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How Natal Venus In The 3rd House Affects Your Life & Relationships

In astrology, Venus is the planet of relationships, love, magnificence, and attraction. Due to this, your Venus signal influences your romantic relationships and who you are drawn to.

Nevertheless it’s not simply your Venus signal that makes a mark in your love life — the astrology home your Venus signal is in additionally performs a component.

Simply as there are 12 zodiac indicators, there are 12 astrology homes, every influencing a unique facet of your life. 

The third home in astrology, dominated by the Gemini zodiac signal, is the home of communication. 

Having the planet Venus within the third home in your natal chart means your communication type and pondering course of are influenced by Venus’s traits.

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Natal Venus in third home traits

1. Communicative

Venus within the third home individuals love to speak their everchanging emotions. They don’t have any downside expressing their wants, even when these wants do are inclined to fluctuate quickly.

They’re additionally very social and get together with others simply.

2. Knowledgable

Gemini is thought for being extremely mental. Venus guidelines the humanities, so you possibly can count on somebody with this placement to have a powerful need to find out about artwork, music, and literature.

3. Flirtatious

Individuals with Venus within the third home get a thrill out of flirting with and complimenting others. In reality, this placement flirts a lot that it could come off as disingenuine, however likelihood is they imply each phrase.

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