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A deep dive into Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s astrological compatibility

After months of rumours swirling about whether or not or not Rihanna and A$AP Rocky had been formally courting, a easy look at their beginning charts may have confirmed what everybody had been dying to know. After all, they’re courting: They’re an astrological match made in heaven. A$AP Rocky lastly put the rumours to relaxation in Could 2021 throughout a GQ interview the place he referred to as Rihanna the “love of [his] life.” And with the current announcement that they’re anticipating, the web has turn out to be abuzz with much more love for the couple.

When you analyse Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s astrological compatibility via synastry the method of evaluating one particular person’s beginning chart with one other particular person’s chart and searching for patterns of ease and challenges it turns into even clearer why this dynamic duo makes for such an epic pairing. (Be aware: A$AP Rocky’s official time of beginning isn’t public, so it’s not attainable to know his rising signal, which is important for making astrological predictions. That mentioned, there’s nonetheless loads of astro goodness to work with.)

Right here, a more in-depth have a look at what the planets had been as much as when Rihanna and A$AP Rocky had been born and the way they aligned to make for such a loving and nurturing match.

Their Solar-Moon Elements Imply This Is the Actual Deal

When you’re invested in celeb astrology, you might already know that Rihanna has a delicate and artistic Pisces solar however she was additionally born with a fierce and fiery Aries rising, moon, and Venus. Aries are passionate, brave, and like to guide, not comply with. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines via with a few of these Aries placements, too. In the meantime, A$AP Rocky is a Libra solar: creative, clever, and out-of-this-world charming. In astrology, Aries and Libra are reverse indicators (aka sister indicators), which makes them complementary pairings. Aries’ confrontational power is tempered by Libra’s tact. There’s a pure ebb and movement and steadiness inside this pairing.

Since Rihanna is an Aries rising, the a part of her chart that guidelines marriage which is named the descendant and is at all times reverse the rising signal is occupied by Libra. A$AP Rocky’s solar his id, life power, and life goal sits actually within the sector of Rihanna’s beginning chart that represents long-term partnership and marriage.

Not solely is his solar hanging out on this a part of her beginning chart, however it’s additionally forming an opposition with Rihanna’s moon (her emotional world) and Venus (her love language). Oppositions gas attraction and romance and invite you to take motion. Rihanna’s wants and wishes (her moon and Venus) really feel protected, safe, and appreciated by A$AP Rocky’s essence and id (his solar). A$AP Rocky’s sense of self and id feels supported and valued by Rihanna’s moon and Venus. Solar-moon contacts are frequent within the charts of long-term companions as a result of one particular person’s outer world and sense of self (the solar) is acquired and understood by the opposite particular person’s interior sense of self and what they want on the within to really feel protected, safe, and nurtured (the moon). It is a mild facet that makes for fast rapport, friendship, and simple chemistry.

However what about Rihanna’s emotional Pisces solar? Properly, A$AP Rocky is a Most cancers moon, which can be a water signal. And let’s simply say Most cancers moons know a factor or two about feeling emotional. These two each don’t draw back from expressing their emotions, embracing vulnerability, and utilizing each other as a supply of inventive inspiration.

Their Sexual Chemistry Is Subsequent-Stage

They’ve bought the makings of a long-lasting couple, however you realize what else most likely doesn’t harm? That sexual pressure. Rihanna’s Mars is in Sagittarius and A$AP Rocky’s Venus is in Leo, each in fireplace indicators. In astrology, Venus represents what you worth in partnership and what you want. Mars represents what you’re are drawn to and, actually, intercourse. When one particular person’s Venus and the opposite particular person’s Mars share the identical ingredient, there may be a simple dialogue between the 2 planets. No awkward attending to know each other’s our bodies just a few sexual chemistry that may really feel prefer it’s next-level each time they hook up. To make issues hotter, A$AP Rocky’s Mars in Aries is conjunct Rihanna’s Venus in Aries. Translation: Their love and intercourse planets are actually proper on prime of each other within the sky and in the identical zodiac signal.

Not solely have they got the same sexual urge for food and discover each other unbearably engaging (I imply, who doesn’t discover these two scorching?), however the stars additionally recommend they’ve nice communication. In spite of everything, in case you’re going to have good intercourse, you additionally must know learn how to talk. These two each have their Mercury placements in air indicators, which implies there may be an innate overlap in how their minds course of data and share data. There’s much less room for misunderstandings and harm emotions when individuals have suitable Mercury placements. Rihanna’s Mercury is in eclectic and quirky Aquarius and A$AP Rocky’s Mercury is in social Libra. This duo has a bodily connection, an emotional connection, and a psychological connection.

Do Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Have Any Challenges?

A lot of their charts reveal robust compatibility, however after all, each couple has just a few areas the place they’ll need to compromise. Relationships take work even ones that had been destined and written within the stars. Rihanna’s Saturn is in Capricorn. In astrology, Saturn represents your self-discipline, accountability, challenges, and even your interior critic. A$AP Rocky’s Mars, the planet of motion, drive, and motivation (and sure, as beforehand talked about, intercourse), is in Aries. These two type a sq. with each other, which makes for a little bit of a troublesome dynamic. Mars needs to behave impulsively, and Saturn needs to decelerate and make a plan.

A few of the methods A$AP Rocky acts or issues he feels referred to as to behave on could fire up a response inside Rihanna. Infrequently, Rihanna’s Saturn could also be overly discerning and even important of a few of A$AP Rocky’s actions. They don’t need to be wild and dramatic it could possibly be one thing so simple as getting aggravated with the way in which he chews his meals. There may be potential for him to have the ability to push her buttons and grind her gears occasionally. However what wholesome relationship doesn’t have a little bit little bit of that?

Even Their Being pregnant Was Fated

Now, the world is aware of that they’re anticipating a child (congrats, you two!), and the timing couldn’t be any extra cosmic: Jupiter, the planet of progress, growth, and fertility, entered Pisces on December 28, 2021, and just some days later, it moved over Rihanna’s solar. Jupiter transits are infamous for correlating with being pregnant bulletins and conception. A$AP Rocky additionally has his North Node in Pisces, a degree within the sky that represents destiny and future, symbolising but once more that this toddler was destined to be.

It’s laborious to not be enthusiastic about their little cosmic blessing and, for one, I can’t wait to have a look at their child’s beginning chart.

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