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What Astrology Says About Each Political Candidate In Federal Election

You’ll have observed that PTV has rolled out an election vertical known as Electile Dysfunction the place we spin yarns in regards to the upcoming election.

My esteemed colleagues who cowl newsy matters have tapped up a bunch of sensible items to assist make your voting determination simpler.

As an astrology lover, my editors have tasked me with sussing out how the blokes stack up in response to astrology.

Earlier than I proceed, let me be clear on this: don’t, I repeat, DO NOT use astrology to tell your determination when voting.

You need to base your determination on every candidate’s tackle insurance policies involving girls, First Nations, schooling, psychological well being, the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood, and many others.

Right here, we’re gonna suss out the management expertise of every candidate utilizing the traditional artwork of astrology.

Scott Morrison – Taurus

Solid your thoughts again  to the previous few years with this jackass on the helm and the best way he’s behaved throughout nationwide emergencies.

Sauntering off to Hawaii whereas the nation was burning, his ineffectiveness in the course of the pandemic, and so forth and so forth.

It ought to come as no shock then that Taurus is the laziest earth signal. They’re all about pampering themselves and would skip out on onerous work simply to get residence in dinner time.

Sound acquainted? It ought to. It’s what we’ve put up with for years.

Not solely that, however on condition that they’re the bull signal, they’re cussed as shit and towards any type of change, which is smart given how fkn backward his views are.

Actually one of many solely upsides to having a Taurus chief in cost is that they’re not afraid to be whole dicks once they have to be.

Properly Scomo is a complete dick across the bloody clock, even, nay, particularly when he doesn’t need to be. So there ya have it.

Anthony Albanese – Pisces

So right here’s the tea: the opposite two candidates are each Pisces and from an astrologer’s perspective, that is fkn fabulous information.

Ya know why? As a result of Pisceans have what our present chief lacks: empathy, compassion, the power to offer a rattling about different individuals and many others.

Piscean leaders are all about therapeutic and fixing issues for everybody and with Albo, that’s all he’s been banging on about.

That being stated, being an emotional water signal, Piscean leaders can get caught up within the weeds of conditions somewhat than attacking issues head-on.

Adam Bandt – Pisces

Keep in mind what I stated about Piscean leaders being all about therapeutic? Properly when you check out among the insurance policies and funding being mentioned by The Greens, you’ll see that Piscean power shining by.

When it comes to unfavourable traits of Piscean leaders, along with the aforementioned disadvantage, these guys are all about people-pleasing.

However fairly frankly, given the state that issues are in, I believe pleasing the individuals isn’t essentially a foul factor!

Anywho, I hope you loved this astrological evaluation, now I’d prefer to reiterate one last time: DO NOT USE ASTROLOGY TO INFORM YOUR DECISION WHEN VOTING!!!

As an alternative, suss out our Electile Dysfunction vertical and see the place every would-be chief stands on essential insurance policies.

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