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Phasmophobia: How to Find (& Use) Tarot Cards

Phasmophobia’s Christmas replace launched highly effective and harmful cursed objects, however none extra entertaining than the unpredictable Tarot Playing cards.

As a part of its Christmas replace, multiplayer co-op horror recreation Phasmophobia launched Tarot Playing cards and 5 different cursed objects to help gamers of their missions. This stuff can appear fairly interesting for many who discover them, however gamers ought to pay attention to the possibly lethal dangers concerned with utilizing them. Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia can present gamers with useful proof of paranormal exercise, nevertheless it doesn’t at all times achieve this harmlessly. Tarot Playing cards, particularly, may end up in many alternative outcomes when used, relying on the cardboard that’s drawn, which is why gamers could need to know extra in regards to the deck earlier than selecting to make use of it.


As gamers try and determine establish ghosts in Phasmophobia, they are going to be anticipated to collect clues utilizing ghost looking gear just like the new DOTS Projector or the EMF Reader. After acquiring sufficient data, the true nature of the ghost may be assessed, and gamers will full the mission and obtain cash and expertise. If used accurately, the brand new cursed objects may be useful instruments to assist gamers full contracts and different non-compulsory objectives which will improve the worth of their reward.

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Throughout every Phasmophobia mission, one of many six cursed objects will seem in one in all a number of particular spawn factors on the map. The Tarot Playing cards could spawn in one in all a number of areas, or by no means if one other cursed merchandise spawned as an alternative, as just one cursed merchandise will ever seem per contract. Which means that in search of cursed objects like Tarot Playing cards in Phasmophobia may be troublesome, as gamers by no means know precisely what to search for till they discover it. Gamers looking for the Tarot Playing cards ought to look in particular spawn factors and attempt to spot an object in regards to the measurement of a contemporary cell phone with white and black swirls that resemble faces.

Each Tarot Card Spawn Level in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia Tarot cards Tower

A deck of Tarot Playing cards in Phasmophobia comprises 10 playing cards, and, in any case of them are drawn, the merchandise will disappear and develop into unusable. Though there are additionally 10 varieties of playing cards that gamers can draw, each card pulled from the deck will probably be random. Which means that a deck of Tarot Playing cards is unlikely to own one in all every, so it would doubtless require a number of video games for gamers to see all attainable results. This cursed possession is by far the riskiest, as the results of a drawn card will probably be not possible to foretell and would possibly find yourself inflicting a Phasmophobia ghost looking part, or worse.

These are the ten attainable playing cards that gamers can draw from the Tarot Deck:

  • The Solar: 5% likelihood; totally restores sanity.
  • The Moon: 5% likelihood; drops sanity to zero.
  • The Tower: 17% likelihood; causes a ghost interplay.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: 17% likelihood; will increase or decreases sanity by 25%.
  • The Satan: 5% likelihood; triggers a ghost occasion.
  • The Excessive Priestess: 2% likelihood; resurrects a random useless teammate close to their corpse.
  • The Hanged Man: 1% likelihood; immediately kills the participant.
  • Dying: 17% likelihood; triggers a cursed hunt, which might’t be stopped or prevented with a Crucifix or different gear.
  • The Hermit: 10% likelihood; traps the ghost in its room for a short time.
  • The Idiot: 17% likelihood, or 100% throughout haunts; mimics the look of one other card earlier than turning into The Idiot and making use of no results.


  • Asylum location 1: On a desk with a blue mug, close to the reception desk.
  • Asylum location 2: To the left after getting into the constructing, across the nook on the left on a small picket desk.
  • Asylum location 3: Down the hall from location 2, across the subsequent nook and via the primary door on the proper, on the desk in entrance of the door.
  • Asylum location 4: Proper from the doorway and round a nook on a picket desk.
  • Asylum location 5: Within the again room of the physician’s workplace, which gamers can get to, by following the hall to the proper of the reception desk and going into the second door on the proper.

Bleasdale Farmhouse

Phasmophobia Bleasdale Farmhouse
  • Bleasdale location 1: On high of the workbench within the workshop.
  • Bleasdale location 2: On the nook of the kitchen island close to some beer bottles.
  • Bleasdale location 3: Within the workplace on high of the desk subsequent to the radio.
  • Bleasdale location 4: On the primary ground within the lobby, slightly below the steps on high of a stool.
  • Bleasdale location 5: On the second ground, on a small desk within the corridor between the master suite and the primary rest room.
  • Bleasdale location 6: On the second ground, within the boy’s room on the desk in entrance of the mattress.
  • Bleasdale location 7: On the small espresso desk subsequent to the wall heater within the room adjoining to the boy’s room.

Brownstone Excessive Faculty

  • Faculty location 1: The primary spawn level for the Tarot Deck on the Phasmophobia highschool map is on a desk within the first room to the left of the foyer.
  • Faculty location 2: In classroom 3 on a bookcase
  • Faculty location 3: On the trainer’s desk contained in the second room to the proper of the foyer.
  • Faculty location 4: Within the southwest nook of the basketball court docket.

Edgefield Avenue Home

Phasmophbia Edgefield Street House
  • Edgefield location 1: On the desk behind the entrance door.
  • Edgefield location 2: On the left-hand aspect of the kitchen desk.
  • Edgefield location 3: On the left-hand aspect of the eating room desk.
  • Edgefield location 4: Within the storage, subsequent to the inexperienced field on the steel shelf.
  • Edgefield location 5: Within the basement backroom, hidden on the shelf to the left of the doorway.
  • Edgefield location 6: On the second ground, within the room with the purple partitions on a dresser close to the window.
  • Edgefield location 7: On the nightstand in the master suite on the finish of the second-floor corridor.

Grafton Farmhouse

  • Grafton location 1: On the nook of the eating room desk.
  • Grafton location 2: On a small, spherical desk within the nook of the kitchen.
  • Grafton location 3: In the lounge, on the espresso desk to the proper of the sofa.
  • Grafton location 4: On the second shelf close to the small utility room between two bedrooms.
  • Grafton location 5: On the dresser simply in entrance of the steps on the second ground.
  • Grafton location 6: Subsequent to the telephone in the nursery on the second ground.

Maple Lodge Campsite

Phasmophobia Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Campsite location 1: Gamers could discover a Tarot Deck through the left path on high of a log stump on the new Phasmophobia Camp map.
  • Campsite location 2: On a desk with a crimson thermos, subsequent to a white tent.
  • Campsite location 3: Within the gray tent to the north of the bogs, on the desk within the again.
  • Campsite location 4: On the primary picnic desk within the picnic space.
  • Campsite location 5: Contained in the cabin, on high of the espresso desk close to the 2 chairs.


  • Jail location 1: After unlocking the Jail map in Phasmophobia, gamers could discover Tarot Playing cards inside a gray bin to the left of the doorway.
  • Jail location 2: On the primary chair of the final row on the entrance, earlier than the primary hallway.
  • Jail location 3: Previous the door to the proper of the doorway and to the left, close to the small workplace and lockers.
  • Jail location 4: North of the doorway room towards the primary hallway and to the proper, on high of the bench subsequent to the wall.
  • Jail location 5: Within the third stall on the prisoner aspect of the visitation room.

Ridgeview Highway Home

Phasmophobia Ridgeview House
  • Ridgeview location 1: Simply behind the primary entrance door, on high of a dresser.
  • Ridgeview location 2: On the dresser within the nook alongside the wall from location 1.
  • Ridgeview location 3: On a dresser in entrance of the door to the room behind the master suite.
  • Ridgeview location 4: On the second ground, within the woman’s bed room on high of the dresser to the left.
  • Ridgeview location 5: On the nightstand subsequent to the mattress within the boy’s room on the second ground.

Tanglewood Avenue Home

  • Tanglewood location 1: In contrast to newer maps in Phasmophobia, Tanglewood is relatively small so it may be searched shortly. As gamers head inside, they need to look on high of the dresser to the proper for a attainable Tarot Deck.
  • Tanglewood location 2: Within the boy’s bed room, on the dresser subsequent to the desk.
  • Tanglewood location 3: In the master suite on high of the dresser beneath the mirror.
  • Tanglewood location 4: On a small desk within the northeast nook of the lounge.
  • Tanglewood location 5: On the sting of the proper aspect desk within the eating room.

Willow Avenue Home

Phasmophobia Willow Street House
  • Willow location 1: On the small espresso desk to the proper of the sofa.
  • Willow location 2: On the desk within the entrance left nook of the kitchen.
  • Willow location 3: Within the storage to the southwest, subsequent to a field on the workbench.
  • Willow location 4: On the mattress within the boy’s room.
  • Willow location 5: In the master suite, on the small desk with a plant.

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Phasmophobia is accessible on PC.

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