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DailyGuidance Tarot for Monday, 4th January 2021

Love – Temperance

DearSoul, If you are in a relationship, you couldn’t hope to draw a better card than Temperance. It signifies the perfect balance of love, commitment, and mutual respect among soulmates.

If you have had relationship difficulties recently, Temperance indicates you and your partner will resolve any problems coming in between you harmoniously and that your union is on solid ground.

If you’re single, Temperance serves as an indication that you will learn to balance other areas of your life so as to make room for a new, special lover to come into your world and swoop you off your feet.

Career & Finances – Strength

DearSoul, Now is the time to make a move to further your career. Use your confident demeanour to ask for the promotion or the raise that you deserve. If you have been considering a business venture, Strength should encourage you to take that leap.

If you are looking for a job, Strength emphasizes following your passions to find success. Consider a career that focuses on providing assistance to others, particularly vulnerable people.

Your cash flow should be good for the time being. Strength doesn’t mean that a windfall is coming your way, but a stable financial increase — a raise, for instance — is forthcoming.

Health – King of Pentacles

DearSoul, Tradition, and stability will provide the context your mind and body need to remain healthy. Find solace in healthy habits or rituals. Confront and get rid of negative energy through honest self-examination.

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Card Deck – The Forest Folklore Tarot Deck

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