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Persona: Best Recurring Characters

The Persona video games are recognized for having expansive tales with an enormous roster of characters, however one of many issues that set the video games aside is that they’re nearly fully unrelated to one another. Every sport contains a separate protagonist, albeit underneath some acquainted circumstances, and the number of characters across the protagonist adjustments nearly fully with every new sport.

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That being stated, there are nonetheless some similarities between video games, and a few characters do reappear in later entries. Whether or not they come again as an Easter egg referencing a earlier entry or are constantly essential to the story, there are some glorious recurring characters all through the Persona franchise.


5/5 Philemon

Philemon In Persona

Whereas participant characters and people of their events don’t recur all through the Persona franchise, the overarching beings from greater and alternate dimensions typically do. As an example, Philemon is a being who lives within the realm of the collective unconscious. He’s an ally to the get together throughout his appearances, significantly in each Persona 2 video games.

Regardless of being a impartial observer incapable of actions that might assist the get together extra instantly, Philemon has at all times tried to supply assist not directly wherever potential. He normally does this by bestowing personas on individuals at each alternative. He usually seems as a person with a butterfly-related masks on, and far of his involvement within the collection happens because of the experiment he has ongoing together with his rival Nyarlathotep.

4/5 Nyarlathotep

Nyarlathotep In Persona

The rival of Philemon, Nyarlathotep believes that humanity is destined for destruction, whereas Philemon is bound that people can grow to be greater enlightened beings. Nyarlathotep ideas the scales in his personal favor by putting the curse on Sumaru Metropolis in Persona 2: Harmless Sin. He’s a shapeshifter that usually seems in the true world in varied kinds and doesn’t observe the principles of neutrality that Philemon rigorously maintains.

Whereas this villainous presence, referred to as the Crawling Chaos, primarily seems within the two totally different Persona 2 video games, he was additionally named later because the entity behind the puppeteer within the first Persona. This offers him a way more overarching, sinister presence all through the collection as an entire. He even manifested as Adolf Hitler as soon as, proving past all doubt he actually is as evil as he could be.

3/5 The Reaper

The Reaper In Persona

It’s tough to have bosses recur throughout the Persona collection. Essentially the most important bosses in every sport are normally linked to the characters throughout the sport itself, and these change fully with every new sport. Nevertheless, there’s one character that considerably seems in varied capacities as a boss-level character, a creature that’s primarily the Persona franchise personification of demise.

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In video games like Persona 3 and Persona 5, The Reaper will seem in a sure space if a participant stays for too lengthy on one flooring, making for an intriguing time problem. He can be present in Persona 4, however solely on the second playthrough of the sport in Magatsu Inaba/Mandala. The Reaper additionally makes appearances in Persona Q2, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and Persona 5: Strikers, the place he’s the key closing boss of the sport unlocked solely after successful the sport and each boss rematch potential. No different character that may be fought has appeared practically as many instances as The Reaper by means of the Persona franchise.

2/5 Nyx

Nyx In Persona

That is the one character who reappears within the Persona franchise however might not truly be the identical each instances. Nyx seems within the first Persona sport underneath the title Night time Queen and haunts the masks. Showing on the B-Path, Nyx freezes the varsity and turns it right into a dungeon with three towers primarily based on Nyx’s youngsters. After merging with Maki and Kandori to type Queen Asura, Nyx is lastly defeated and disbands.

Nevertheless, one other Nyx seems in Persona 3. This character is an Eldritch Abomination and is named the creature who introduced the ideas of night time and demise to the world at first. This character performs an enormous half within the sport, however it has nonetheless by no means been fully confirmed whether or not the Nyx characters from Persona and Persona 3 are literally linked or not. Both method, Nyx is a reputation that may go down within the historical past of the franchise for the involvement of characters named this in each.

1/5 Igor

Igor In The Velvet Room In Persona

Regardless of his intimidating look, Igor is a massively essential character who has helped the protagonists in every Persona sport because the departure of Philemon. A servant of this being, Igor runs the Velvet Room. Not a lot is thought in regards to the Velvet Room or Igor himself besides that he can bestow personas onto gamers and offers recommendation by means of the sport within the type of scenes that happen in varied areas, all of that are thought-about the Velvet Room.

Igor seems in Persona 3, 4 & 5, and initially used a cellphone made from bones to name personas to the participant. Extra just lately he makes use of tarot playing cards to take action. The Velvet Room is named a spot between consciousness and sub-consciousness and has supplied gamers with the chance to handle their personas in the course of the sport. In Persona 2, The Velvet Room and Igor have been a room with a piano and microphone. In Persona 3, it was an endlessly ascending elevator, and in Persona 4 it appeared with Igor in a limo. In Persona 5it was a jail, placing the protagonist in a jail cell. The Velvet Room adjustments by how the protagonist views this area and their very own journey, and Igor adjustments in how he acts towards the protagonist in every sport consequently.

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