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Numerology Meanings of 5 Lesser-Known Angel Numbers

Almost like a recurring dream, a repeating sequence of numbers is nearly inconceivable to disregard. Maybe you look at your telephone at 11:11 for a number of days in a row; or perhaps you discover numerals like 222 or 4321 popping up in cellphone numbers, or receipt totals, or at outstanding instances. Whatever the state of affairs of the quantity itself, any repeating sample is prone to really feel distinctly not random. And in keeping with numerology, which ascribes symbolism to numbers based mostly on their inherent frequencies and historic context, it will not be. In reality, the meanings of sure vital numbers, known as angel numbers, could shed intel in regards to the stage of life you’re transferring by way of—and, opposite to standard perception, these angel numbers embrace a number of digits past the beloved 1111.

Whether or not or not you consider in angels or some other sort of divine being, numerologist Josh Siegel suggests viewing these angel numbers as messengers from a better or common energy. “Whenever you’re experiencing one among these numbers, it’s doable that there’s some kind of shift or change or awakening taking place in your life,” he says. “And the quantity is exhibiting up synchronistically as an indicator or foreshadower of that.”

In some circumstances, an angel quantity you’re seeing on repeat might be a model of what numerology calls your base or life-path quantity, says Siegel, which you’ll be able to establish by including up the person digits of your birthday till you get a single no 1 by way of 9 (except you wind up with 11, 22, or 33, that are thought of grasp numbers).

The meanings of recurring angel numbers can function common symbols for occasions or adjustments which are taking place (or are about to occur) in your life.

For instance (and keep on with me right here), my birthday is 1/20/95, so I’d begin by including 1+9+9+5 to get 24, at which level I’d add the two+4 to get 6 for the 12 months. Then, I’d add the numbers 2+0 to get 2 for the day. And lastly, I’d add all of it collectively: 1 for the month + 2 for the day + 6 for the 12 months = 9. This implies 9 is my life-path quantity, which is linked with a want to battle for large beliefs. So, if I have been to maintain seeing the angel quantity 999 or some iteration of 18 (1+8=9), it could be mirroring that life objective or lesson encapsulated by my 9 base quantity, in keeping with Siegel.

However sometimes, the meanings of recurring angel numbers aren’t so clearly tied to your base quantity, and might as an alternative function common symbols for occasions or adjustments which are taking place (or are about to occur) in your life. Under, Siegel walks by way of just a few of the lesser-discussed angel numbers that carry with them key symbolism—so, when you’re seeing any of those numbers floating round on repeat, you’d be smart to take notice.

Listed below are the meanings of 5 lesser-known angel numbers, in keeping with a numerologist:


You possibly can have a strong message to share with the world, if this quantity retains popping up in your purview. From a numerological perspective, that’s as a result of it features a few totally different 11s inside it: The second a part of it’s an 11; when you add up the three digits, it equals 11; and when you add 91 to 1, you get 92, which may additionally web out to 11, when you separate the 9 and the two, and add these, explains Siegel.

“11 is taken into account a grasp quantity as a result of it combines two 1’s, and 1 is linked to dynamic management,” he says. There’s additionally a fair stability to the quantity 11, and in tarot, the eleventh card is the justice card, all of which suggests a 911 angel quantity may process you with taking a definitive stand in some area of your life about what you contemplate to be proper and flawed—and doing so in a manner that helps the larger good.


Change is probably going a-brewing when you’re regularly seeing this angel quantity. Siegel sees this quantity as signaling a time whenever you might need a change of coronary heart, a change of thoughts, or another form of re-evaluation of your life, by way of changing into extra emotionally and creatively fulfilled. “Let’s say that you’ve some artistic items that maybe you aren’t utilizing, and a 1212 pops up in your life. Perhaps it’s telling you that it’s time to choose up that guitar or begin making issues or creating,” says Siegel.

That change may come by way of the way you specific your perspective. “It’s possible you’ll end up being extra open and trustworthy, maybe posting extra on social media or creating a brand new and highly effective opinion,” says Siegel. And as you undertake new issues, previous issues may fall by the wayside, too. “Maybe you pivot from an previous profession monitor or an previous relationship, or be taught to attract new boundaries,” he provides.


Regardless of being popularly connoted as being unfortunate and representing karmic gloom and doom, 13 isn’t all so dangerous, says Siegel. In the same vein to the angel quantity that means of 12, the angel quantity 13 offers with change on the horizon, however pertains to a extra elementary upheaval. In spite of everything, the thirteenth tarot card is the loss of life card, so you may contemplate a recurrence of 1313 as a time for being reborn.

“Perhaps you’re in a dead-end job, otherwise you’re caught in a rut or going by way of a interval of monotony,” says Siegel. “13 can come alongside and ask you to contemplate, ‘What’s holding me again?’ and ‘What am I afraid of?’” Whereas 1313 is usually a harbinger of a difficult interval, Siegel says that it’s finally tied to a possibility to uncover a brand new life route much less riddled by concern, nervousness, or stress.


If 13 vitality displays a resistant-to-change vibe, 14 vitality is simply the alternative: Individuals who have a 14 of their numerology chart (which incorporates your base quantity and several other others mapped by a numerologist) are usually stressed, energetic, out-and-about folks. And when you’re seeing 1414 on repeat, that might sign one among two issues, says Siegel: Both, you might have to be extra attuned to sure impulsive, over-the-top actions that aren’t serving you, or, in contrast, you’re being pushed to interrupt free from limitations in your life, and do extra of these spontaneous behaviors. Partaking in some introspection can lend perception into which aspect of the quantity’s that means is, maybe, most relevant in your life.


Siegel attracts the affect of this significantly angelic angel quantity from a number of historic sources, together with astrology and the Kabbalah, a college of thought in Jewish mysticism. In Kabbalah, there’s regarded as 72 angels related to God’s 72 names. And in astrology, every of those angels guidelines over one a part of the zodiac wheel (its 12 sections encompassing all 12 indicators divide evenly into 72 five-degree parts, when you have been curious in regards to the math). All of that’s to say that 72 is a symbolic quantity for connecting with a better energy or your individual psychic vitality, says Siegel.

Seeing 72 on repeat may additionally imply you’re tapping into common patterns or a religious presence in your life, both by means of some kind of miraculous occasion (maybe swerving out of the best way simply earlier than a automotive crash) and even some inkling of past-life or karmic vitality.

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