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How Your Astrology Sign Handles Rejection

There’s quite a bit that may be stated about astrology indicators. Not solely can they reveal your key character traits and counsel who you are most suitable with, however they can be used to tell different essential choices in your life — like, say, what intercourse place you must attempt subsequent. (As a tried and true Aries, I can personally give the “rockin’ rollercoaster” intercourse place a ten/10 ranking.)

However whereas astrology indicators can be utilized for enjoyable issues, they can be used to find out, nicely, not-so-fun issues — like how you’ll deal with rejection, for instance. And after I say the way you deal with rejection, I am speaking about all several types of it: romantic rejection, job-related rejection, being-outbid-on-your-dream-house rejection — you identify it.

Do you settle for the L and transfer on? Do you passively (or passive aggressively) signal your rejector up for cat details? Do you key somebody’s Toyota Camry? Your astrology signal reveals all of it.

Positive, these solutions is probably not based mostly on any definitive truths, they usually’re completely up for interpretation. However let’s be actual: all of us want a cause to make enjoyable of ourselves infrequently. So on your enjoyment, this is how you’ll deal with listening to the phrase “no” (or experiencing another type of rejection), in response to precise astrology consultants.


Ah, Aries. The primary hearth signal within the zodiac. Identified to get bored very simply, it is seemingly you may faux like you do not give AF to attenuate the sensation of rejection, says archetypal astrologer Rebecca Farrar. What this might probably appear to be? Placing all of your time, power, and energy into nailing that revenge physique look within the gymnasium — or simply utilizing the treadmill as a technique to get out of your head and push again the emotions of rejection all collectively.


As a result of Taurus is the Venus-ruled mounted earth signal related to values and sensuality, it is seemingly Bulls are going to “lean closely into the sensuality hedonistic facet of the rejection,” says astrologer Lars Mellis, a board member on the Nationwide Council for Geocosmic Analysis, one of many largest worldwide astrology associations. This implies you could enable your self to lastly splurge on that Dyson Airwrap in an effort to search out consolation in luxurious (and actually fairly hair curls).


Whereas Gemini have a fame for his or her uncanny skill to compartmentalize, it is attainable you may faux the rejection did not occur in any respect, says Farrar. “Geminis could also be so off within the clouds in dissociation that they neglect the dialog or occasion ever even occurred.” Your mentality: the much less you consider it, the much less affect it’s going to have on you.

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Cancers are recognized for feeling all of the feels. In any case, you’re a ~delicate~ water signal. So, as a result of Cancers cling to safety, you could attempt to maintain the one that did the rejecting within the first place, even whether it is completely inappropriate, says Farrar. This might appear to be asking your boss — who simply knowledgeable you you are ineligible for a promotion, regardless of having labored in your position for 5 years already — in the event that they want a espresso refill.


“Oh, you are breaking apart with me? Thank goodness, I used to be nearly to interrupt up with you,” stated a Leo sooner or later of their life. In an try to avoid wasting your pleasure and ego, you are in all probability going to play the Reverse Uno card to keep up energy and do the rejecting your self. In the meantime, astrologer Clarisse Monahan confirms that Leos can take rejection arduous, as “being rejected is one thing that’s virtually unfathomable for them.”


Identified to be the control-obsessed signal of the zodiac, Virgos can anticipate to get proper again into a really inflexible routine and schedule. “This Earth signal focuses on day-to-day routines to keep up a way of management, they usually could find yourself reorganizing their whole workplace or house to get it again,” says Farrar. It is seemingly you may set your alarm clock for five a.m. to get began on every day duties and chores for some further enjoyable stability. Perhaps you may even rearrange your lounge for some “new wholesome power,” too.


Any type of rejection could come as a shock to the sense of peace that Libras thrive on, says Farrar. And since the Libra signal is much like Taurus (in that they are dominated by Venus), you could reply by posting some further fairly images of your self on Instagram for some exterior validation. Everybody wants a thirst entice second.


Your bizarre flex in life is having a tremendous poker face, so you will not let folks see or know the way you are feeling until you need them to. It is seemingly you may deal with rejection with a quiet exit, however plot out an equally deserved revenge plan for weeks on weeks later. In keeping with astrologer Sasha Zimnitsky, you would inform a Scorpio that their favourite colour is ~silly~ and they’re going to maintain it in opposition to you till the day they die.


Regardless of being the Golden retriever of the Zodiac signal (enjoyable, loving, pleased, adventurous), Archers even have a darkish facet — and possibly even a mood, says Zimnitsky. When confronted with rejection, you may discuss first, assume later, and ship an apology textual content two hours after the actual fact. “Rejection is a kind of set off factors,” Zimnitsky provides, so for those who’re the one rejecting a Sag, “anticipate to be advised off or have them argue with you about why you are mistaken to reject them.”


In relation to rejection, Capricorn is probably the most mature signal — and when Sea Goats are rejected, they merely start to work tougher, says Emily Newman, a religious healer and counselor on the Better of Psychic Readings. “Capricorns will give their entire consideration to attaining success and display that rejecting them was the inaccurate alternative.” All that to say, you may in all probability dream up a brand new enterprise journey or possibly even Tweet an infographic that claims one thing like “work arduous, play arduous.” You may use rejection as a motivation for extra success.


A standard adjective used to explain the Aquarius character is aloof. “Being a Mounted Air signal, Aquarius will often give you their very own narrative,” says Monahan. You may both not perceive if you’re being rejected, or textual content that particular person a number of days later asking to hang around prefer it’s NBD.


As probably the most delicate signal, it is solely becoming that Pisces would react to rejection with tons, and plenty, and plenty of tears. In any case, you *are* a deeply emotional water signal. Your Friday evening plans after being rejected? Watching “The Pocket book” and getting extra-sensitive packing containers of Kleenex delivered.

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