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Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of September

Thank your exceptionally high energy level; it is something which will keep you in high spirits at this juncture. Be it professional commitment or personal engagement, you are likely to be on toes all through the month… after all, exalted Mars in the tenth House is in action! Although challenges may come, you will move ahead with great determination and grit towards your goals. It’s a great time for businessmen to earn a good reputation in the market, crack new deals and rope in new clientele. Two major planets in the tenth House will give you all the happiness and success that you deserve. Around 10th, you will be busy etching out new plans and set new goals. The New Moon, here, will prod you to make fresh beginnings that will benefit you in the long run. Venus, which is in Scorpio, gradually moves through the eighth House, in the company of Jupiter. Bingo! This starry alignment offers comforts and luxuries. Between 12th and 16th of this month, the ruler of your Sign Mars shifts into Aquarius. Mars along with malefic Ketu moves through the eleventh House. Here, some misunderstandings and arguments are quite likely at the home front, which, eventually may pollute the harmonious family life. Keep aside your ego, brush away your partner’s childish behaviour and patch-up, advises Ganesha. The onset of the third week, starting 17th may be slightly perplexing, especially for the career-oriented. You may try hard to achieve your goals at work; to get noticed for the efforts you put in… but you fall short of it all. But, don’t blame yourself; it’s the planetary position that does not grant you what you want… at least for the time being. So, let the right time come. Students’ shall remain distracted from academics most of the time which may result in poor progress in the long run. Singles stand a chance of cupid connection and enjoying cosy moments with their new partner. Married couples too, shall enjoy marital bliss and bonhomie in their equation. Your health may demand attention at regular intervals; take proper remedial measures to avoid a relapse of any ailment.

Finance & money are the buzz words this month. All your concentration will be on – finance, financial matters and financial resources. You may plan umpteen strategies to increase your bank balance and enjoy a good financial position. One of the reasons for this may be that the ruler of the second House linked mainly with money, Mercury is exchanging Sign with the Sun. Professionally, you may come across a lucrative deal which may prove fruitful in the long run. Businessmen, however, will have to use a smart tactic to attract worthy customers and up their sales. Also, avoid spending on official tours and travels for business, as it may not yield great results, as of now. A constant hovering of planets between 10th and 15th may spell troubles for married couples. There is a high possibility of friction and verbal spat with your spouse due to the difference of opinion. This, eventually, may cause mental stress and emotional setback. Try to divert your mind by indulging in something you like – reading books or listening to music. Sometime during the mid-month, you may feel that your ideas and efforts are not being appreciated at work; you are not getting the due recognition for the efforts you put in… You may be highly disturbed, which, to some extent may affect your work. Hang in there. The presence of malefic Ketu in the tenth House may be the reason behind this situation. Rest assured, things will gradually fall into place, giving you everything that you deserve. The last week of the month gives you enough opportunities to save money for future contingency as no major expenses are foreseen. Singles may attract friends or acquaintances with their wit and humour, and begin a new relationship. However, some singles may be haunted by past experiences, and are in no mood commit as of now. Married couples too shall continue their love-hate relationship – sometimes loving and sometimes arguing with each other. Students shall enjoy a smooth sail all through the month. Their sheer dedication and high grasping power will result in great academic progress. Nothing crucial is foreseen on the health front. However, diabetics need to be more careful about their diet intake to prevent complications in future.

Let’s take it that way – the month may begin at a pace slower than you expected; this is the time when your patience and perseverance is put to test. Naturally, the disappointment and agitation will be reflected on your personality and on the home front, to some extent. However, wily Saturn becomes direct in motion around 8th. This alteration in the planets shall affect you positively. Moreover, the upcoming period of New Moon around 10th will be a period of great strength and support. Not only will it give you a chance to make new plans and agendas, but also the much-needed will-power to achieve your goals, step-by-step. Soon, Venus moves into water Sign Scorpio, traversing in the sixth House along with Jupiter. Here, the planets are highly supportive of your habitual needs as you will be able to manage the expenditure with ease. To predict more, huge monetary gains are indicated between 17th and 22nd of this month. No wonder you are going to enjoy a smooth, hassle-free association with your money, and a strong one at that! Businessmen stand a good chance to make great money by striking lucrative deals and inviting valuable customers. Thanks to the positive influence of Jupiter. However, brush up your communication skills and update yourself through the internet, as you may have to work hard to convince good clients. Employees shall enjoy their time and space under the sun; their new role and designation will give umpteen opportunities to showcase their exemplary skills. Students may wish to become financially independent, and hence, take up a part-time job. However, their job, friends, gadgets and obsession with social media will leave them with very little time to devote to academics. If this continues for a longer time, brace yourselves for poor results. Debilitated Sun is viewed by strong Saturn posited in the eighth House. So, you may be controversy’s favourite child towards the end of the month. Your friends and relatives may be gossiping about you on a certain topic. But, reacting aggressively to all this will do no good to your already-in-question image. Give some time; the matter will cool down on its own. With regard to health, Ganesha has a special concern for the diabetics. Do not go overboard with sweet food items; it may deteriorate your health to a great extent. Take precautionary measures for possible viral infection indicated around this time. 

The blessings of Ganesha and your forefathers shall spell prosperity for you this September. Crabs are shy and sensitive, the world knows. However, now is the right time to shrug off your shyness and showcase the immense talent you possess. Personally or professionally, the showmanship may eventually get you under the spotlight, and you may win applause and accolades. If you come across an opportunity to interact with the influential people of the industry, don’t step back; this may open many doors towards success. Around 8th Mercury comes in contact with Sun in the third House. Short journeys, official trips, ties, and use of internet and media shall prove highly beneficial during this phase. To add to the glory, the approaching New Moon hints towards the upcoming successful events. Venus shifts into watery Sign Scorpio; Venus then joins Jupiter moving through the fifth House. Both the planets are highly supportive of massive wealth creation. Along come great comforts, luxuries and elite social circle to upgrade your lifestyle. A probable glitch interrupting your daily activities is foreseen between 17th and 23rd. This includes soured relations with a dear one. Their rude behaviour is likely to upset you, and in turn, you too may indulge in a verbal spat with them. Here, it becomes important to think about the rights and wrongs of the incident. Be patient; it’s a temporary phase and life will resume the normalcy soon. To release the stress you may pursue your passion/hobby like reading, writing poetries, singing or playing a musical instrument. Religious activities, visit to temples and chanting mantras too, work as a great elixir for troubled minds. You may be seen offering prayers and doing charities during the last week of the month. Students pursuing arts, commerce or higher education shall enjoy rewards and scholarships coming their way. However, under-graduate students may seem distracted either due to gadgets or relationships and may not be able to concentrate on studies. Health will demand extra care this month. Problems related to digestive system may play a spoilsport in otherwise smooth life. Take remedies for quick recovery. 

Universe has its own way of returning favours! This month, you are the lucky one to receive a favour from the cosmos up there. You may bump into an old friend or an ex-colleague, who may turn into a Good Samaritan by giving you a much-needed career-related advice. This tip will come in handy at all stages of your professional life and take your career graph upwards. When it comes to money matters, no matter how much you earn, it’s never enough. Although you are in a mood to closely monitor the expenses and cut it down to some extent, the presence of Sun in the second House suggests an increase in familial expenditure. However, there’s no need to worry assures Ganesha. The New Moon phase around 10th and presence of Sun and Moon in the company of crafty Mercury shall augment financial prospect. This is a reason enough to celebrate and be with your family. You may plan activities – outing, watching movies or playing games that will help you bond better with your near and dear ones. As you are in a cheerful mood, you may want to redecorate your home – changing the interiors, introducing some greens or hanging fairy lights may add to your good mood. Finally, businessmen’s dream project with government or semi-government organisations is likely to materialise. This may leave you with less time, more work and a strong financial position. Life’s good! At times, professionals may think of bunking office and ditching work. But, on a closer look efficiency and performance are likely to increase by the end of the month. Some flickering in the planetary position above may result in volatile equations with your partner. But, you stay cool and calm; try to iron out the issues as soon as possible. Unlike couples, singles’ story is a tad different! Bumping into a like-minded friend may be a beginning of a new chapter! You never know! Ruler of your Sign Sun is debilitated and being influenced by strong Saturn. As a result, health again may be acting tricky. Seasonal changes may adversely affect your health. Take remedial measures for quick recovery. Besides, miscellaneous activities like charity, social functions and pursuing hobbies may keep you occupied all through the month. 

Your career graph is growing and so are your ambitions. Your enormous appetite to succeed at the occupational front is likely to give you sleepless nights. Besides being the ruler of your Sign, Mercury holds an important portfolio in the tenth House, linked with the occupation. This planetary position is highly suggestive of phase to practice patience; you may have to wait long before you taste success. Also, beware of the elements that may distract you from your work – unnecessary surfing on the internet, socialising or ill-minded colleagues may deviate your focus. However, things start looking up around 9th when Mercury moves into your Sign. Your patience will bear fruits and the efforts made by you earlier will get noticed and acknowledged by the superiors. 10th onwards you will be in a relaxed mood and take things lightly. Influence of Venus ensures merry time and soiree with your family and friends. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to bond with your siblings. It is one of the best phases to exhibit your talent – art, craft, music or dance, showcase it on a larger platform and garner compliments. Meeting people from different walks of life and rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty of the society indicates upcoming better prospects in near future. The gala time is likely to continue until the end of the month. With prosperous business and clinching lucrative deals, businessmen have all the reasons to be on cloud nine. Married couples are likely to enjoy a good camaraderie between them. Couples who are eager to enjoy parenthood have something to rejoice about; your planets are highly favourable to plan your bundle of joy now! Last weekend, the Sun entered its Sign of debilitation Libra; Sun and Mercury, traversing through the second House linked with family and finance. This is a sure shot sign of unexpected financial gains. Don’t get surprised if your accounts swell and your investments double; the cosmic alignment is doing the trick! It’s time to enjoy a strong financial position. Students are determined to work hard and make a steady progress. Overall, health will be good. However, occasional digestive troubles may create problems. Watch your diet for better health.

No matter how lucky you get, there is no shortcut to success and money. The direct influence of retrograde Saturn and Mars over ninth House is likely to throw some challenges at work. So, the only way out is to pull your socks up and be prepared for backbreaking hard work. Remember, only consistent efforts will be paid off duly. Similarly, people in the business fraternity too, will have a tough time roping in customers and build trust with them. However, times change as the month progresses; the last week of the month may be highly rewarding with back-to-back deals and orders. Stick to your promise of timely delivery of the order to gain the confidence of the clients. Sometime during the month, you may be in a mood to shop, splurge and show-off among your friends. Although the act gives you a sense of pride and achievement, keep a check on your wallet; refrain from unwarranted expenses. The approaching New Moon phase around 10th gives you a chance to strategize and plan new ways to make it big. Your organised and efficient ways gradually shall unravel your success saga! In addition, the ruler of your Sign Venus shifts into watery Sign Scorpio and slowly moves through the second House with Jupiter. The presence of two giants linked with finance and family suggests enormous financial gains. Prospering work, high spirits and good money give you a chance to bond and celebrate with your family. It definitely calls for a toast followed by a lavish dinner. Career oriented may be hassled by new projects and stingy deadlines in the workplace. But, the panic is only for the time being. You, being very balanced, shall complete the task on time and let your work do all the talking! Rest assured, you will only garner compliments and win applause from your colleagues and higher-ups. Employees or job-holders, on the other hand, may be uneasy and insecure at this juncture. Stay calm; the only option as of now is to deliver a good performance in order to overcome your doubts and fears, says Ganesha. Minor health issues due to seasonal changes are likely to trouble you during the month. 

All you have to rely on this month is sheer determination and rigorous hard work. The reason being: the effect of two malefic – retrograde Saturn and exalted Mars may nullify the positive effect of Lady Luck. However, the situation may improve around 10th as Mercury move into own Sign Virgo. This, definitely, is going to be one of the best phases in recent times. Gain, profits, benefits – tangible or intangible – are lined up for you and your prosperity. Also, you may come across umpteen work opportunities to perform well and make few extra bucks. However, read the rules to avoid any misunderstandings in future. Money-wise, you are likely to be just fine! Increase in financial resources – investments, buying property or shares is in the offing. Expenses, if monitored, can be cut-down; the remaining amount can be saved for the future. After all, saving is the true wealth. Agree? This may not be a very favourable time for job-holders and employees. Dissatisfaction, disappointment and disregard for work due to challenging time may spell trouble. Be calm and act cautiously; this too shall pass! Businessmen, if travel more, explore new avenues, take-up off-shore projects and update themselves regularly, have good chances of soaring high. If single, the phase is full of surprises! Don’t miss out on the signals given by your crush; it may be a beginning of a new relationship saga… you never know! Committed ones too, may gear up for their engagement or marriage. But remember, married or otherwise, over-possessiveness, over-dependence and over-scrutinising can suffocate a relationship; trust your partner, give freedom and you know they will return home… to you! Meanwhile, two benefices traversing through your Sign shall enhance your name and fame in your social circle. Suddenly you become everyone’s favourite… and you are loving it! Students are blessed with great grasping power all through the month… stay away from distractions like TV and social media, and make the most of this benevolent period. Diabetics – attention, please! High risk of health hazards is indicated here if you do not follow the diet plan strictly. 

Relationships and personal equations are in sharp focus this September, foresees Ganesha. The cosmos up there indicate a paradigm shift in equations with close ones. Naturally, there is a possibility of clashes and arguments here. But Archers are quite mature when it comes to reconciliation, and so are you. Be calm and bury the hatchet to bring back the peaceful home environment. Around 7th, the hard taskmaster Saturn becomes direct in motion. This gives you a willingness to concentrate on your financial resources, and up the money quotient. Show wisdom while dealing with high-value monetary transactions. Put major financial decisions on the back-burner; this may not be the right time. The onset of New Moon phase shall alleviate your mood and status, both. Soon Venus shifts into highly intuitive, watery Sign Scorpio, gradually moving through the twelfth House in the company of benevolent Jupiter. This starry alignment shall help you to manage your day-to-day expenses effortlessly. If you wish, you may even extend a helping hand to the poor and needy by donating some money. During the latter half of the month, the hovering dark clouds over your birth chart may result in pain, trauma and emotional turmoil. Memories from the past – of that of a loved one or an unpleasant experience come to haunt you. This eventually can have a major adverse effect on your performance and delivery at work. But, with Moon passing through your Sign, you are likely to take control over your emotions, coming back to the present. To divert your mind, you shall focus more on your work and passion for better prospects. Businessmen who are waiting to rope in government or semi-government organisation may get lucky this month. Finally, your prayers may be answered as there is a likelihood of a deal getting finalised. Professionals, employees and job-holders are highly ambitious; there’s no doubt about it. However, during the course of the month, there may be times when the festive fervour takes over the sincere worker in you. As a result, you may either work from your comfort zone or skip the office altogether. Students will have all the reasons to rejoice as they may pass the academic tests with flying colours… way to go!

We receive both, joys and sorrows in life, and in equal measures. So, when the ratio of pain, grief and challenges are high, don’t lose hope; it’s only a sign of upcoming good times in the near future. This month is like a roller-coaster ride for you… sometimes ups and sometimes downs. Moreover, the presence of retrograde Saturn and exalted Mars are likely to toughen your equation with your life –partner. The growing animosity between the two of you may be the reason for distress. In order to deviate your mind from the cacophony at home front, you may concentrate more on other constructive matters and work-related projects. Soon, the New Moon phase gives you a chance to relax, unwind and bury the past hatchet. Venus measured as the most beneficial planet for your Sign, shifts into a fix-natured Sign Scorpio. Coming closer to benevolent Jupiter in the eleventh House, Venus opens all the doors to fulfil all your wishes. Go ahead, and live your dream, says Ganesha. Moreover, your kind and affectionate nature shall help you win over your near and dear ones, bringing them closer to you. This month you have an extraordinary opportunity to guide and advise younger siblings about their career choices and higher education. No major events are foreseen for businessmen here. However, the ambitions of professionals and employees are likely to soar, due to which they are keen to perform well and find their way to success as soon as they can! On the verge of creating good wealth, you shall become wiser and calculative now. Be extra cautious while taking an important monetary decision; being impulsive at this juncture may not be good. Also, familial expenses are likely to crop during the month; make arrangements for emergencies. Students will gain due to the positive influence of Jupiter. Sharp memory, notable progress and interest in academics will eventually help them to achieve their goals. While committed ones shall soon tie the knot, singles, finally, will be at ease after finding the ‘right one’ and spending quality time with them. On the health front, joint pain and ailments related to bones are likely to create troubles. Taking calcium supplements and visiting your physician may get you some respite. 

You may not be in the best of moods as the month begins. Professional targets, work pressure, dissatisfaction and lack of motivation shall leave you depressed and upset. You may even feel underpaid and overqualified for your job. As a result, you may want to look for a change, a better job may be. But remember, the grass is always greener on the other side. Moreover, the planetary alignment does not look very supportive of a job change as of now; so stay put, advises Ganesha. Things are likely to change around 9th, as you shall experience few moments of joy due to personal/professional developments. But, at the same time, unexpected expenses may weaken your financial position. Being calculative and organised will aid you in carrying out expenses smoothly, without any worry. The New Moon phase around 10th, will help you to de-focus on worries and concentrate more on your ambitions and dreams. Being optimistic about your endeavours will only add to your buoyancy, at this point in time. Moreover, the presence of Mars will motivate your to work tirelessly, for long hours. Adopt a systematic approach towards work and explore the unknown; for you, the sky is the limit! Businessmen, too shall broaden their vision to expand business and capture the market. In the process, negotiating and striking lucrative deals is quite likely. Employees may have to perform under pressure, which eventually, shall leave them stressed-out. No major financial gains are foreseen during the month. But, small incomes, at regular intervals shall favour your wallets, making you more than happy! On the personal front, a rude or abusive behaviour by your loved one can create a rift between you and your partner. But, getting into a verbal spat may only ruin the situation further. Calm down and wait for the right time to patch-up. Eager to change their status, singles will be seen spending quality time with their crush/new-found love. If you are a student, you will have to put in more efforts than usual all through the month. A part-time job or assignment can help you earn some pocket money, but make sure it does not affect your studies, in the long run, tips Ganesha. Enjoying a good health, and being your usual self may be a tad difficult as sudden seasonal changes may attack your immune system, making you feel frail and feeble. 

You may be in a mood to unleash your imagination and conquer the world with your brand new ideas as the month sets in. For this, you may choose an option of a friendly/personal loan, which may further aid to fulfil your ambitions. But, going overboard with the loan amount or taking undue risk to make quick money can cost you heavily in the long run. You need to be cautious and calm; Saturn in your chart shall delay your success story a bit. Don’t be hassled by the slow pace of progress – slow and steady wins the race, remember? Once the New Moon phase approaches and Venus move into watery Sign Scorpio, your goals finally seem to get materialised. Chances of massive wealth creation are quite high at this juncture. At the same time, expenses on the household front are likely to increase too. Plan the monthly budget in advance to avoid a shortage of money. Developments on the domestic front shall demand your attention. But, when you are unable to do that due to professional commitments, the probability of heated arguments run high. The growing animosity between you and your partner may disturb you. Eager to put an end to the dispute you may discuss the matter, sort it out and ceasefire with delicacy. Singles, on the other hand, may feel greatly attracted to someone and shall be willing to begin a new relationship with the person on the radar. Soon, Sun becomes debilitated in Libra. Sun and Mercury then move through the eighth House for your Sign. Both are under surveillance of wily Saturn in the eleventh House. You may be caught unawares by the symptoms of a disease you may have never thought of. Partly, it may be a relapse on an old ailment. It is highly crucial to see your doctor at the earliest and take proper medications to recover. Students are highly ambitious during the month; not only do they perform well on the current subject, but also plan a bright future by wanting to pursue higher education in an international university. 


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