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How I Use Tarot Cards for Daily Journaling | by Alyssa Blackwell

A solution to the query, ‘what the heck do I journal about?’

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Conserving a day by day journal follow is a kind of “good habits” advisable by practically all people within the self-development area. It could actually assist clear the thoughts, so you may focus. It would filter out mind litter. You may keep in mind issues higher should you write them down. It’s a way for exploring new concepts, or analyzing your expertise. It may be cathartic, or enjoyable, or energizing.

There are numerous causes to start out journaling, so let’s lower to the chase and say you agree that there are advantages and also you’re able to get began.

Now, what the heck do you journal about?

For those who haven’t practiced journaling, it may be laborious to get the phrases flowing onto the web page. Prompts would possibly assist, but it surely takes time and power to discover a listing of prompts that talk to you, or apply to your life.

My answer? Tarot playing cards.

Tarot playing cards, or oracle playing cards (you should use both for this train) are collections of playing cards which have varied “values” and “fits”, very similar to atypical enjoying playing cards. The principle distinction is in how the playing cards are designed and used. The person fits and values have an agreed-upon which means that’s woven into the artwork on the face of the cardboard.

Tarot playing cards are sometimes used for divination (telling the longer term or communing with deities or the lifeless), whether or not it’s a part of a religious follow or simply for enjoyable. I’m probably not a religious individual; I don’t imagine that the playing cards can predict the longer term, or inform me something I didn’t already learn about myself.

Nonetheless, as a result of every card is imbued with a deeper which means, they could be a highly effective strategy to uncover issues that I did already learn about myself, or a couple of specific drawback I’m dealing with in my life. I additionally know individuals who use them for tabletop gaming and fiction writing in an analogous manner.

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Within the conventional course of, tarot playing cards are used to offer a solution to a query. The individual doing a “studying” may have the topic pull a tarot card (or three) from the deck, and so they’ll interpret the which means of these playing cards based mostly on the symbolism and imagery of the cardboard, and the context of the query.

The very nice factor is how the playing cards strike a stability between common concepts and particular ones. Since they’re made to use to any state of affairs that an individual can ask about, they’re typically open-ended and thought-provoking.

Every tarot deck that I’ve bought has include a booklet explaining the meanings of every card. I’ll embody an excerpt right here from the Prisma Visions tarot deck, by James R Eads*, for instance:

The Knight of Wands might portend of a surge in confidence and power…however don’t rely on the preliminary fervent swell to see you thru to the top; in the end, a disciplined technique can pay larger dividends than a short-lived burst of enthusiasm

*This isn’t sponsored; I purchased these playing cards and assume they’re pretty.

The particular language will rely on which deck you have got. Prisma Visions makes use of flowery, magical prose together with a fluid, nearly psychedelic artwork fashion. However, so far as the meanings go, they are going to be very comparable from deck to deck, and they’re all designed to be open to the interpretation of the reader.

After I sit down to put in writing in my journal, I’ll begin by jotting down a brief replace, like a diary entry. What have I accomplished because the final entry? What occasions or issues are recent in my thoughts? This step isn’t vital to utilize tarot playing cards, however I really feel prefer it helps set the tone of the journal entry and get the gears in my mind turning.

Then, I’ll shuffle the playing cards and choose one. Typically I’ll simply depart the deck shuffled and choose the highest card, if I’m in a rush.

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As soon as I’ve picked a card, I’ll open the little booklet and browse the entry. Let’s faux that I pulled the cardboard I discussed above, the Knight of Wands. Typically, as I’m studying the outline, one thing will leap out at me instantly. If that occurs, success! I can begin writing.

“I acquired the Knight of Wands, which jogs my memory that I’ve began a brand new venture and I’m nervous about sustaining the power by means of the entire thing…”

As soon as I get began, and I’ve a foothold on my journaling, I can begin following that street the place it leads. The playing cards have accomplished their responsibility, inspiring a subject for the entry and giving me someplace to go.

Different occasions, I’ve to strive a bit more durable to discover a connection. When this occurs, I exploit a little bit of creativeness. Assume the magic of the playing cards is actual, and it’s making an attempt to inform you one thing. What may this card imply? Is there something taking place in your life that is perhaps associated? Even a bit?

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I actually like this course of as a result of it provides some whimsy into an in any other case mundane activity. It encourages artistic pondering to seek out connections between random concepts, which might by the way bulk up your problem-solving expertise.

I additionally just like the ingredient of shock. Which card will I get at this time? What is going to it imply? A regular tarot deck has 78 playing cards, so there’s loads of materials to work with. By the point you get a repeat, you’re doubtless in a distinct place in your life, and that card goes to imply one thing else to you, prompting a singular journal entry out of your mind.

Or, should you get the identical card repeatedly in a short while body, that provides a way of marvel whereas presenting the problem of occupied with the cardboard in a brand new manner. As soon as, I acquired the Queen of Cups 3 times in a single week. What wild winds of destiny had been making an attempt to get my consideration? In actuality it was in all probability dumb luck, but it surely was a memorable expertise that added novelty into my routine.

I’ve numerous enjoyable incorporating tarot playing cards into my journaling, and I additionally take pleasure in amassing decks for his or her (typically breathtaking) artwork. However, should you desire a extra minimalist strategy, there are a number of free tarot apps floating round on the market that you should use to keep away from cluttering up your cabinets with decks of playing cards. I’ve used the Labyrinthos app, which was beforehand Golden Thread Tarot, however there are a lot of apps out there with a straightforward manner to attract a random card and examine its which means.

This course of works nice for journaling, however you can even use them to work out plot holes in fiction writing, give you concepts for brand new artistic work, or generate random eventualities for a tabletop recreation. Simply ask the playing cards, and see what they arrive again with.

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