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Astrology Trends for Life and Home in 2023: The AstroTwins on the “Being Home with Hunker” Podcast

Hunker is a web-based publication for house decor and design. Being Dwelling with Hunker is their house inspiration podcast. Its host, Laurie Gunning Grossman, interviewed Ophi for a latest episode, “Being Dwelling with The AstroTwins and 2023 Astrology.”

2023 is a yr of restructuring

Ophi explains on Being Dwelling with Hunker that one of many largest astrological occasions of 2023 occurs early within the yr, and it’ll form the yr: the Saturn in Pisces transit.

On March 7: Saturn, which guidelines construction, goes into Pisces, which “hates” construction.

The planet might be on this signal for two.5 years (and hasn’t visited because the mid Nineties!)

“We’ll have this era the place we’re going to be balancing being organized with being very go-with-the-flow with our greatest laid plans,” Ophi says on the Being Dwelling with Hunker podcast episode.

On the plus aspect, we’ll discover extra artistic methods to construction our lives.

We will already see hints of this, she says, with decentralization of labor, college, procuring; you’ll be able to actually do what it is advisable to do from virtually anyplace. However, as a result of we’re so “free” we’ve virtually turn into extra burdened. Discovering that stability is what we’ll work on, beginning with the Saturn-Pisces transit in March.

“I’ve been referring to the yr 2023 of ‘clicks and mortar’ (as a substitute of bricks and mortar),” Ophi tells Laurie. “The place we’re going to search out that midpoint between the place expertise is beneficial and the place we additionally need that real-time, real-life interplay with individuals.”

Is 2023 an excellent yr to purchase a house or transfer?

Laurie asks Ophi on Being Dwelling with Hunker if there’s an excellent month in 2023 to maneuver, to purchase a house or to promote a house.

Ophi says it’s simpler to find out when it’s best to not to do any of that, and it’s when Venus is retrograde in 2023 (a cycle that comes round each 18 months).

July 22 to September 3, Venus retrograde (in Leo)

Venus is the planet that guidelines magnificence, cash and wealth, alternative and magnetism. Throughout this befuddling backspin, in scene-stealing Leo, you might spin wheels attempting to strategize your subsequent greatest transfer.

Nonetheless, Taurus guidelines actual property. Jupiter is on this signal beginning Could 16. Meaning, when you carve out the time of the Venus retrograde (July 22 to September 3), you’ve got left all of October, November and December that may be nice for plans to purchase or transfer.

“Within the first half of the yr, manage your funds,” Ophi advises. Get all the pieces so as, restore performed, issues like that. No that you just shouldn’t try this at any time, however it’s favorable astrologically talking.

Laurie referred to as the Being Dwelling with Hunker podcast episode a enjoyable and informative dialog. Take heed to the whole podcast beneath!

Matters coated within the Being Dwelling with Hunker podcast episode embrace:

Discover out in The AstroTwins 2023 Horoscope — and plan it by the planets all yr lengthy!

How your factor influences your property

Impressed by the Yr of the Water Rabbit, the Chinese language Lunar New Yr starting January 22, 2023, listed below are ideas for every factor mentioned on the Being Dwelling with Hunker podcast.

You’ll find yours by matching the year-ending quantity you had been born. For instance, when you had been born in 1999, you might be an earth factor individual.

Observe: 2023 is the second water yr, 2022 was the Yr of the Water Tiger

0 or 1, you’re the METAL factor
The Organizers

– you want issues structured and arranged
– colours: white and silvers and grays
– lean towards fashionable kinds

Focus for 2023: Work on bringing extra vitality flowing via your area. Metallic is the pipe water flows via. This may be the yr to do a house based mostly enterprise. Let emotions movement, too. Metallic is understood to be minimize, sharp. Soften up somewhat!

2 or 3, you’re the WATER factor
The Empathizers

– you want issues with movement and curve, shapes that seem like waves
– colours: black and navy
– boho stylish layered movement kinds

Focus for 2023: You get one other yr of “being in your factor.” This factor likes to work into the wee hours, when nobody else is up, to get into the zone. It might be a artistic yr.

4 or 5, you’re the WOOD factor
The Suppliers

– you want issues of their place, conventional and traditional
– colours: greens and blues
– robust, upright, conventional, shelving kinds

Focus for 2023: Water nourishes wooden. What are you able to develop this yr what wants extra help? Which tasks would you wish to see develop?

6 or 7, you’re the FIRE factor
The Energizers

– you want issues in triangular form, graphic arts
– colours: vivid purples, reds, oranges, blues
– fashionable, lighting is essential

Focus for 2023: Water is challenged by water (it may well put it out), so you’ve got another yr to maintain calm. It’s not the yr to blaze up, somewhat to simmer. Wooden years are coming in 2024 and 2025; be affected person!

8 or 9, you’re the EARTH factor
The Stabilizers

– sq., low, sink-in furnishings, handmade
– colours: earth tones and yellows
– pottery, stone and ceramics, “earthy” model

Focus for 2023: Earth can suppress water. Earth individuals can work one other yr on wholesome boundaries in relationships and letting individuals be taught their very own classes with out intervening (taking good care of everybody else at your individual expense!).

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