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#DailyGuidance for Friday, 17th April 2020

The Emperor

Support – Leadership
To achieve independence of decision-making and life (not marriage) – power and leadership. Result of your efforts is near – You have the power to fight others who interfere in your life

This is the right time to plan your long-term schedule and do your commitments. Trust your powers for new work or change and proceed with big ideas. With wise leadership control your current situation and provide the best facilities for progress of yourself and your loved ones.

Healing Words:
I trust my own strength. I’m served by ruling and rule by serving.

Love- #DearSoul, You may find yourself falling for someone who is older than you now. This person is likely to be attracted to order, logic, and organization. The attraction may not be mutual from the very beginning, but if you are patient and persistent, it is likely to grow. Remember that fireworks at the beginning are all well and good, but ask yourself how long fireworks last for in life. A slow-burning connection is likely to far outlast the fireworks.

Finances- #DearSoul, This card shows a need for discipline, logic, and order to make your finances work better for you. What we pay attention to in our life grows. Are you treating your money with respect? Do you know how much you have, where it is going, and so forth? Do not focus on what you don‘t have right now, but instead focus on what you do have. Paying attention to what you have, and be the best steward of it that you can be.

Health- #DearSoul, Believe in your right to good health and be logical about what you are doing to your body. Order and discipline may be helpful. For example, if you are struggling with a health issue, write down your symptoms, track them, and then see if anything in your life corresponds with your systems. Consider an elimination diet to check for food intolerances.

Work- #DearSoul, Work should be going well and your efforts will not be going unnoticed. Pay particular attention to organisation, follow-through, and logic. Your results should be stellar and if not stellar at least much better than they were. If you are looking for work, now is a time to be dispassionate and to step outside yourself and think about how others see you from a logical point of view. Explore the logical reasons why they should hire you and then stress them to others. You are likely to be successful in finding work if you make a logical and sustained effort now.

Spirituality- #DearSoul, Be sure to take time out for yourself in order to honor your need for spiritual growth. Do not focus totally on your left-brained aspects (logic, reason, order), but allow your right brain to have input too. Logic can lead you to the spirit, if you allow this, and if you don‘t get too stuck in your logical self. Meditation, which requires great discipline for most people, will come easier to you now if you take the time and make the effort to try. #Angels #DevBorah #Tarot #TarotReading #AmazingTarot #Horoscope #GoddessTarot

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