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Dragon Age: Inquisition – What The Tarot Cards Reveal About Vivienne

When Dragon Age: Inquisition was first launched, its collector’s version got here with a deck of tarot playing cards. The playing cards assigned completely different characters to main and minor arcana. Exterior the collector’s version, the designs are additionally within the sport when deciding on characters and studying codices. For the inside circle companions, their playing cards can change relying on participant selections.

Vivienne is one such Dragon Age: Inquisition companion and has three completely different tarot playing cards. Her default card is the Excessive Priestess, her quest completion is the Queen of Cups, and her Divine card is the World. Her playing cards relate to her motivations, talents, and her relationships with different characters.


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Vivienne’s Default Card

Vivienne’s default card, the Excessive Priestess, is a card about instinct, perception, and thriller. In reverse, it might imply secrets and techniques and withholding data. Vivienne is thought to be a personality that doesn’t present her entire hand. She is a grasp of the Sport, which is all about social manipulation and hidden data. Whereas Vivienne is a robust mage, she additionally is powerful in hidden methods, in her instinct and talent to learn conditions. She trusts in her inside instincts and may see when the world isn’t because it appears. It’s these abilities which have allowed Vivienne to get to the place she is in Inquisition. It’s also what makes her a robust asset.

The Excessive Priestess is related to the factor of water, which may symbolize Vivienne’s affect. She will be able to create ripples in Orlais and within the Mage Circles along with her energy. The Excessive Priestess is the cardboard that comes earlier than The Empress, which can also be a card of female vitality.

Vivienne’s Quest Completion Card

When her private quest is accomplished, Vivienne’s tarot card modifications to the Queen of Cups. The Cups go well with is one that’s all about emotion, and the Queen is thought for ruling her feelings with instinct and compassion. The cardboard symbolizes nurture, sensitivity, and listening to 1’s coronary heart. His card pertains to Vivienne’s emotions, notably her emotions over Bastien de Ghislain.

Vivienne is a grasp of hiding her sentimentalities, however this card exhibits her susceptible facet. She tries to get the Inquisitor to make a potion to assist Bastien. Whether or not they assist or not, he passes away and Vivienne mourns him. The Queen of Cups exhibits that Vivienne has depth and that she cares deeply for her family members. The truth that it is the Queen face card additionally offers a way of mastery. Vivienne can grasp her feelings, and be empowered by them somewhat than allow them to empower her.

Vivienne’s Divine Card

If Vivienne is chosen for Divine, her tarot card modifications to the World. This card is the ultimate one within the order of the key arcana. It means a cycle is accomplished. It’s a image of conclusion and achievement. It fits Vivienne’s standing as Divine as a result of she has climbed up the ultimate rung of the ladder. As Divine, she is likely one of the strongest individuals in all of Thedas. That is the top of a journey for her, as she has climbed her approach up in affect ever since she was somewhat lady.

The cardboard is said to the factor of earth, which suggests Vivienne has a way of stability in her new place. As Divine, she is related to the bodily realm, its well being, its wealth, and its individuals. She isn’t solely a participant on this planet however one that may really feel which approach the world sways and suggestions in or out of her favor.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is in growth.

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