the present piece of any wild animal ought to be saved in the home as they depict the wildness in nature. This brings a violent perspective within the behaviour of the inmates of a home.

Terrifying demons and monsters

Photos of terrifying demons and monsters, wood or metallic figures of untamed animals like tigers, wolves, bears, lions, jackals and wild boars and so forth. shouldn’t be saved in the home.

Damaged idols or glasses

Don’t hold damaged glasses, mirrors and idols of Gods and Goddesses in your house.

Image or photographs from Mahabharata

Any scene or image from Mahabharata shouldn’t be saved in the home. This symbolises a endless rivalry among the many members of the family.


The picture of Shiva as a cosmic dancer is present in virtually each classical dancer’s residence. There are all the time two sides to a coin. Natraja is a logo of this nice artwork kind but additionally a logo of destruction. The rationale for that is that the dance kind really is a Tandav dance which implies the dance for destruction. Therefore, both the image or the showpiece depicting Natraja ought to by no means be saved in the home.

A sinking ship or boat

An image of a sinking ship or a ship must also by no means be saved at residence. A sinking ship or a ship exhibits deteriorating nature within the relationship between members of the family. When you’ve got such an image then it’s best to instantly throw it away.

Water fountain

The best way you embellish your house tells quite a bit about you. Some water lovers hold a singular water fountain of their residence. However in line with Vastu, you shouldn’t hold such an object that portrays the flowing nature of something. This means that the wealth and prosperity coming into your life won’t final lengthy however in truth it will likely be misplaced with the passing time.


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