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Jade Plant Care: Water, Light, Soil

  • Jade vegetation are the popular newbie plant for bonsai fanatics and are thought-about fortunate in feng shui.
  • Jade vegetation are succulents, which makes them hardy and fairly simple to look after.
  • LIke their pure habitat, jade vegetation favor vivid direct gentle and heat temperatures.
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The trusty, hardy jade plant is among the hottest succulent houseplants. Native to South Africa and Mozambique, this enduring plant requires an rare watering schedule and, although they like direct gentle, they will tolerate low gentle situations. Also called the fortunate plant, jade vegetation signify friendship and prosperity in international locations all through Asia. 

Erin Marino, editorial lead and plant knowledgeable at The Sill, shares her finest care recommendations on the beloved jade plant so you possibly can keep it as a great luck attraction. 

Figuring out a jade plant

A closeup of a jade plant against a black background

A jade plant’s leaf shade will modified based mostly on how a lot solar it will get.

LazingBee/Getty Photos

With thick stems and plump, shiny, and oval-shaped leaves, the charming jade plant has a mini tree-like look. There are dozens of jade plant varieties, however most are simply recognized by their darkish inexperienced leaves that may typically have a reddish hue. 

“The phrase crassus in Latin means ‘thick.’ The title Crassula was given to this group of succulent vegetation as a result of they’ve thick leaves and stems that retailer water,” says Marino.

Jade vegetation even have bonsai capabilities, which means they will tackle a mini tree-like look and are the popular newbie plant for bonsai tree fanatics. “Many bonsai newcomers begin with a jade plant since they’re so hardy and might simply tackle the form of a bonsai tree when pruned accurately,” says Marino.


A hand using a yellow watering can to water a small jade plant

Water solely when the soil is dry.

Melena-Nsk/Getty Photos

As with all succulents, overwatering will be deadly and the jade plant is not any exception. Marino recommends watering your jade plant solely when the potting combine is totally dry. To examine this, stick your finger within the soil — if soil sticks to your finger, don’t water; if there is no such thing as a soil, it is time for a drink. 

“Should you’re nervous about overwatering, wait in your jade plant’s leaves to wrinkle earlier than watering once more,” says Marino. “It is a signal of thirst in fleshy, succulent vegetation.”


Conventional potting soil combine won’t work with jade vegetation or different succulents. These vegetation want a rocky soil or grainy soil that may enable for correct drainage and keep away from root rot. Selecting a terra cotta pot in your jade plant may even retain some moisture so you possibly can keep the rare watering schedule that it prefers.

“Go for a well-draining, sandy soil to pot your plant in, like a succulent combine,” says Marino.

Gentle and temperature

A jade plant with bright red leaf-tips growing outside in a terra cotta pot

Jade vegetation grown in vivid daylight could have vibrant red-tipped leaves.

Jacky Parker Pictures/Getty Photos

As a result of jade vegetation originate from a heat, dry setting, it’s best to duplicate these situations indoors as intently as doable in your jade plant to thrive. In case your plant is getting sufficient daylight, its leaves might reward you with stunning crimson edges.

“Maintain temperatures round 75 levels Fahrenheit, and place in a spot the place it receives vivid direct gentle,” says Marino. “In case your house would not obtain nice pure gentle, place your jade plant beneath a develop gentle as a substitute.”

Should you reside in a colder space, Marino recommends bringing your jade plant indoors earlier than temperatures dip under 45 levels Fahrenheit.


There are two methods to propagate a jade plant: leaf chopping and stem chopping. To propagate by leaf chopping, you should definitely select the healthiest leaf from a mature department and gently take away it.

Be sure to take away the stem of the leaf with it, which is the place new roots and child leaves will develop,” says Marino. “Go away the leaf out in a dry spot till the underside has scabbed over, then place on high of latest potting soil and flippantly mist it weekly.” 

A brand new child jade will ultimately develop from the place the leaf was faraway from the mom plant. Marino additionally suggests dashing up the propagation course of by dipping that finish in rooting hormone powder as soon as scabbed over and earlier than inserting it on high of the soil. 

To propagate by stem chopping, Marino says to make use of pruning shears to take a wholesome stem chopping — a chunk of the stem or department of the plant — that could be a few inches lengthy and let it sit in a dry place till the underside scabs over, then repeat the identical steps because the leaf-cutting course of.

Frequent issues

Like most houseplants, the jade plant can undergo from being overwatered and can also be vulnerable to frequent pests comparable to mealybugs and spider mites. To beat this, Marino recommends a easy resolution utilizing home items.

“Spot-treat seen bugs with a cotton swab or cotton pad dipped in alcohol,” says Marino. “Be sure to get all of the nooks and crannies the place these pests like to cover, and study your plant weekly for indicators of reinfestation.”

Insider’s takeaway

With sufficient vivid direct gentle, heat, the fitting potting soil, and an rare watering schedule, your jade plant can develop and thrive with the identical energy and sweetness because the bushes it resembles.

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