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Social Media Day 2022: The art and science of making it big

By Sidhharrth S Kumaar

In trendy occasions, social media has grown into an important device for connecting with people across the globe, which presents a seamless alternate of concepts, data, and tradition. 

The journey of social media has advanced from being a medium to alternate concepts to changing into an intrinsic device to grasp and gauge shopper insights for enterprise.  

Moreover, social media creates jobs in addition to connecting people everywhere in the world. Since every platform has a singular methodology for data sharing and content material monetisation, it’s normal for organisations to make use of many social media managers.

The vitality of social media is just not restricted to companies; it has opened the door to a next-generation profession alternative as content material creators and crafted a way forward for the content material financial system. 

To precise gratitude and comment on the transformation of life fuelled by social media, June 30 was marked as ‘social media day’ and has been noticed repeatedly since 2010. 

Social Media Day: Astro Numerological View 

June 30 is a day which carried the power of Jupiter and Mercury as per rules of zero numerology. Moreover, June is the sixth month of the 12 months, and the quantity 6 is dominated by Venus. 

Jupiter is the planet accountable for mental capabilities and creation, leveraging mind on the identical time, mercury is the planet accountable for the expression of mind to the general public at giant, and Venus is a planet accountable for the general public identify, fame, financial rewards, and recognition. 

June 30 carries all of the important energies of planets and components that sync up and match the energies of social media. 

Artwork & Science of Turning into huge on social media 

The quantity of people that aspire to be huge on social media and acquire financial reward, identify, fame, and impression on society is sort of giant vis-à-vis the variety of people who find themselves capable of obtain this. 

There should be some issue that governs success on social media along with onerous work. 

That issue is an individual’s Identify and Date of Beginning which has potential hidden and inscribed to attain it. 

An essential level value mentioning right here is, ‘Luck favours the courageous’; equally, our Date of Beginning and Identify types a possible power, and one wants to rework it into kinetic power by advantage of effort. 

One can tune one’s power in sync with the cosmic power of the universe by leveraging the rules of Astro numerology and curating social media with the assistance of numerology.

 DIY ideas for social media based mostly on Zero Numerology 


Color is a vibrant supply of power that nature has embedded and gifted to mankind. Each color and shade of color are dominated by sure planets and components, which in flip sync up with the cosmic power of the universe. 

One ought to choose colors appropriate for the particular person (based mostly on Date of Beginning and Identify) and in sync with the trade phase of content material. 


Time is probably the most highly effective factor on this world, and one who can proactively grasp the time emerges victorious. 

At NumroVani, we performed a retrospective evaluation of 5K+ social media posts that went viral or garnered public consideration; it was noticed that every of the posts was posted on an appropriate time particular person and a social media deal with. 

Even posts for which an individual was criticised or trolled have been posted on time, which was unsupportive to the particular person. 

One should choose the time of the submit, which is in sync with the particular person’s power and the power of the phase. 

Social Media Deal with/Customized URL

This is likely one of the most important components within the journey of social media, which types the muse of social media presence. 

One should choose a social media deal with that syncs with the Date of Beginning and Identify of the particular person. 

For example, Virat Kohli makes use of the social media deal with i.e. “Virat.Kohli” on Instagram, and he’s the primary Indian with 200M+ followers on the platform. As per rules of zero numerology, the social media deal with is on 32 (5), which is in sync with the energies of Virat. 

One other instance may very well be our honourable PM, Narendra Modi, who makes use of “Narendra Modi” as social media deal with and numerologically, it additionally provides to 41 (5). 

A cautious strategy to syncing this power creates a basis for the expansion journey. 

These are some essential parameters to be curated; therapeutic numbers, swap phrases, and yantras can be utilized to manifest sure energies in social media descriptions, posts, hashtags, and so forth. 

The Path Forward

On this social media day, tune in your power of date of delivery and identify with the cosmic power of the universe and provides it a facelift in direction of progress.

(The writer, Sidhharrth S Kumaar is Founding father of NumroVani, and Astro Numerologist, Religious Enterprise & Customized Wellness Coach. He’s a famend identify in Astro numerology. Views expressed are private and don’t replicate the official place or coverage of the Monetary Specific On-line.)

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