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Scorpio Compatibility With All 12 Zodiac Signs, Per Astrologers

Ah, Scorpio: The darkish horse of the Zodiac and the second-most flacked signal (sorry, Gemini). Should you’re a loyal follower of astrology meme pages—or for those who’ve ever made eye contact with a Scorpio and felt like they have been staring instantly into your soul—you’ll know that these Scorpions are assertive, mysterious, sexual, and intense. Scorpio guidelines the eighth home of start, loss of life, intercourse, and transformation. Its ruling planets are Mars (the planet of ambition and keenness) and Pluto (the planet of destruction and rebirth), which give this mounted water signal its shadowy presence.

“I like to consider Scorpio because the Darth Vader of the Zodiac,” says Aliza Kelly, a star astrologer, host, and writer of the forthcoming manifestation deck and guidebook There Are No Coincidences. “They’re not essentially combating their very own battles, however they’re within the command room overseeing the whole lot and discovering one of the best technique to maneuver by means of the world and apply themselves.”

Should you’re presently crushing on a Scorpio, you are in all probability curious to understand how suitable you’re. No disgrace! You merely wish to know whether or not or not you’ll make a superb pairing, and astrology is a superb start line for locating for those who’re a match made in heaven (er, the celebrities).

And when you’ll clearly wish to have a look at your Solar indicators (a.ok.a the signal you consult with when checking your horoscope), there are many different facets that may decide your romantic potential with a brand new love curiosity. Your Moon indicators, for instance, can assist you perceive one another’s emotional processes, says skilled astrologer Liz Simmons.

Mars and Venus placements are additionally actually essential as they’re the connection planets, she provides. Venus informs what you worth in a relationship in addition to what you would possibly want from a companion, whereas Mars determines your sexual compatibility, shared objectives, and even combating types.

Meet the consultants: Aliza Kelly is a star astrologer, host, and writer of the forthcoming manifestation deck and guidebook There Are No Coincidences.

Liz Simmons is an expert astrologer primarily based in Salem, Massachusetts.

FYI, it’s essential to notice that there are totally different types of compatibility: You might be suitable with somebody sexually, whereas not romantically. To not point out, there’s additionally friendship compatibility. “A greater method of approaching compatibility is to not decide if you’re suitable, however how you’re suitable,” shares Kelly. “As a result of compatibility is just not one dimension suits all.”

So… wanna know if a second date with a Scorpio is value pursuing? Forward, Kelly and Simmons break down Scorpio’s compatibility with every of the 12 zodiac indicators:

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

Aries, a hearth signal, and Scorpio, a water signal, are each dominated by the planet Mars, that means they each share the widespread Martian traits of aggression, assertiveness, and ambition, says Simmons. They each have a lust for all times and depth to them, however they expertise these qualities in several methods, provides Kelly.

To increase Kelly’s Star Wars metaphor, Aries can be the one on the battlefield, combating it out, whereas Scorpio can be the one behind the scenes, mapping out their strategic strikes. And whereas these pure tendencies may make for a dynamic duo if these two discover some areas of compatibility, this might additionally result in some clashes. Scorpio would possibly discover Aries to be klutzy and shortsighted in the way in which they strategy issues, whereas Aries would possibly see Scorpio as too slow-moving and hyper-focused on the main points quite than action-oriented, says Kelly.

In the event that they do work out, nonetheless, Aries can encourage Scorpio to be a bit extra vigorous and courageous, whereas Scorpio can push Aries to decelerate and be much less impulsive when chasing after their objectives.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility: Finest Pairing

Should you’re a Taurus questioning for those who ought to make a transfer on that Scorpio who caught your eye final weekend, the celebrities are supplying you with a significant thumbs up.

“Taurus and Scorpio have a love like no different,” says Simmons. Taurus, an earth signal, is reverse Scorpio on the zodiac wheel, making these two sister indicators. And in astrology, opposites positively appeal to, Kelly provides.

Each Taurus and Scorpio are very sensual, romantic, and dedicated in love. Nevertheless, as a result of they’re so related, they should watch out to not fall right into a sample of jealousy or obsession, says Simmons. As to not really feel too suffocated within the ‘ship, they’ve to present one another sufficient freedom to do their very own factor. “They’ve an exquisite love, however they’ll’t maintain onto that love too tightly or else it’s going to get a bit harmful,” Simmons provides.

Lengthy story quick, so long as they don’t fall right into a entice of codependency, these two indicators are OTP.

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility: One way or the other, It Works

The 2 most hated (ahem, most misunderstood) indicators of the zodiac are additionally probably the most surprising pairing. Technically, they shouldn’t work as a result of Gemini may be very chatty and lighthearted, and darkish, deep, ~mysterious~ Scorpio is form of the other, says Simmons, however this pairing weirdly works.

“Gemini is aware of learn how to ask all the suitable inquiries to preserve a dialog going, and to allow them to pull Scorpio out of their darkish nook and contain them extra socially,” Simmons explains. Whereas Scorpio would possibly resist at first and discover Gemini to be overly mischievous, if Scorpio entertains a dialog with Gemini, they could discover that they’ll bounce loads of concepts off each other and create a way of intimacy over shared communication.

Although Scorpio and Gemini expertise actuality very otherwise, in accordance with Kelly, that permits them to steadiness one another out. “Gemini can assist Scorpio open up and specific themselves extra, whereas Scorpio can assist Gemini be a bit extra discerning about who they belief and share info with in order that they’re not always getting damage by different individuals,” she says.

Scorpio and Most cancers Compatibility

As a fellow water signal, Most cancers meets Scorpio of their emotional depth and is ready to perceive Scorpio’s advanced nature in a method that different components and indicators have problem with, says Kelly. In different phrases, Most cancers is a strong pairing for Scorpio.

Like Scorpios, Cancers are delicate creatures, provides Kelly. The crab of the zodiac, Cancers shield themselves with their outer shell, whereas the Scorpion has an outer shell and a stinger. That means, in a relationship, they’re each very a lot about sustaining the integrity of their bond, says Kelly. For a Most cancers and Scorpio couple, it’s “us towards the world.”

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo are each mounted indicators. These indicators additionally sq. one another—in astrology, a sq. suggests battle and stress—so these two are more likely to butt heads.

Leo may be very charismatic and performative, whereas Scorpio doesn’t like displaying their playing cards, that means they’re not concerned with making an attempt to win individuals over, says Kelly. This will show to be a giant differentiator between the 2.

In the event that they do discover some level of compatibility, it is going to positively be of their shared sense of loyalty, Kelly provides: “Leo may be very a lot about loyalty, dedication, and bonds, that are qualities Scorpio additionally actually appreciates and shares.”

Being the artistic and heat signal that they’re, Leo can assist push Scorpio out of their shell and invite extra heat into their life, whereas Scorpio can encourage Leo to hunt deeper that means of their artistic tasks, says Simmons.

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Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo, a mutable earth signal, and Scorpio might be exceptionally invigorating collectively, says Simmons. Virgo may be very analytical, pragmatic, considerate, and logical, and Scorpio appreciates Virgo’s punctuality and a spotlight to element. “Scorpio, who’s very delicate, sees Virgo’s strategy to romance as very comforting and well-intentioned as a result of Scorpio is all the time noticing the little particulars on an emotional stage,” Kelly provides.

The place they might butt heads, nonetheless, is in Virgo’s criticism. Virgo is understood for being crucial, and Scorpio could really feel stung by this, explains Simmons. Normally, Virgo’s criticism stems from a superb place—they’re making an attempt to assist and be of service—however it doesn’t all the time come throughout that method. Consequently, Scorpio could discover themselves feeling a bit delicate to Virgo’s suggestions at instances, however so long as Scorpio understands that Virgo means properly (and Virgo tries to be a smidge extra light with their critiques), issues will fare properly for these two, Simmons provides.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility: Finest FWBs

Libra, a cardinal air signal, is true subsequent to Scorpio on the zodiac wheel, forming an inconjunct, says Kelly. Translation: They don’t actually get one another.

These two are full opposites, and never in an “opposites appeal to” form of method. Libra struggles with people-pleasing and may be very sociable, whereas Scorpio is extra personal and has a tough time opening up, says Kelly. Furthermore, Scorpio would possibly discover Libra shallow and too wishy-washy (ahem, Libra is understood for being indecisive) and so these two might need points making selections collectively, provides Simmons. Additionally, as a set water signal, Scorpio requires depth and intimacy in a relationship and won’t discover Libra to be deep sufficient for his or her liking.

However whereas the romance could not all the time be there, these two have nice sexual chemistry, says Simmons: “Libra is a Venusian signal, so they’re often very enticing, each socially and bodily, whereas Scorpio has this magnetism about them that pulls individuals in like a Siren.”

If these two do make a relationship work, although, Libra can positively assist soften Scorpio a bit, whereas Scorpio can assist Libra prioritize their very own wants quite than attending to everybody else’s pursuits, says Kelly.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

No shock right here, Scorpio and Scorpio are a extremely suitable pair. Give it some thought: It’s like relationship one other model of your self. In different phrases, they only get one another.

“Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility may be very intense,” explains Kelly. “It may be very emotional, religious, and deep.” Nevertheless, as a result of Scorpios are typically secretive, if this pair’s communication isn’t strong and so they can’t absolutely belief one another, it will likely be troublesome for them to open up, which can trigger points within the ‘ship, Kelly provides.

This couple must learn to be susceptible with one another and let each other into their emotional world. So long as they’re each keen to speak their emotions, this can be a duo certain by a deep intimacy and love, says Simmons.

Curious to know extra about these mysterious Scorpions? Watch this to study in regards to the three water indicators of astrology:

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility: Like Water And Oil

Sagittarius is the signal that comes proper after Scorpio, so just like Libra, it varieties one other inconjunct, says Kelly. Principally, this isn’t the best pairing, but when it really works, it really works.

Scorpio could really feel a bit guarded round Sagittarius, not as a result of Sagittarius isn’t a superb time (uh, they completely are), however as a result of Sagittarians could be a bit too direct and blunt typically, which could rub Scorpio the improper method, says Simmons. “Sagittarius can completely name Scorpio out and see proper by means of their actions, which could be a lot for Scorpio in the event that they’re not able to be seen in such a light-weight.”

The place these two do align, nonetheless, is in how curious they each are, says Kelly. “Scorpio needs to know the emotional capacities of the whole lot, whereas Sagittarius needs to know the philosophical and experiential capacities of the whole lot,” she provides.

As a thrill seeker, Sagittarius is all the time questioning the place they might journey to subsequent, which is all nice and dandy so long as they’re taking Scorpio with them and never leaving them stranded. If Sagittarius is all the time on the go, Scorpio could view this as a betrayal to the integrity of their bond and their commitments to one another, and so Scorpio could have a tough time constructing belief with Sagittarius, says Kelly.

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility: Energy Couple

Scorpio and Capricorn is a really basic pairing, says Simmons. “Capricorn is maybe probably the most formidable and pushed signal of the Zodiac, and Scorpio can also be extraordinarily goal-oriented, so these two actually are an influence couple,” says Kelly. In different phrases, this pair will get sh*t completed.

As a result of these two are so headstrong, nonetheless, one factor they should fear about is competitors. If Scorpio and Capricorn find yourself competing towards one another, as a substitute of working as a staff, that may wreck their ‘ship, says Kelly. Whereas, sure, you wish to exhibit to your companion to remind them how a lot of a catch you’re, there are limits. Additionally, as a result of each indicators are dominated by malefic planets Saturn (for Capricorn) and Mars (for Scorpio), they might lean on the aspect of being too cynical and pessimistic collectively, says Simmons.

So long as these two can study to maintain the vibes gentle at instances and keep away from the urge to at least one up one another, this couple can actually construct one thing nice collectively.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

Just like Scorpio and Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are each mounted indicators, that means they sq. one another. Translation: This isn’t the finest pairing.

Whereas stress and battle can actually get issues in movement, “suffice it to say, it’s not all the time simple to be in a dynamic the place two individuals are each extraordinarily cussed and unwilling to vary their minds,” says Kelly. Each of those indicators are philosophical and humanitarian, however whereas Aquarius thinks in regards to the greater image (i.e. humanity and society at massive), Scorpio tends to be a bit extra centered on themselves and their instant group, says Kelly. So, there might be some discrepancies there.

Furthermore, as a result of Aquarius is a set air signal, they could be a bit too logical and rational for delicate water signal Scorpio. It’s very a lot a head versus coronary heart state of affairs for these two, says Simmons.

If this pair does discover some factors of compatibility, nonetheless, they do have the potential to open one another up. Scorpio can assist Aquarius be extra emotionally attuned, whereas Aquarius can pull Scorpio out of their orbit and encourage them to be extra mental quite than so intuitive, says Simmons.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Each Scorpio and Pisces are water indicators—nonetheless, Scorpio is mounted water, whereas Pisces is mutable water, that means Pisces is perhaps a bit too wishy-washy for Scorpio at instances, says Simmons. Scorpio may be very a lot caught of their methods, whereas Pisces is extra mystical and open-minded, Kelly provides.

However, this could be a actually good pairing for Scorpio (and even a religious one). As an indication dominated by malefic planets Mars and Pluto, typically Scorpio can have a tough time seeing the hopeful aspect of issues, so Pisces can actually carry a few of that good religion and talent to lean into the circulate of life in addition to assist Scorpio let go of some management points, says Simmons.

If Scorpio is open to it, Pisces can assist them broaden their horizons and be extra easygoing and light-weight, resulting in fairly a magical partnership.

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