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Rose Dawson From ‘Titanic’ Is An Aquarius, According To An Astrologer

In Astrologically Talking, astrologers make their case to your favourite characters’ zodiac indicators, primarily based on particular scenes, quotes, and even vogue selections. Right here, Nina Kahn, writer of Astrology for Life and Wander the Stars, explains why Rose from Titanic is a complete Aquarius. Spoilers for Titanic comply with.

Dec. 19 marks 25 years for the reason that launch of Titanic, the 1997 James Cameron epic that follows the whirlwind romance between younger lovers Rose and Jack after assembly on the doomed maiden journey of the RMS Titanic. On the coronary heart of Titanic is the story of survivor Rose Dawson (performed in her youth by Kate Winslet) and her life-changing expertise aboard the Titanic. All through Titanic, we get to know Rose’s revolutionary and freedom-seeking spirit — and her lifelong want to interrupt freed from society’s oppressive expectations drives the plot of the movie. As an astrologer revisiting the character 1 / 4 century after the movie’s launch, it’s crystal-clear that Rose is a rebellious and forward-thinking Aquarius.

Whereas we don’t have Rose’s fictional delivery certificates in hand, we do have some context clues to work with in relation to confirming her zodiac signal. Within the scenes going down in 1996, it’s famous that Rose is about to show 101 years outdated — which locations her delivery 12 months as 1895. And since we additionally know she had already turned 17 when she boarded the Titanic on April 10, 1912, her birthdate needed to have fallen earlier than that, which narrows issues down to only 4 potential astrological indicators. That mentioned, Aquarius season ranges from about Jan. 20 by means of Feb. 18, so the idea that Rose was born beneath the signal of the water bearer checks out with the Titanic mythology, too.

Close to, far, wherever you’re, I’ve bought some compelling proof to show that Rose is nearly definitely an Aquarius.

She’s A Insurgent At Coronary heart

As she boards the Titanic, Rose is suffocating beneath the mounting expectations being positioned upon her by her conventional mom, her snobby fiancé Cal, and upper-class society at giant — which is why she describes feeling just like the ship is “taking [her] again to America in chains.” She even makes an attempt to finish her life shortly after boarding the ship, as she will be able to’t bear to dwell if she isn’t free to make her personal choices or be true to herself. “I noticed my entire life as if I would already lived it,” 100-year-old Rose explains as she seems again on her life pre-Titanic. “An countless parade of events and cotillions, yachts and polo matches, all the time the identical slim individuals, the identical senseless chatter.” The spoils of being rich and having excessive standing meant nothing to Rose — she would have fairly not dwell than have to adapt to what she considered as a bland and oppressive way of life.

Once we have a look at Rose’s habits by means of the lens of the Aquarius archetype, issues start to make much more sense. For a subversive and unconventional water bearer, there’s nothing worse than being put in a field and compelled to comply with another person’s guidelines. This free-thinking air signal is dominated by maverick planet Uranus, bestowing its cosmic natives with a deep want to eschew the established order and march to the beat of their very own drum. Rose deeply resents being pressured by her mom to safe an inheritance and protect the household’s social standing and refuses to undergo her fiancé’s makes an attempt to regulate her. Even the love affair between her and Jack — who’s a ravenous artist with out a cent to his identify — highlights her refusal to stick to society’s expectations of her. Like a real chain-breaking Aquarius, her rebellious streak runs deep.

On the finish of the movie, Rose actually solidifies her place within the Aquarius’ riot corridor of fame when she tosses the priceless “Coronary heart of the Ocean” diamond into the ocean. Mentioned to be value greater than some other gem on this planet, Rose secretly held onto this sought-after treasure for 84 years — and finally, she proves that her values aren’t outlined by the mores of society. As an alternative of exploiting the diamond for accolades and riches, Rose tucked it away after which casually disposes of it, subverting everybody’s expectations.

She’s Manner Forward Of Her Time

Aquarians are identified for being forward-thinking and progressive. True to zodiacal kind, Rose is lightyears forward of the instances she’s dwelling in, and he or she yearns to interrupt freed from the oppressive stereotypes positioned on her as a girl. For instance, she excitedly asks Jack to show her to “journey [horseback] like a person” and even “spit like a person.” When she’s partying under deck with Jack and the opposite lower-class passengers on the ship, she surprises all of them by shortly chugging a full glass of beer — a definitively non-ladylike act for a high-class lady of the instances. “What, you suppose a first-class woman can’t drink?” Rose asks playfully. Far past only a want to problem the established order, Rose’s progressive mind-set makes it painfully apparent to her that she shouldn’t should abide by gender-based guidelines about learn how to dwell her life.

Even Rose’s style in artwork displays her high-concept and avant-garde Aquarius sensibilities. Early within the movie, we see that she’s bought work by the not-yet-famous Pablo Picasso, which she describes as being “fascinating” and “like a dream, [having] fact with out logic.” In the meantime, her highly effective fiancé fails to see their worth and confidently claims that Picasso “won’t ever quantity to a factor.” After all, Rose is aware of higher — Aquarians have a knack for recognizing up-and-coming tendencies and being on the forefront of cutting-edge concepts and actions. It’s simple for them to choose up on what is going to spark the eye and curiosity of the collective lengthy earlier than it hits the mainstream.

She’s Bought A Indifferent Aquarian Mind

As air indicators, Aquariuses are extra cerebral and conceptual of their pondering than most different members of the zodiac. The water bearers particularly are seen as particularly cool and aloof, with a bent to focus extra on big-picture points than interpersonal emotions. Rose definitely embodies this indifferent Aquarius vibe, as she exhibits no emotional attachment to her fiancé and little or no to her mom, both. After surviving the sinking of the Titanic, she by no means speaks to Cal once more and seems to chop off contact along with her mom, too.

Whereas she could also be considerably unsentimental about sure relationships, Rose could be very pushed by issues that influence the neighborhood at giant. Rose expresses with concern to the Titanic’s shipbuilder, lengthy earlier than the deadly iceberg collision, saying “I did the sum in my head, and with the variety of lifeboats instances the capability you talked about … it appears there usually are not sufficient for everybody aboard.” “You miss nothing, do you?” he replies. A pointy and quick-witted Aquarius like Rose not often does — particularly when it’s one thing that includes a humanitarian problem. Aquarius is the signal that guidelines over the collective, and its power is related to teams, collaboration, and teamwork. Regardless of Rose’s privilege, she frequently exhibits curiosity within the well-being of the passengers on the entire ship and appears at issues from a future-oriented perspective.

Rose clearly fell head over heels in love with Jack and carries tender recollections of their temporary time collectively all through her life. Nonetheless, she by no means seems to get swallowed up by her feelings across the relationship, which additionally illustrates her indifferent Aquarius nature. “I’ve by no means spoken of him ‘til now, to not anybody, not even your grandfather,” she says of Jack, 84 years after his passing. The truth that she by no means spoke of this riveting and passionate affair to anybody highlights her cool, calm, and picked up Aquarius power. It’s not simple to brush these air indicators off their toes — and even in case you do, they’re not prone to get mushy about it.


Rose puffs on tobacco pipes, drops insults by referencing Sigmund Freud, and was actually into Picasso earlier than it was cool. And don’t overlook how she symbolically sticks it to the person by spitting in Cal’s face and giving him the center finger. May she be any extra of a cool, rebellious, and mental Aquarius?! Rose’s progressive and free-thinking spirit is deeply Aquarian, and he or she’s bought the smarts and authenticity to show it. Even 25 years after Titanic’s launch, it’s clear that Rose’s rebellious coronary heart will go on.

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