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Cult Of The Lamb: Best Weapons, Curses, And Tarot Cards

Huge Monster’s Cult Of The Lamb is an adorably berserk addition to the roguelite style and what it is grow to be. It is inherently Devolver because it harvests the very best bits of Enter The Gungeon, Stardew Valley, and The Binding Of Isaac, and to everybody’s shock, launches all of them right into a cult administration sim. There are cute NPC followers, farm plots, gravesites, combating pits, brainwashing rituals, and an evil fox in a cloak, and it is all underscored by an action-RPG fight system that is deeper than it first seems.

Cult Of The Lamb’s weapons are provided at random and the identical goes for curses (i.e. magic spells) and tarot playing cards (i.e. modifiers) which add selection to crusades and the hunt to dethrone the 4 Bishops. The primary two are upgraded with Religion and a separate ability tree that unlocks differing types (Godly, Vampiric) and standing results (Freeze, Poison) whereas tarot playing cards might be obtained by missions, bought from merchandise outlets, and stacked with others mid-crusade to create the very best run doable. The RNG might be deafening as service provider NPCs like Clauneck would relatively let destiny resolve, however listed below are our picks for the very best weapons, curses, and tarot playing cards to wield when you’re away out of your flock.

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Cult’s Bane Gauntlets are something however mild.

Bane Gauntlets

Just like the Bane Dagger, the Bane Gauntlets have an opportunity to poison enemies and deal harm over an prolonged time frame which is a direct buff to the weapon sort and its innate potential to set off combos that stun foes. Assaults are sluggish, however they are often blessed by tarot playing cards (i.e. Divine Energy) for added velocity or to create a helpful dose of venom for areas similar to Anura and Silk Cradle.

Cruel Hammer

It is easy: small Lamb, large hammer. The Cruel Hammer primarily focuses on vital hits and whereas the Cruel Axe is correct there, it is a Cult weapon that prioritizes harm and knockback. It is slower on account of its concentrating on system however the one-shots are perfect for any energy/tank/Radahn construct.

Vampiric Axe

The Vampiric Axe screams Interview With A Vampire due to its ornate design and urge for food for any life power that strikes. It has an opportunity to grant a Blue Coronary heart every time an enemy is defeated and might be additional amplified by The Arachnid (for poison) or Grasp Of The Artwork (1.2x weapon harm).

Necromantic Sword

The Crusader’s Blade is a match for many variants (Cruel, Vampiric) on account of its stability of velocity and harm and its flexibility with tarot playing cards. The Necromantic Sword finds worth in changing into “loss of life’s personal blade” as slaying completely different mobs can summon a small ghost buddy that may assault enemies.


Death's Attendant clears rooms like the Kool-Aid Man.
Dying’s Attendant clears rooms just like the Kool-Help Man.

Dying’s Attendant

Dying’s Attendant wins “Finest Melee” on account of two outliers: consistency and cute ghost summons. The Necromancer curse unleashes a devastating melee assault that leaves tiny ghost buds in its wake and it is a useful software for creating house in overcrowded rooms and for fixing Cult’s bigger bosses, who’ve a comfortable spot for turning an abnormal 1v1 right into a dizzying SNES-era, bullet hell nightmare.

Divine Guardian

Divine Guardian is satisfyingly OP for 2 reasons–it’s the one true defensive curse and it provides the Lamb invulnerability for 2 seconds. The burst spell nonetheless inflicts harm and knockback however not like Divine Blizzard (frost) and Divine Blight (poison), it trades in standing results for the flexibility to deflect incoming projectiles, which can be utilized to counter Cult’s more difficult boss rooms.

Path Of The Righteous

Path Of The Righteous is actually Ichor Thrown+, because it permits Lambs to fastball a blob of ichor at an unsuspecting enemy and go away a pool of poison behind. The puddle it produces previous to impression will increase its effectiveness and whereas it is an added bonus to endurance runs in Anura, it will also be not directly upgraded by tarot playing cards similar to Ichor Earned, Ichor Lingered, and Ambrosia.

Contact Of The Revenant

Just like the Dying’s Attendant curse, Contact Of The Revenant offers with extra ghost friends who’re straight up not having an excellent time within the underworld. The spell is forged in a straight line–creating a floor fissure that summons a sequence of ghosts that may assault close by enemies. The vary is restricted, but it surely’s a singular curse that may hold bigger mobs and shameless projectile abusers off your fleece.

Tarot Playing cards

Divine Strength is for swing-happy dagger experts.
Divine Energy is for swing-happy dagger consultants.

Divine Energy

Divine Energy is all the things as a result of assault price means all the things and typically you’ll relatively spend a 30-minute Darkwood run swinging at each single factor that appears at you. Greater rarities like Divine Energy++ can improve assault charges by 2x (as a substitute of 1.25x) and that is a giant win for cult leaders preferring daggers, swords, axes, and the rest that is not the Warmaker’s Hammer.

The Arachnid

The Arachnid is a default tarot card however one that does not have a remedy (or limits). It applies a poison standing impact to enemies struck, which may give base weapons (Traitor’s Razor) an added edge or flip Zealous Axes, Vampiric Swords, and Necromantic Daggers into extra harmful configurations.

Ambrosia can be found at Forneus The Cat's item shop.
Ambrosia might be discovered at Forneus The Cat’s merchandise store.


Whereas All Seeing Solar and Weeping Moon are nice card selections, the “liquor of Gods” will increase curse assault harm by 1.25x and stacks as you acquire Religion and unlock Would possibly of the Religious ranges I to V. Ambrosia prices 30 gold and might be discovered at Forneus the Cat’s pop-up store, which might seem as a random room throughout a Campaign. Tip: Search for the NPC home that is marked by a small cat icon.

Blazing Path

Blazing Path is for the dodge roll romantics. The cardboard was designed to “punish those that dare stand in your manner” because it provides a bit of additional harm when rolling into enemies–a new secondary potential that basically shines subsequent to the chaotic elements of Darkwood and Anchordeep. It may be purchased from the Tarot Card Service provider at Spore Grotto for 35 cash after operating into Sozo’s mushroom minions in Anura.

The Hearts III

Just like The Hearts I and II playing cards, The Hearts III permits Lambs to achieve two further Purple Hearts which might make a distinction in endurance Crusades and boss encounters that require a lvl. 3 sacrifice. The tarot card is offered by Ratoo at a Coronary heart Room for 100 gold and whereas Coronary heart Rooms seem at random, it is arduous to overlook the NPC and his entourage of heartbreak. Ratoo is clearly going by it, and River Boy’s chilled-out OST theme (aptly named “Ratoo”) is price diving into headfirst.

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