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#DailyGuidance for Wednesday, 29th April 2020

The Clouds

Crisis. Impending trouble. The Clouds darken your mood: they symbolise trouble, sickness, in general – adverse events. This card carries a sense of forthcoming storm, when the situation is heating up so that the smallest spark is sufficient for the storm to start. But you must remember that the rain washes all the dirt and clears the air. This is the cathartic value of the card.

It may be that future events will help you lose unwanted ballast and begin a new phase in your life. It may be that the tears you will cry will wash away something that has long been doomed. The clouds can disappear as fast as they come. This makes them a symbol of impermanence.

This card has a bright and a dark side. Its adverse effects extend far beyond its general meaning. Maybe your prospects are gloomy and surrounded by thick fog, maybe it foretells good omen – Unhappiness will be short and life will go back to usual soon. Surrounding cards show where trouble will come from. In any case the advice is to be strong and have patience.

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