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This Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Cat Owner, According to Astrologers

There is a motive probably the most common ice-breaker questions is “are you a cat particular person or a canine particular person?” Stereotypically, cat persons are introverted, quiet, and revel in their private area, whereas canine persons are extroverted, outgoing, and like to discover the world with others. It seems, astrology can predict a few of these traits. However can it decide who is likely to be probably the most appropriate pet homeowners? Astrologers say sure. Learn on to listen to from a panel of consultants about which members of the zodiac make one of the best cat homeowners, from informal feline mother and father to those that spend each final minute catering to their kitties.

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Libras worth sophistication and outward appearances, and cats can supply them simply that.

“Cats’ meticulously clear, elegant, and swish nature makes them the right companion for the refined and trendy Libra,” says Masha Loddy, proprietor of the tarot, astrology, and spirituality weblog Pish Witch. “These air indicators will genuinely admire the aesthetic look of a silky clean Russian Blue or the dignified, glamorous qualities of the Maine Coone.”

As a result of Libras take pleasure in being surrounded by lovely issues which can be made to final, their cats could have the highest-quality beds, collars, scratching posts, and each different kitty accent.


Most cancers

Represented by the Crab, Most cancers is the homebody of the zodiac. And what higher particular person to bathe a cat with fixed love and affection than a born nurturer?

“Cancerians need nothing greater than to pamper the folks and animals they love,” says Loddy. “Taking good care of a valuable kitty permits Most cancers to bestow the motherly love and a focus that makes them really feel heat and fuzzy.”

Do not be shocked if a Most cancers cat proprietor tells you they bake selfmade treats for his or her pet or that they should go away a social perform early to play with their furry buddy.

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Based on Maria Hayes, astrologer and tarot reader at Trusted Astrology, every animal has its personal ruling planet. For cats, that planet is Saturn, the identical one which governs Capricorn. So, these two perceive one another on a deep stage.

“Similar to Capricorn, cats reward their homeowners for acknowledging boundaries; they won’t give their affections simply, and you could show you might be worthy earlier than they cuddle up with you,” says Hayes. “Capricorns are additionally good cat homeowners since they do not get mad even when their furry associates wake them up at evening.”

This signal is very tolerant and by no means tires of providing their pets treats and playtime.



Leo is represented by the Lion, so it is no shock it is one of many high three greatest cat homeowners.

“Cats are delicate, laborious to learn, and really comfy on their very own. Feline homeowners have this trait that does not actually sit properly with canine people who find themselves used to being greeted enthusiastically and licked on a regular basis,” says Hayes. “Equally, Leo would not consider embarrassing themselves with a puppyish nature.”

One more reason Leos make fabulous cat homeowners is for the aesthetic. “Nothing makes them happier than sharing a selfie with their pet cutie,” Hayes provides.

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There are not any two beings which can be extra related in nature than a Scorpio and a cat.

“Cats and Scorpios each require solitude and independence on an intense stage, and should you cross into this area with out permission, then watch out for the claws,” says Bre the Malefic, astrologer, psychic medium, and tarot reader. “A cat approaching you to request being petted is just like a Scorpio sharing a private reality about themselves; will you bathe them with adoration, or will you make a mistake and have the cat and Scorpio draw back solely?”

As any cat proprietor will let you know, you are solely prone to make the right transfer about 50 p.c of the time.



The most effective cat proprietor of the zodiac is Taurus.

“Taurus is a set earth signal dominated by the planet of affection and pleasure, Venus, which means it has a deep should be comfy always and can spend the time, vitality, and sources guaranteeing its house matches this vitality,” says Bre. “A cat matches completely on this area and would haven’t any situation discovering a snug, cozy area to chill out.”

One more reason Tauruses make wonderful cat homeowners is that they are extremely routine-focused. Cats can rely upon their Taurus homeowners to feed them, play with them, and pet them every single day on the similar time, with out fail. Plus, their cats will get all of the snuggles and affection they permit.

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