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The Most Arrogant Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Relating to considering a complete lot of oneself, there’s positively a spectrum; some people merely come off poised, whereas others learn as cheeky and cavalier. Confidence is definitely admirable, however vanity will get outdated quick. Possibly it is your coworker who grandstands in conferences or a pal who appears to suppose their time is extra precious than yours—regardless of the case, this pompous conduct might be troublesome to cope with. The explanation for it, although, might be written within the stars. Maintain studying to listen to from astrologers about probably the most conceited zodiac indicators, from considerably confident to downright cocky.

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Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They love making new buddies, speaking to new folks, and serving to others to really feel comfy in social settings. At occasions, nonetheless, their self-serving want to be everybody’s finest pal could cause them to neglect sure niceties.

In accordance with astrologer and tarot reader Maisy Bristol, this playful, mercurial air signal’s childlike conduct can be endearing. “However then again, their jokes can generally go somewhat too far—which makes it appear as if they’ve a blatant disregard for the sentiments of others.” And since they’re probably the most gossipy signal, that is fairly often the case.



Fellow air signal Aquarius is a little bit of a know-it-all. And do not even strive getting them to alter their minds or admit they’re improper. “Aquarius persons are good. But additionally, Aquarius folks know that they’re good, they usually like others to know that as effectively,” explains Bristol.

This signal can be the best humanitarian of the zodiac. They imagine strongly of their causes, however this ardour can go south if others will not get on board. “An Aquarius’s favourite pastime is to force-feed an unwilling viewers with their Ted Discuss of the day, with out pausing or asking for commentary,” says Bristol. “Discuss patronizing!”

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Aries are the fiery leaders of the zodiac, however in addition they want loads of consideration and have a tough time sharing the highlight. “They are saying that the worst form of vanity is cultivated from ignorance. And that’s true for Aries,” states Bristol. “This signal is constantly wrapped up in themselves—which makes it laborious to see views of others.”

As well as, they’ve a foul mood and will not hesitate to confront you. “Once they know they’ve management over a state of affairs, it could additionally make them act in a improper manner,” notes Joanne Lara, astrologer and founding father of Sacred Joanne. This would possibly come within the type of an eye fixed roll or a condescending argument.



Virgos are recognized for, amongst different issues, their must be proper. “Actually, more often than not Virgos are proper, however that’s no excuse for his or her normal know-it-all angle,” says Bristol. She explains that although they arrive off conceited, their conduct is extra a symptom of their perfectionism. “If a Virgo will not be proper on a regular basis, they really feel as if they’ve failed.”

However the true drawback comes into play when this signal begins making use of their unrealistically excessive requirements to others. “They have to criticize all the pieces and might’t reside within the second,” says Lara. Nobody likes to be nitpicked, however Virgos can not seem to loosen up.



Leos are over-the-top attention-seekers who’re prone to hog the highlight. “Their self-centered angle will not be a secret, making them seem shallow,” explains Karen Comen, an astrologer at Zodiacsign.com. “A Leo will not even speak to you in the event that they suppose you are under them. This superior-than-thou nature makes them tremendous conceited. What provides to this vanity is the truth that they’re conscious of their angle drawback however do not do a lot to repair it.”

Bristol agrees that Leos are selfish and says to look out for them speaking too loudly, interrupting others, or stealing the present when it is not their flip.

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Comen takes the bull by the horns with this perception on Taurus: “They don’t seem to be as self-absorbed as a Leo, which is why folks typically do not suppose they’re conceited… Their ego is extra due to their cussed nature. They don’t suppose that they may ever be improper. Plus, their uncompromising angle makes them come off as conceited and haughty.”

Lara additionally factors to this signal’s bullheadedness as the reason for their vanity. “Taurus will persuade you that the grass is purple, however they won’t give in.”

Including to their cockiness is the truth that Taurus is thought to love the finer luxuries in life. At occasions materialistic, they will look down on issues like eating places, bottles of wine, or footwear that are not as much as their requirements.

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