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Navratri 2022: Astrology and Vastu tips for a prosperous life | Astrology

The auspicious event of Shardiya Navratri 2022 is right here and there may be an air of positivity throughout. Throughout this festive season, varied types of goddess Durga are worshipped throughout India to hunt blessings from her. Navratri has nice significance in Vedic Astrology as a result of every of the 9 incarnations of the goddess Durga corresponds to a distinct ingredient of the cosmos. Additionally, taking some astrological and vastu treatments will help improve positivity at your private home. You are able to do the next to harmonise the facets of your planetary power with these of the competition.

Worshipping completely different avatars of Durga: Place an idol of Goddess Durga in your home and worship her as per the avatar appropriate in keeping with your zodiac signal. Aries and Scorpio ought to place an idol of Devi Skandamata, Taurus and Libra of Devi Katyayani, Gemini and Virgo of Devi Maha Gauri, Most cancers of Devi Chandraghanta, Leo of Devi Shailputri, Sagittarius and Pisces of Devi Kushmanda and Capricorn and Aquarius of Devi Brahmacharini.

Plant Tulsi at house: Tulsi has a big which means in Astrology. Having a Tulsi plant within the house is a superb approach to thrust back evil spirits and different dangerous power. The eradication of well being points is one other profit. Navratri is a superb alternative to plant Tulsi in your house in the event you do not have already got one. You need to plant it such that its factors North-East from your private home.

Gentle Akhand Jyot within the temple: With out the usage of Akhand Jyot, the Navratri puja can’t be thought of full. The title Akhand Jyot refers to an infinite provide of sunshine. The custom of lighting it on the primary day of Navratri is believed to carry prosperity and pleasure into the house. If you wish to do that, although, it is best to begin on the primary day of Navratri. By no means put it on the ground or floorboards. keep its southeast orientation towards the temple.

Tie mango leaves on the principle door: The usage of mango leaves as door hangers is believed to thrust back evil spirits. Right here, totally clear some new mango leaves. String them up with the purple thread and show them above the entrance door.

Organise Kanya Pujan: Kanya puja is carried out as a part of the worship of the goddess Devi to acknowledge the power and potential of the lady youngster. As an act of worship to the Goddess, devotees historically give these 9 little ladies a foot tub and new clothes. You need to organise it on Ashtami or Navami at your private home. You possibly can supply presents to the kanya like sweets, stationary gadgets and many others in keeping with your zodiac signal. These things will be purple in color for Aries and Scorpio, white for Taurus and Libra, Inexperienced for Gemini and Virgo, Pink or off-white for Most cancers, orange for Leo, yellow for Sagittarius and Pisces and black or gray for Capricorn and Aquarius.

Take away outdated gadgets from house: The significance of hygiene and house can’t be overstated. Based on Vastushastra, outdated and unused gadgets are nice power absorbers, therefore should be completed away with. They block positivity from coming into your home. Leather-based gadgets like footwear, pockets or belt, iron and clocks or watches denote Saturn – the planet of karma and reward. Therefore, to begin with, we should eliminate this stuff from the home to appease Saturn.

Conch blowing: To placate the Gods and Goddesses, Vastu prescribes blowing the conch and ringing bells. The purity of the surroundings would enhance because of this. Scientific research have proven that the vibrations created by a conch shell can kill some microorganisms. The assorted kinds of shankh have divine names. The proper-handed shankh represents Lord Vishnu, whereas the left-handed shankh represents Lord Shiva. Ganesh Shankh, Dakshinavarti Shankh, Vamavarti Shankh, Kauri Shankh, Gaumukhi Shankh, Shankhini, Heera Shankh, and Moti Shankh are all examples of conches named after deities.

Gentle a dhoop: With the intention to create gentle dhoop, Guggul is blended with dried cow dung. Based on proponents, it could possibly make indoor areas more healthy. Dhoop is nice for us in each manner. We will profit from dhoop incense’s capacity to sharpen our focus in research or throughout meditation, and the incense’s different well being advantages embody safety in opposition to an infection, aid from complications and despair, and a decreasing of hysteria and stress.

Give again to your group: In the course of the Navratras, those that are in a position to take action ought to generously give to these much less lucky, inside the limits of their monetary means. Donations given throughout this time will carry the donor infinite rewards and advantages.


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