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What Is My Rising Sign And What Does It Mean In Astrology?

Have you ever ever been mistaken for one more signal? This might clarify every part. In Indicators Of The Occasions, Her Campus lets you understand precisely what is going on on—cosmically, obvi. From zodiac indicators to horoscopes to accommodate placements, we’re right here to offer you your astrology repair. In the present day, astrologer Linda Furiate explains what a “rising” signal is in astrology, how one can discover yours, and what it means when it comes to your persona and the way in which you are perceived.

All too usually, I have been round an astrology fanatic lengthy sufficient for them to ask what my signal is. Generally, I inform them flat out. Different occasions, I problem them to guess.

Once in a while, they get it proper. Some get it fully incorrect (there’s nothing Earth signal about me, babe). And most of the time, their reply is…type of proper.

Which means: they sometimes guess my rising signal.

Probably the most essential indicators (moreover your solar and moon signal) in your start chart is your rising signal. This trio of placements is oftentimes referred to as your “massive three,” which might clarify the idea of your persona. Your solar signal (or Zodiac signal) is the core of who you might be, and your moon signal is how you are feeling and specific feelings. However your rising signal? WTF is that?

Her Campus talked to one in every of our cosmic besties, Astrologer Linda Furiate, to be taught extra about what what your sising signal means in astrology, how one can discover it, and what it might probably say about you.


Your rising signal can be known as your ascendant (for those who’re fancy like that). Consider it as the primary impression somebody has of you: it guidelines the vitality you give off, your aesthetic, and the way you might come off to others.

“The rising signal will usually set the stage for the way an individual is seen or revealed to the world,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “It is related to the ‘masks’ that we put on – how others see or view us.”

Oftentimes, we are able to really feel torn between the identification of our rising signal and our solar signal—like your persona is cut up in two, particularly if these two indicators are totally different from each other.

“The Solar signal is extra internally or innately pushed, and the rising signal is witnessed externally,” Furiate explains. “When the solar signal and rising signal are in battle, or to make a harsh facet to one another, the notion of self is sort of totally different than the way in which the outer world might witness our habits.”


Your rising signal is calculated by figuring out your precise time, and place, of start. There are various instruments on-line that can be utilized to seek out your rising signal, however we advocate utilizing a dependable website like CafeAstrology. Keep in mind: your info needs to be precise with a purpose to keep away from errors!


Like your solar signal, there are 12 totally different indicators that might probably be your rising signal. Every of those indicators has extraordinarily totally different traits that may clarify extra about your aesthetic, the way you come throughout, and your total outward identification.

So, pull up your start chart and discover your rising signal beneath!


Since Aries is a fireplace signal, the daring nature of thier factor appears to return off it doesn’t matter what its placement is. For those who’re an Aries rising, you might come throughout as daring, decided, and impulsive. Equally, you might tend to be blunt and trustworthy—however nonetheless charming and dependable!

Furiate says that Aries risings “will battle to attain your wishes.” With this placement in your chart, your confidence is bound to mild up a room, and encourage others to reside a extra daring and assured life.


Taurus is an Earth signal, which implies they’re sometimes catagorized as grounded (or rooted, haha!) and hard-working people. As a Taurus rising, you might come throughout as somebody who craves safety (each financially and personally) and private pleasure. Whether or not it is interesting to your sensual facet or splurging on a buying press, Taurus risings are drawn to factor that can make them really feel fulfilled.

Taurus risings are additionally “steadfast in nature,” in accordance with Furiate. Their stubbornness and practicality makes them dependable, robust, and even comforting at occasions.


The talkative and bubbly Gemini is all about communication. Whether or not that is addressing individuals nose to nose, or making thier voice heard by way of the writted phrase, Geminis have a knack for info. As a Gemini rising, you current these traits outwardly, and could be percieved as shiny and curious.

Based on Furiate, Gemini risings have a “willingness to share concepts and convey forth a way of group by way of the spoken phrase, motion or the acquainted.” Nevertheless, this placement may also trigger you to really feel like it’s a must to tackle the entire world directly. Do not unfold your self too skinny, Gemini risings!


As a water signal, Most cancers placements are categorized as being emotional and delicate individuals. That is fully true from a Most cancers rising placement: these of us could be described as sort and empathetic. Adidtionally, they’ve a top quality to them that’s extraordinarily nurturing—so, this placement could be particularly good with kids, disabled, aged of us, or actually anybody that wants a little bit of assist and compassion.

Within the phrases of Furiate, Most cancers risings have a “robust want for consolation and to nurture their environment.” however watch out! This placement tends to “usually maintain onto their feelings that turn out to be expressed or repressed throughout the physique,” says Furiate. It is okay to really feel too!


Dominated by the Solar, Leo placements have a pure draw towards the dramatic. Leo risings, particularly, could be seen as enjoyable, energetic, and passionate people. They’re heat, assured, and naturally magnetic to others.

Nevertheless, whereas this placement loves consideration, it may be to a fault. “Leo risings have a powerful want to hunt the limelight as long as there’s an viewers,” Furiate explains. “With out a highlight to shine, Leo rising might usually really feel rejected.” Keep in mind this, Leo risings: stars are at all times shining, even when (typically) you’ll be able to’t see them.


Pleased Virgo season to all of my Virgo placements on the market! This hardworking signal is understood for sticking to routine and loving all issues group. As a Virgo rising you might come throughout as a perfectionist and naturally curious.

“Virgo risings are behavior pushed with a should be productive,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “They could analyze or consider each scenario earlier than figuring out the proper answer.” The cautious nature of a Virgo rising could cause them to be high-strung and a bit controlling, however their reliable and compassionate facet makes them an exquisite buddy to have.


Libra placements are all about concord. Whether or not that is of their relationships, work life, or friendships, Libra placements search to reside a balanced and blissful life. Libra risings might come throughout as charming, charismatic, and personable.

Furiate says that Libra risings “intention to please by way of the artwork of communication, equity, and diplomacy.” Nevertheless, this signal can also come throughout as a individuals pleaser, so it is essential for them to place themselves first—irrespective of how exhausting which may be!


If I’ve a weak spot, it is a Scorpio placement. These of us are recognized for being witty, mysterious, and sensual—and a Scorpio rising is not any totally different. Furiate describes them as being “secretive, protecting, deeply passionate, and even controlling towards self and others.”

Nevertheless, Scorpio risings can be charming, alluring, and bold. Like all Scorpio palcemnts, a Scorpio rising could be powerful to learn, and even more durable to interrupt. Nevertheless, when you achieve their belief, you might be able to see a unique facet to this rising signal.


Sagittarius placements are recognized for his or her adventurous facet. As a Sagittarius rising, you might be percieved as impartial, charismatic, and naturally drawn to impulse and journey.

“Sagittatius risings have inspiration to metaphorically climb any mountain,” Furiate says. “Adventurous by nature, each expertise serves as a possibility to increase the private thoughts and improve the well-being of those that encompass them.” Whereas Sagittarius risings might come throughout as reckless and blunt, their pleasant persona is bound to in the end win you over.


As an Earth signal, Capricorn placements have a practicality to them. So, as a Capricorn rising, you might be the kind to factor earlier than you act—which can make you come throughout as shy, reserved, and even severe at occasions.

Nevertheless, this placement can also be recognized for his or her resiliency. Based on Furiate, a “Capricorn rising may have the stamina and power to climate any scenario.” As soon as comfy, Capricorn risings could be percieved as sort, humourous, and dependable.


Aquarius is a progressive signal: they’re the kind to be drawn towards the distinctive. As an Aquarius rising, you might come throughout to others as curious and imaginative, particularly in the case of themes like humanity.

Nevertheless, with so many new concepts coming to them, Aquarius risings could be “stuffed with contradiction,” in accordance with Furaite. They could additionally appear stressed, however that is simply as a result of thier impartial spirit! Embrace the journey!


Lastly, a Pisces rising could be described as intuitive, delicate, and useful. They’re dreamers who like to discover a approach to escape into thier fantasies. Nevertheless, their empathetic nature can cause them to have a spirit of “self-sacrifice,” they usually might come throughout as self-pitying.

“Unconditional love runs deep both to serve all of these in want or on the danger of sacrificing self,” Furiate says. Assembly a Pisces rising can lead you to feeling comforted and idyllic, such as you’re embarking on their goals with them. So, let it trip!

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