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How these feng shui tips will help you get ahead in the Year of the Tiger

Are you able to welcome the 12 months of the Tiger? Listed here are feng shui suggestions from Grasp Lee Cheng Hoe, in keeping with the Annual Flying Star Chart, so that you can get forward in 2022.

Lee is the writer of books resembling How To Take pleasure in Your Life With Good Feng Shui and How To Improve Your Wealth With Feng Shui.

On the day of Li Chun, or the start of spring, which falls on Feb 4, his recommendation is to activate the energies by switching on all of the followers and lights in your home.

To get pleasure from success this yr, you must spend extra time in auspicious areas (North-East, North, North-West, South, South-East) and keep away from inauspicious sectors (Centre, South-West, East, West) or use cures.

Auspicious sectors

NORTH-EAST: The annual star 8 White (Earth) makes the North-East this yr’s wealth location. As we’re in Interval 8, the No. 8 star is one of the best star of all.

Activate: Use a fan or clock to flow into the stream of fine qi.

Improve: Use a shifting water characteristic in addition to a treasure bowl with crystal formation.

Warning: Beware that the North-East can also be the place for the Grand Duke (Tai Sui); therefore no renovations or knocking or breaking of partitions must be performed on this space.NORTH: The annual star 1 White (Water) within the North this yr is sweet for wealth, love and profession.

Activate: Place a water characteristic and spend extra time right here for those who want to discover a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or improve your gross sales quantity and improve your wealth. It will likely be an superior yr for these whose bazi desired aspect is water.

Warning: Watch out for the San Sha or the three Killings, which can also be within the North.

Treatment: Put three small qi lin (dragon horse) there to cut back the destructive influence.Place 9 potted crops or 9 bamboo crops within the South sector this yr to reinforce your feng shui. Photograph: Filepic

NORTH-WEST: The annual star 6 White (Metallic) brings oblique wealth, which refers to cash that you simply get by way of oblique means resembling funding, lottery or part-time jobs.

Improve: Use a crystal ball and a set of Six Emperors historical cash. Those that want to strike lottery could spend extra time within the North-West of your home.

SOUTH: The annual star 9 Purple (Hearth) within the South brings excellent news. Anticipate to get pleasure from loads of blissful occasions resembling births and marriages for those who utilise this sector. It’s also the 2nd wealth sector.

Improve: Put 9 pots of crops or 9 bamboo crops there. Tie the 9 bamboo crops tightly along with a purple string. Additionally, place a lightweight and purple carpet there too. Activate this space if you want a child.

SOUTH-EAST: The annual star 4 Inexperienced (Wooden) within the South-East makes it one of the best place for finding out in addition to artistic brainstorming or important considering, notably if it’s good to make essential choices. Get your kids to review on this sector to get good leads to their examinations. There could also be potential romantic encounters and higher relationship luck for individuals who utilise this sector.

Improve: Use an oriental historical finding out instrument (wen fang si bao) with 4 calligraphy brushes or a pagoda (wen chang ta).

Inauspicious sectors

CENTRE: The annual star 5 Yellow (Earth) within the Center of your home makes it the worst place and essentially the most harmful sector this yr. No renovations, knocking or breaking of partitions on this space. Watch out for accidents and obstacles.

Treatment: A set of Fortune Water (An Ren Shui) or 5 Emperor Cash. Don’t place shifting water options there.

SOUTH-WEST: The annual star 2 Black (Earth) afflicts the South-West with destructive energies of sickness, wealth loss and makes it the place the place undesirable spirits like to collect.

Treatment: A set of Fortune Water (An Ren Shui) or 5 Emperor Cash or bronze dragon turtle.

Warning: Beware that the South-West can also be the place for the clashing of the Grand Duke (Chong Tai Sui); therefore no renovations, knocking or breaking of partitions must be performed on this space.

EAST: The annual star 3 Jade (Wooden) on the East might spark fixed arguments and, in excessive circumstances, could result in authorized points or lawsuits.

Treatment: A purple carpet and a purple gentle or some red-coloured objects like a purple couch. The very best is to put an image of a dawn there.

WEST: The annual star 7 (Metallic) within the West could set off doable arguments, potential robberies and medical issues.

Treatment: A glass of water with coarse salt.

Any time you’re feeling that your luck just isn’t that promising, or if somebody in your family falls sick or feels unwell, it’s advisable to wash the gadgets (cures and enhancers) utilizing a clear fabric dipped in salt water resolution made by dissolving coarse salt in water.

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