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Street Fighter 6 Juri ultimate guide: gameplay tips and updates

For those who like characters that use their legs greater than their fists, the Taekwondo martial artist Juri Han in Avenue Fighter 6 is without doubt one of the greatest picks you can also make. There’s lots to speak about this sadistic girl, and we’ll cowl all of your have to know on this Avenue Fighter 6 Juri information.

A contemporary fan favorite, Juri has conquered the franchise since her first introduction due to her flashy design and thrilling sources. On this recreation, she’s again along with her well-known core mechanic, however it has acquired an intriguing twist.

Under, learn via our Avenue Fighter 6 Juri information to be taught extra about this character, her adjustments, and her moveset.

Avenue Fighter 6 Juri Overview

Initially launched in Tremendous Avenue Fighter 4 and with a particular look in Avenue Fighter 5’s DLC, that is the primary time that Juri has turn into a part of the primary roster within the collection. This may hardly come as shock to most followers since she evokes nice ardour in gamers around the globe and has shortly turn into one of many collection’ hottest characters.

Her look on this recreation is extra much like her authentic design in Avenue Fighter 4, with unfastened bottoms and a crop high, abandoning her spandex swimsuit from the earlier recreation. Nevertheless, some issues that Juri hasn’t misplaced are an obsession with shifting like a spider, kicking at unusual angles, and smiling with satisfaction when hurting her opponents. Though she appears to be on social media now, scrolling on her cellphone after her victories.

Relating to Juri’s gameplay, her core mechanic is again from her earlier look in Avenue Fighter V. Juri can cost Fuha shares by doing her Fuhajin transfer (again quarter circle + any Kick). She will be able to then spend her shares on distinctive strikes that may hyperlink with one another, creating enjoyable and lethal combos.

The utmost quantity of shares she will be able to retailer is three, and you’ll verify her present quantity by wanting on the Ying Yang image subsequent to the Drive Gauge. Additionally, her foot will now have a purple aura in case you have not less than one inventory. Nevertheless, it’s value mentioning that these shares don’t carry over rounds, so it would be best to use them in the identical spherical you cost them.

The remainder of Juri’s strikes are ones you already know. She nonetheless has her DP, Tensenrin (ahead Shoryuken Enter + any Punch), her low projectile, Saihasho (ahead quarter circle + Low Kick), is again to mess along with your opponent’s guard, and her air kicks, Shiku-sen (again quarter circle + any Kick whereas within the air), should be manually inputted like in Avenue Fighter 4.

Her Tremendous Arts really feel nostalgic, too. Sakkai Fuhazan, her first Tremendous Artwork, is a barrage of kicks and projectiles, fairly much like the one in Avenue Fighter IV — though you’ll be able to maintain the Kick button and do extra harm by spending one cost now. Her Tremendous Artwork Stage 2, Feng Shui Engine, is the basic increase tremendous, and her Crucial Artwork, Kaisen Dankai Raku, is principally the identical transfer she used to do in Avenue Fighter 4 — the one the place she grabs you along with her foot.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen pulling off a taunt

Juri character adjustments and updates

Contemplating that her Fuha strikes and shares mechanic are a part of her core gameplay, it’s value mentioning that each acquired necessary adjustments in Avenue Fighter 6.

Within the earlier entry, you needed to cost a inventory with a selected Fuha transfer to have the ability to use the true type of that assault. For instance, to make use of Ankensatsu (ahead quarter circle + Medium Kick), you’d must cost a inventory along with your Medium Kick with a purpose to use that assault.

Nevertheless, the brand new Juri in Avenue Fighter 6 has damaged this rule in two attention-grabbing (and harmful) methods. Firstly, her Fuha strikes don’t require costs anymore. Now you can do an Ankensatsu or a Saihasho with none costs, which supplies you a lot extra alternatives within the battle.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen performing a multi-kick attack


These strikes nonetheless have an enhanced model that should eat one inventory for use, however right here is the place the second key change is available in: the shares are generic. Bored with charging a selected Kick assault to make use of that Kick’s Fuha transfer? Don’t fear, now you’ll be able to cost three shares with simply the Low Kick Fuhajin and use any Fuha-enhanced transfer that you really want.

Her Feng Shui Engine additionally has a small change that references her Avenue Fighter 4 model: Linking particular assaults doesn’t eat chunks of the particular bar, which now routinely decreases over time. This implies that you would be able to unleash a superb variety of specials with out pondering an excessive amount of about how a lot of the bar is left.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen doing a powerful upward kick

Juri is constant her reign as a fan-favourite character in Avenue Fighter 6 with a whole lot of new methods up her sleeve. In case you are eager to get a really feel for the remainder of the roster or have one other character you might be eager to know extra about, take a look at our Avenue Fighter 6 characters information to be taught extra about everybody.

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