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The Trump “Org.” verdict is hardly what it seems, just ask Q…


I used to be struck by the quantity once I learn the “BREAKING NEWS” chyron round 3:30 PM.  Two Trump organizations had been convicted on all 17 counts of tax fraud. Responsible! Absolutely, in a case dripping with drama, draped in such far-reaching political implications, the end result ought to carry a deeper, metaphysical which means past the banal. Within the case of the Trump Org. and the forged of characters that comprise it, the ringing endorsement by a jury that deliberated lower than a day of the prosecution’s case is fairly darn meta-whatever all by itself.  I thought of poor Allan Weisselberg, the 75-year-old Trump lackey who determined to fall or be pushed onto his sword whereas remaining within the make use of of the “Org.”.  “How odd,” I assumed, caught between questioning if Weisselberg’s employer was being charitable or simply plain obstructive— whether or not the CEO of “the Org.”  was cashing a verify for his household and a  presidential pardon someday sooner or later.

Then it occurred to me to disregard the apparent and delve into the conspiratorial world– the über world of true believers. I ought to attempt to assume like them, stroll a bit of their steel-toed jackboots, collude “in tongues,” sporting a shiny-red tin foil hat that communes with– Q!   “WWQD?— what would Q do?”  I assumed as I mentally crossed over to the darker aspect to plumb another world the place Trump is without delay a sufferer and victorious. The world the place details matter solely when they’re fake.



The Q-tips would search for a higher significance in the decision to rationalize their hero’s newest misfortune by the hands of fashionable Philistines.  Of their parlance, a unanimous responsible verdict is simply merely the burden victim-martyrs should bear.  Each motion has its darkish occasions— each despot his jail stint. Even der Führer and il Duce simmered a time in jails, proof of the necessity for purification— some alone time with their ideas.  Q loves numbers, and numerology has a mysticism that defies logic, so I trolled the variety of responsible counts conjured up by the prosecution and blessed by a jury of friends— 17.  Definitely, it will need to have a significance past the variety of occasions “the Org.” screwed up.  Digging into biblical references, I discovered that The E-book of Esther is the seventeenth e-book of the Previous Testomony, oh and did you understand that Noah rested on the mountain on the seventeenth day of the seventh month?  I knew I used to be getting near the deeper which means hidden inside the jury’s coded message— a message that belied what it appeared

Then I stumbled upon the E-book of Revelations and the curse of the Beast with seven heads and ten horns :

Leaping to the tip of the New Testomony, in Revelation 13:1, we are able to discover a extra metaphorical biblical which means associated to the tip time system the place the beast with ten horns and 7 heads is talked about.

The truth that it had seven heads and ten horns creates a complete of 17.

That is the binding of Devil, and the ten + 7 signifies Christ’s excellent victory over him. It’s additionally stated to symbolize world-ruling powers that do evil and the way we are able to overcome them in worldly life.”

— Numerology Nation, “7 Secrets and techniques of Quantity 17 within the Bible”

I used to be enraptured! I couldn’t resist the temptation to click on on the phrase “binding of Devil”— a second of giddy pleasure wrapped in trepidation.  I put apart my concern of laptop viruses and clicked.  And now I perceive the ability that perception has over its followers.  When bullshit turns into double B.S. something is feasible, all the pieces is true– and never:

“Then I noticed an angel coming down from heaven having the important thing to the bottomless pit and an ideal chain in his hand. He laid maintain of the dragon, that serpent of previous, who’s the Satan and Devil, and sure him for a thousand years; and he forged him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, in order that he ought to deceive the nations no extra until the thousand years had been completed. However after this stuff he should be launched for a short time.”

the ability of 17

My thoughts exploded as I imagined Trump as each angel and Devil.  All of it started to make sense. This was like Donald Trump meets Hershel Walker loopy!  If 17 means victory in code, then the jury verdict was in their fake actuality a cipher for the reverse of what it appeared!  Within the Q-world, the place up is down all issues are each true and false,  Trump is god-like and his conviction is a victory.  Approaching December (12) six (6) and the quantity related to the decision, $1.6 million, then what quantity is between 12 + 6 (18) and 1.6 (16)? You bought it—17.  Do numbers lie? 

There’s a promise of extra courtroom instances, every extra severe and extra damning than this one. This was only a preliminary, warm-up earlier than a sequence of most important occasions.  Whereas I don’t faux to be clairvoyant, studying the disgraced, twice impeached former president tarot playing cards suggests there gained’t be presents below the Trump Christmas tree for Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, or Letitia James, simply coal for his or her stockings. 

 In his world, “responsible” means he isn’t and the cult can consolation itself in realizing that, what?!!  “Q” is the seventeenth letter within the English alphabet! 

As I eased again into actuality I noticed that right here on earth 2.0  that information and a buck fifty will probably purchase you a cuppa espresso on the QMart — dwelling of the Q Café. /s/

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