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What does the Six of Cups tarot card mean?

DRAWING a Six of Cups in a tarot studying could be a signal of completely happy reunions to return, or a stern reminder that you want to transfer ahead in life relatively than backward.

Here is what the Six of Cups tarot card means in the event you draw it upright or reversed, and the key phrases related to this tarot card.


What does the Six of Cups tarot card imply?

Some tarot playing cards illustrations depict two kids surrounded by six cups of white flowers, whereas others present six cups round a physique of water.

Passing a cup between buddies, or ingesting from one of many cups, is an emblem of traditions, completely happy recollections, cooperation and reunions.

Based on Biddy Tarot, this card represents an individual or occasion out of your previous resurfacing, and the harmonious nature of the friendship depicted is an effective omen.

You might be receiving indicators that an previous flame or childhood crush is able to make issues work.

Or, it may encourage you to think about trying to find real love or your dream profession in your hometown.

For those who’re making an attempt to have kids, the Six of Cups is seen as a harbinger of fertility and abundance.

And on a micro-level, you possibly can take the Six of Cups as permission to return to your previous favourite books, films, meals and folks for consolation.

What does the Six of Cups tarot card imply reversed?

Like with all tarot playing cards, a reversal of the Six of Cups takes lots of the identical themes related to an upright card, and asks for slightly extra introspection.

For those who’ve been dwelling on a falling-out, a household feud, or a long-gone mistake, the Six of Cups could seem in your tarot drawing as a result of you want to let go.

The cardboard may point out {that a} bodily or psychological well being backslide is rooted in household trauma or unaddressed points from the previous.

For those who’ve been caught in a romantic bind, a reversed Six of Cups could possibly be the tough-love reminder you want to cease viewing your earlier companions by way of rose-colored glasses.

Lastly, in the event you’re unhappy in your profession, a reversed Six of Cups could possibly be interpreted two methods.

You need to have a look at unfavourable holding patterns in your office and see in the event you’re clinging to any harmful habits.

Or, in the event you do not already, you must look into working with kids in want and making an attempt to make a dwelling by defending future generations.

What are the Six of Cups tarot card key phrases?

An upright Six of Cups is an emblem of revisiting the previous, childhood recollections, innocence, and pleasure.

A reversed Six of Cups, alternatively, references dwelling prior to now, forgiveness, or missing playfulness.

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