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What BTS’s V and Jin’s Zodiac Compatibility Says About Them

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Have you ever ever made a friendship that felt prefer it was written within the stars? Properly, after trying on the astrological beginning charts of BTS members V and Jin, it is clear their friendship {and professional} relationship are supposed to be. In accordance with superstar astrologer and creator Aliza Kelly, astrology can inform us lots a couple of relationship and be particularly useful between two buddies. “By means of astrology, we will acknowledge how completely different individuals talk, what completely different individuals worth, and what completely different individuals prioritize,” she defined. “That provides us a lot perception about the best way that relationships — romantic, friendship, {and professional} — can operate and stream collectively, setting everybody up for achievement.”

The Okay-pop band has seven members, and every relationship inside it’s distinctive. Kim Taehyung, aka V, and Kim Seokjin, aka Jin, are very shut — and this is not stunning whenever you take a look at their beginning charts. V is a Capricorn, born on Dec. 30, 1995, and Jin is a Sagittarius, born on Dec. 4, 1992. Kelly instructed POPSUGAR what makes Jin and V’s bond so “easy like butter.”

They Have a Robust Capricorn Connection

When turning to astrology for solutions about compatibility, it is necessary to learn how two individuals present up in one another’s charts. Positive, matching placements are good, however usually, our buddies have energies all through their total charts that mirror again or amplify necessary facets of our personal. “We are able to see what hyperlinks two people collectively, what they bond on, after which we will additionally see how they will each improve the opposite particular person’s chart and supply an exquisite mirror to bounce off of,” Kelly instructed POPSUGAR, explaining the numerous components that go into making an astrological match.

Probably the most vital connection between V and Jin, Kelly mentioned, is the interaction of Capricorn of their charts. V has a stellium — three or extra planets — in Capricorn, making this Earth signal’s power important to who he’s. V is a Capricorn solar, Mars, Neptune, and Mercury, with the planets falling underneath his first and second homes, which relate to identification and values. In the meantime, Jin additionally has a stellium in Capricorn, along with his Venus, Neptune, and Uranus falling in his tenth and eleventh homes, referring to legacy and neighborhood.

Whereas these placements aren’t direct matches — i.e., Capricorn does not fall in the identical place of their charts — V’s Capricorn power, which is generally current in how he sees himself and what he values, is present in Jin’s connection to the surface world and the legacy he desires to go away. “There may be this excellent compatibility between how V sees himself and what he values, after which Jin amplifies that,” Kelly defined. “He takes it to the subsequent degree, saying, ‘OK, properly, that is how you’re. These are the potentials for a way we will take what we worth and what defines our identification and make it one thing that we will apply to skilled pursuits, make it one thing that many individuals are going to additionally have the ability to take pleasure in and recognize.'”

Their Capricorn placements additionally communicate to a inventive friendship. V has a conjunction, or planets which are subsequent to one another, in Capricorn. He has Mars, the planet of motion; Neptune, the planet of creativity; and Mercury, the planet of communication, all bunched collectively in his chart. On the identical time, Jin’s Venus is at 24 levels in Capricorn, having an “illuminating” affect on V’s chart. “So, it is a very creatively fulfilling friendship,” Kelly mentioned.

Their Moons Are Each in Aries

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 21:  Hope, SUGA, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, V and Jin of the K-pop band BTS are seen on February 21, 2020 in New York City.  (Photo by JNI/Star Max/GC Images)

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V and Jin do have one crucial matchup of their beginning charts, and it is their moon in Aries. The moon guidelines our interior, emotional world, making it an incredible signal to share together with your buddy. The pair have a neater time relating to 1 one other, and this placement is useful when it is time to cheer one another up.

Aries, the primary signal within the zodiac and a hearth signal recognized for its ardour, drive, and dedication, can also be dominated by Mars. Mars is at 22 levels in Capricorn in V’s chart, whereas in Jin’s chart, Mars is at 27 levels in Most cancers. Capricorn and Most cancers are reverse one another within the zodiac, including one other layer of stability and connection in V and Jin’s astrology. “Most cancers and Capricorn are on the identical entry and are kind of mirroring one another,” Kelly defined. “So at any time when I’ve opposites like Most cancers and Capricorn, basically the place the key phrases round these indicators are going to be the identical or extraordinarily comparable, as a result of basically the indicators are searching for the identical factor.” This Mars opposition not solely signifies a straightforward stream of power between this space of their lives, however due to the Capricorn-Most cancers traits, it additionally signifies the pair make one another really feel safe and supported.

Jin Is Experiencing His Saturn Return

Since June 2020, Jin has additionally been experiencing his Saturn return, a tumultuous time in astrology. Saturn, the planet of duty, construction, and self-discipline, takes about 29.5 years to orbit across the solar, so when Saturn lastly returns to the signal it was in once we had been born, it places all this stuff to the check. “Oftentimes, at this specific age once we’re in our late 20s, there are lots of large adjustments that occur by way of the issues that we do, the people who we’re near, and the best way that we outline ourselves,” Kelly mentioned. “And it is because we’re actually rising up and changing into our personal particular person, and something that was not infrastructurally sound previous to a Saturn return could not have the ability to carry over to the opposite aspect of it.”

Jin’s and V’s slight age distinction may very well be a supply of pressure and problem of their relationship as a result of Jin is experiencing main adjustments in his life. Nevertheless, it is usually believed that the individuals who come into our lives earlier than our Saturn return are from our previous lives, giving us extra perception into V and Jin’s friendship. “It could actually point out that it is a relationship that is actually significant and speaks to their journey, speaks to their metamorphosis, and speaks to their ascension in changing into themselves,” Kelly mentioned. Objectives.

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