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Cult of the Lamb: How to Get Tarot Cards and Their Effects

It is clear early in Cult of the Lamb that Tarot Playing cards are the sport’s bread and butter. This stuff offer you buffs as you traverse the extraordinarily unforgiving and horrific dungeons that stand earlier than you. Some are will be bought from the distributors you unlock as you play by means of the principle questline, whereas others are discovered by means of random encounters inside sure dungeons.

On this Cult of the Lamb information, we are going to focus on every of the 36 Tarot Playing cards now we have come throughout to this pointthe place to seek out them, and what each does for you. 

Tarot Playing cards Defined

Tarot Playing cards increase your character’s attributes and stats. They arrive with a preset buff that may change the end result of a dungeon run or boss combat and are discovered randomly all through dungeons from Clauneck, who will seem in random rooms all through every dungeon. Tarot Playing cards additionally reset every time you die or go away a dungeon and return to your Cult.

As you play by means of the principle questline, you can too discover Fleece of the Fates, helpful objects that spawn +4 Tarot Playing cards originally of each dungeon. Utilizing them, nonetheless, means you’ll not encounter Clauneck and people 4 Playing cards are what you get for everything of the dungeon. 

Storyline Tarot Automobiles

  • The Lovers I: +1 Well being Coronary heart.
  • Diseased Coronary heart: Damages every little thing on display when hit .
  • Rabbits Foot: Will increase probability to spawn higher chests. 
  • Reward From Under: 10% probability of gaining well being when killing an enemy. 
  • Protect of Religion: Take Refuge in your Devotion – When attacked, 10% probability of negating injury.
  • Grasp of the Artwork: Weapon injury elevated by 1.2x.
  • True Sight: 10% probability to deal a crucial hit.
  • The Hearts I: Acquire an additional half Coronary heart of Well being. 
  • Divine Curse: Curses eat 25% much less Fervour. 
  • Divine Power: Assault price elevated by 1.25x.
  • Neptunes Curse: Enemies have an opportunity to drop a fish.
  • Ambrosia +: Improve Cursed Assault injury by x1.5.
  • Fervours Harvest +: Enemies will drop 3x extra Fervour. 
  • Fortunes Blessing: Obtain double the well being when therapeutic. 
  • Telescope: Reveal the Map.
  • The Arachnid: Inflicts enemies struck with Poison, and does Poison Harm over time. 

Playing cards Bought from Distributors

  • Blazing Path: Rolling into an enemy will injury them. 

    • Price: x35 Coin at Spore Grotto.

  • The Path: Improve motion velocity by 1.25x. 

    • Price: x35 Coin at Spore Grotto. 

  • Weeping Moon: +30% extra injury at night time.

    • Price: x35 Coin at Spore Grotto. 

  • Natures Boon: Harvest bonus assets.

    • Price: x25 Coin at Pilgrim’s Passage.

  • All Seeing Solar: +20% extra injury through the day.

    • Price: x25 Coin at Pilgrim’s Passage.

  • Palms of Rage: Hearth a projectile once you swing your weapon; has a 10-second Cooldown.

    • Price: x25 Coin at Pilgrim’s Passage.

  • The Bomb: Drop an explosive once you roll; has a 10-second cooldown.

    • Price: x40 Coin at Smugglers Sanctuary.

  • Ichor Lingered: Drop black Ichor once you roll; has a 10-second cooldown.

    • Price: x40 Coin at Smugglers Sanctuary.

  • Soul Snatcher: +10% probability of therapeutic when killing an enemy.

    • Price: x40 Coin at Smugglers Sanctuary.

  • Ichor Earned: Drops a glob of Black Ichor round you when struck by an enemy. 

    • Price: x5 Gold Bar at Midas’s Cave.

  • The Deal: Resurrect with +1 pink coronary heart when killed.

    • Price: x10 Gold Bar at Midas’s Cave.

  • The Burning Lifeless: Lifeless enemy our bodies will explode, damaging different enemies close by.

    • Price: x5 Gold Bar at Midas’s Cave.

Playing cards Unlocked By means of Encounters

  • The Hearts II: Acquire +1 Coronary heart.

    • Beat Ratau in a sport of Knucklebones.

  • The Lovers II: +2 Blue Hearts. 

    • Marry one in every of your followers. 

  • Ambrosia: Elevated curse assault injury by 1.25x.

    • Bought from Forneus in one of many Dungeons (this seems to be random).

  • The Hearts III: Acquire +2 Hearts.

    • Bought from Ratoo in one of many Dungeons (this seems to be random).

  • Mithridatism: Resistant to any Poison.

    • Beat Flinky in a sport of Knucklebones.

  • Power from With out: Obtain +5 Fervour when hit by an enemy.

    • Beat Klunko and Bop in a sport of Knucklebones.

  • Power from Inside: Fervour will slowly replenish over time, and has a 2.5-second cooldown.

    • Beat Shrumy in a sport of Knucklebones.

  • Fervour’s Host: Fervour will refill fully upon coming into a brand new room in a dungeon. 

    • Buy Followers from the Spider Helob (the variety of followers wanted to buy is unknown and appears to be random).

Finest Tarot Playing cards

The most effective Tarot Playing cards in Cult of the Lamb will fluctuate relying in your private playstyle, however these are those that we imagine are important when coming into dungeons in Outdated Religion:

  • The Lovers I: Having further hearts isn’t a foul factor. Giving your self an HP increase helps with survivability and longevity within the dungeons. 
  • Reward From Under: You’ll kill quite a bit of enemies in every dungeon, and a few of them will slap you for an honest chunk of HP. So, why not steal 10% of it again once they die? 
  • The Arachnid: Poison Harm can flip the tide in any boss encounter. The Arachnid offers injury over time, that means that if it is advisable step away from a Heretic to kill the two,343 provides he spawned, the boss will nonetheless be taking injury. Plus, it makes killing the little guys all through the dungeon a lot simpler.
  • The Hearts I, II, or II: Once more, Well being Factors = Good. The extra well being, the higher your probabilities.
  • Palms of Rage: This has turn out to be useful extra instances than we are able to depend. Ranged enemies will be annoying in any combat, particularly these in small areas. Capturing projectiles in random instructions can hit the enemies can and cannot see.

Once more, the most effective Tarot Playing cards are in the end those that greatest suit your playstyle, however we imagine these, specifically, are tremendous useful and may make all of the distinction when defeating the bloodthirsty creatures that lurk within the Outdated Religion. For extra suggestions, head over to our Cult of the Lamb guides hub, the place we cowl the Doctrines, Rituals, and Followers intimately. In case you’re in search of the most effective weapons, we have that lined, too.

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