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Solar Eclipse 2021: Everything that you need to know | Astrology


The final photo voltaic eclipse of the yr will happen on 4th December, Saturday. Today would be the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month. Listed here are all the main points referring to the eclipse.  

When it should happen?

The Photo voltaic Eclipse will begin on December 4 at 10:59 am, and can proceed until 03:07 within the afternoon. 

Will it’s seen in India?

The Photo voltaic Eclipse might be seen in Antarctica, South Africa, Southern areas of Atlantic, Australia, and South America, however not in India.

What’s the significance of this Photo voltaic Eclipse?

The second Photo voltaic Eclipse will happen on the Amavasya within the Hindu month of Kartik throughout the Vikram Samvat 2078 and can principally influence the natives of Scorpio zodiac signal and people born in Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatra.

This would be the final eclipse of this yr. This Photo voltaic Eclipse comes two weeks after the partial lunar eclipse of November 19. It is going to be a complete eclipse. When the Moon utterly covers the floor of the Solar whereas forming a straight alignment with the Earth and the Solar, it is named a Whole Photo voltaic Eclipse. 

What’s Sutak Kaal?

Sutak Kaal is taken into account to be a sure time interval noticed earlier than the Photo voltaic Eclipse, which is taken into account to be inauspicious. Based on the Sanatan Dharma, it’s the interval when the Earth stays below extreme contamination because of the malefic affect of Photo voltaic Eclipse. In an effort to eliminate such results, a number of non secular precautions are essential to be adopted. 

The Sutak Kaal throughout the Photo voltaic Eclipse in 2021 relies upon totally on the time of eclipse. As per the Panchanga, the Sutak Kaal begins 4 phases earlier than the time of prevalence of a Photo voltaic Eclipse. Based on the Hindu Panchaga, there are eight phases or pahars from dawn to sundown in complete, out of which 4 pahars or twelve hours prior, the Sutak Kaal begins and ends with the tip of the Eclipse.

Do we have to observe Sutak Kaal in India?

This eclipse is not going to be seen in India. Therefore, the Sutak Kaal and its influence is not going to be religiously noticed as properly. Nevertheless, Indians staying in South Africa, Southern areas of Atlantic, Australia, and South America ought to adhere to the Sutak Kaal. 

Any cures we have to carry out on the day of the eclipse?

One ought to keep away from endeavor any necessary exercise throughout the length of the eclipse. As well as, it’s suggested to supply water to Solar and chant Aditya Hridya Stotra. One may donate copper, jaggery, wheat or ghee to a temple. 

Do pregnant ladies must take any precautions?

Sure, pregnant ladies are suggested to take precautions because the eclipse is believed to influence new life. Throughout this time, the pregnant ladies ought to keep away from going out of their homes and witnessing the eclipse in any approach. Through the interval of Sutak Kaal on the day of eclipse, ladies they need to chorus from performing duties like stitching, embroidery, slicing, peeling and cleansing. They need to additionally keep away from utilizing knives and needles throughout the interval of the photo voltaic eclipse. 

What’s the mythological significance of Photo voltaic Eclipse?

In vedic astrology, the Photo voltaic Eclipse is related to the legend of Rahu and Ketu. Based on Matsya Purana, when the amrit or nectar of immortality was extracted from the ocean throughout the Samudra Manthan, a struggle started between the Gods and Demons or Asuras since each of them needed to devour it. Within the midst of all, a demon named Swarbhanu deliberate to devour the nectar by hiding among the many Gods. However throughout all of this, Lord Surya and Lord Chandra revealed his actuality by catching him. 

As quickly as this trick performed by the Asura Swarbhanu turned recognized to Lord Vishnu, he turned indignant and separated his head and torso along with his Sudarshan Chakra. However since Swarbhanu had tasted the Amrit, he didn’t die. As a substitute, his head was named Rahu, whereas his torso turned Rahu. Therefore, because of his vengeance, yearly Rahu covers the Moon and the Solar and causes the phenomenon of Photo voltaic Eclipse.


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