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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Live a Secret Life, According to Astrologers

All of us have secrets and techniques we do not need to set free into the world, nonetheless, main a double life is a wholly completely different story. Whether or not that’s having a long-lasting love affair, working for the CIA, or hiding one’s true self and wishes from the individuals closest to them, what makes somebody extra more likely to dwell a lie? Maybe, the celebs have one thing to do with it. Learn on to seek out out which zodiac indicators are almost definitely to steer a double life from barely sneaky to full-on fraudster.

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“Virgo’s voracious consideration to element makes it straightforward for them to dwell two lives. Their skill to arrange info, pay shut consideration to little clues and tells, and compartmentalize info makes a duel-reality a chance,” says Lauren DeGolia, an astrologer at Contemporary Begins Registry.

These earth indicators are introverts at coronary heart and subsequently hold to themselves rather a lot. And whereas they are often extremely secretive, they will not do it to hurt anybody else. They’re tight lipped as a result of they’ve enjoyable doing their very own factor, being impartial, and never wanting anybody else concerned.

“If a Virgo had been to dwell a secret life it would not be out of spite or malice, it could doubtless be extra as a result of they may,” provides DeGolia. “Dominated by the planet Mercury, which guidelines mindset and considering, Virgo power can get into the psyche of a brand new function or character of their life with ease and pleasure.”



“Aquarius is one other a type of indicators that may be a slippery fish in the case of telling the reality,” says Stina Garbis, an astrologer at psychicstina.com.

Aquarius indicators are recognized for being pleasant and insanely inventive, which helps their mysterious aspect come out much more. With regards to dwelling a secret life, this deeply clever signal excels at hiding the reality. However, just like the hero Clark Kent himself, aka Superman, an Aquarius would somewhat use their secrets and techniques for good, somewhat than hurt.

“They’re actually good at hiding issues from others and never saying precisely the true story,” says Garbis. “I would not put it previous an Aquarius to steer a secret life the place they dwell as Clark Kent in the future and on the opposite days dwell as an thrilling superhero.”



Leos are recognized for his or her confidence and love of being the focus, however that does not imply they do not have a factor or two to cover. Nonetheless, with their large hearts, they will not use these two completely different realities to harm anybody they love.

“Leos lead with their coronary heart and likewise an fringe of drama, trying to dwell two very completely different realities to satisfy elements of themselves they felt like they had been lacking (both consciously or unconsciously),” says DeGolia.

Leos are improbable at taking part in no matter character strikes their fancy. “These two characters may very well be a CIA agent with an ideal home within the suburbs or somebody that lives an internet actuality or persona that does not match their present actuality,” provides DeGolia.

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“Often called the archetype of ‘the twins,’ Geminis can handle duality rather a lot higher than different indicators,” says Garbis. “It is common for a Gemini to have two very distinct sides of their character relying on their setting.”

It most likely will not come as a shock for a lot of to seek out Gemini on this checklist as they’re notoriously two-faced and will be discovered scheming and plotting of their spare time.

“These indicators are nice at mendacity, concealing the reality, and are wonderful grasp minds behind dwelling twin lives,” says Garbis.



Scorpios are recognized for being mysterious, so you might by no means know what else is happening with them. “Scorpios are intensely non-public and if which means utilizing an alias so it is onerous for them to be tracked down, so be it,” says Constance Stellas, an NYC-based knowledgeable astrologer. “They’re additionally strategic which may also help them in planning their secret lives.”

Not even these closest to Scorpios will be capable of monitor their whereabouts. They’ll typically use a secret cache of passwords and quite a few emails so they’re by no means left uncovered.


Most cancers

Cancers are unusually quiet about effectively, all the pieces, which places this sign up second place.

“Cancers are very secretive, since crabs solely come out at evening they know the best way to navigate and maneuver round main a life that no one is aware of a lot about,” says Lisa Stardust, an writer and knowledgeable astrologer.

Do not be stunned if a Most cancers in your life finally ends up stunning you once you discover out about their responsible pleasure or one thing much more sinister. Cancers are actually complicated creatures and also you should not put it previous them to be sneaky and conniving.

“For Cancers it could be troublesome to know precisely what’s on their thoughts,” says Garbis. “They could be actually good at concealing a secret love life the place in a single life they’re the doting mother and within the different life, they’re a poetic lover.”

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On the very prime of the checklist are Capricorns. This earth signal is understood to be quiet and tight lipped, however additionally they have a a lot darker aspect in the case of their secrets and techniques and will be fairly malicious in nature.

“Because of their excessive drive for fulfillment, mixed with an obsessive and strategic authoritative nature, a Capricorn may simply be a secret assassin,” says Ms. IGee of Larger Vibes On-line, an astrology influencer and spirituality knowledgeable.

Capricorns are also fiercely loyal, which explains why “capricorns are masters at hiding their true emotions and would secretly kill within the title of affection, loyalty and defending household,” says Ms.IGee. It is a good suggestion to not get on a Capricorn’s unhealthy aspect—do not say we did not warn you!

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