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Should you have a mirror in your bedroom? Why Feng Shui experts warn against it |

The attraction behind a mirror in any room of the house is comprehensible. This timeless staple is admired for its capacity to mirror gentle round an area, while making it really feel bigger – however in all its aesthetic qualities – it could be higher to keep away from having one within the bed room.

Whereas it’s true that the proper bed room mirror concepts are each handsome and sensible, bed room Feng Shui specialists have warned that the existence (and the location) of a mirror can have an effect in your sleep and consequently your wellbeing. So, when you’re questioning sleep higher, eradicating your mirror might be the reply, together with these different Feng Shui home options to keep away from. 

Ought to you have got a mirror in your bed room?

Grey bedroom with small desk area and mirror

(Picture credit score: Davide Lovatti)

The query of whether or not it is best to have a mirror as a part of your Feng Shui bed room format comes right down to the power in your house. If the house has unfavorable power, it ought to be averted.

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