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Welcome to our ‘Pokemon Go: Who All Are The Greatest Pokemon For The Kanto Cup?’ information. One of many best groups for the Kanto Cup in Pokemon Go is Lickitung, Nidoqueen, and Hypno, since they’re three of the strongest certified rivals that may give protection for many opponents.That’s to not recommend that this workforce will all the time lead you to assured success, because it all the time depends on the types of Pokemon your opponent sends out — and also you’ll by no means know that till a battle has already began.

There are just a few Pokemon which can be sturdy in just about each circumstance, nevertheless, so we’ve listed 5 of them beneath with their best movesets and the weaknesses to look out for.

Pokemon Go: Lickitung (XL)

  • Quick Transfer: Lick
  • Charged Transfer: Physique Slam and Energy Whip
  • Resistances: Ghost
  • Weaknesses: Combating

Lickitung starred within the Love Cup and now it’s time for the Kanto Cup. It prices XL Sweet and a Legacy Transfer (an Elite Charged TM), but it surely’s price it.

The one good Quick Transfer is Lick. Physique Slam is the acknowledged Legacy Transfer, and it does good injury for an inexpensive value. You might also purchase Energy Whip for added protection.

Pokemon Go: Nidoqueen

  • Quick Transfer: Poison Jab
  • Charged Transfer: Poison Fang and Earth Energy
  • Resistances: Bug, Electrical, Fairy, Combating, Poison, and Rock
  • Weaknesses: Floor, Ice, Psychic, and Water

Nidoqueen is a powerful candidate for the Kanto Cup, having overwhelmed Machamp, Alolan Marowak, and most Regular-types. Common Nidoqueen has a bit of benefit, however Shadow Nidoqueen isn’t far behind.

Poison Fang generates probably the most power amongst Nidoqueen’s Quick Strikes, so get it. It’s finest to make use of Poison Fang as your primary Charged Transfer, and Earth Energy as a backup.

Pokemon Go: Pidgeot

  • Quick Transfer: Gust
  • Charged Strikes: Feather Dance and Courageous Fowl
  • Resistances: Bug, Ghost, Grass, and Floor
  • Weaknesses: Electrical, Ice, and Rock

With possible victories versus Lickitung, Snorlax, Hypno, and Wigglytuff, Pidgeot is likely one of the finest performers within the Kanto Cup.

Pidgeot performs finest with Gust as a Quick Transfer, therefore an Elite Quick TM is really useful. Courageous Fowl might comply with up with some super STAB injury, whereas Feather Dance is weak however ensures a -2 Assault debuff.

Pokemon Go: Hypno

  • Quick Transfer: Confusion
  • Charged Strikes: Hearth Punch and Shadow Ball
  • Resistances: Combating and Psychic
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Darkish, and Ghost

Hypno has one of the vital diversified movesets in Pokemon Go, permitting it to thrive in lots of the low-CP cups. It has the best efficiency of any Psychic-type within the Kanto Cup.

To make Hypno work, you’ll want Confusion as a Quick Transfer. For the Kanto Cup, the best protection selections are Hearth Punch and Shadow Ball.

Pokemon Go: Alolan Sandslash

  • Quick Transfer: Shadow Claw
  • Charged Strikes: Ice Punch and Bull Doze
  • Resistances: Dragon, Psychic, Regular, Grass, Bug, Flying, Fairy, Ice, and Poison
  • Weaknesses: Combating, Hearth, and Floor

Alolan Sandslash is likely one of the few Ice-types certified for the Kanto Cup. Nidoqueen, Dragonair, Alolan Ninetails, and Wigglytuff can all be defeated by Alolan Sandslash with 9 resistances.

Shadow Claw has extra potential than Powder Snow, though each are terrific Quick Strikes. Charged Strikes: Ice Punch is important for instant injury, whereas Bull Doze supplies backup protection.

In conclusion, we hope you preferred our ‘Pokemon Go: Who All Are The Greatest Pokemon For The Kanto Cup?’ information. Please do depart a remark beneath and tell us what’s your lineup for the Kanto Cup. We publish contemporary content material each day and if there’s something particular that you desire to us to cowl then please do tell us all about it. Your opinion issues probably the most to us as a result of it helps us to serve you higher.

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