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Vastu for Pooja room or temple: Here are a few simple steps to follow and welcome goodwill

Life in historical India revolved round a temple, as continues to be evident even at present in temple cities equivalent to Hampi, Varanasi and Haridwar, which magnetize pilgrims, travellers and yoga lovers from throughout the globe. Many temple cities in India have advanced into chaotic cities, however take a peek into even the tiniest Hindu condominium and the nook of their dwelling that’s the cleanest and deserves probably the most maintenance is the mandir or altar.

“In Vastu Vidya, the temple is the epicenter of constructive power and needs to be of prime significance,” advises Vastukar Neeta Sinha from Mumbai-based AstroArchitecture. Listed below are small ideas as per Vastu for Pooja room one can comply with to make these areas auspicious. 

Greatest Pooja room instructions

Even on the nine-grid Vastu dice prescribed by Vedic structure, the temple occupies the in the beginning sq.. In an area starved condominium, the most effective course for a Pooja room is the north east, but when that isn’t out there then even the west or east ought to work. Keep away from the south, as whereas the north corresponds to the earth ingredient and is related to creation, the south is dominated by Yama, the Hindu god of loss of life.

At all times face the east or west whereas providing prayers, when you place your deity’s statue right here, the occupants of the house will comply with go well with.

The Pooja room needs to be plotted in a spot the place the household deity is the very first thing you see if you enter by the entrance door. In Hinduism, the devas are the gatekeepers who protect a family and its occupants. Everybody, together with the children, ought to have sufficient leg room to bow down earlier than leaving the home to point out respect.

By no means place your temple in a pair’s bed room, as this room is is reserved for conjugal bliss whereas a mandir requires a monastic perspective, these vibes are in direct battle with one another.

Auspicious colors

White represents purity and yellow is the color of the solar’s radiance; each are splendid colors to amplify the sanctity of this area. By no means place an idol on the naked flooring, at all times place it on a purple mat. Crimson represents prana in Vastu, and chi in Feng Shui.


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