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Neptune Sign Meaning in Astrology; What Does Neptune Represent?

Have somewhat religion in Neptune! In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of instinct, enchantment, glamour, soulful artistry, and the deep therapeutic that begins after we ask ourselves, “Is there a risk of one other manner?”

Like Pluto and Uranus, Neptune is likely one of the outer planets, that means it is slower-moving and impacts the bigger-picture themes of our lives than the internal planets, like Mercury and Venus, which change indicators extra incessantly and have an even bigger impact on our day-to-day realities. Neptune spends roughly 14 years in every signal (with occasional shorter dips into neighboring indicators when it is retrograde) and takes 160-ish years to maneuver by the entire zodiac. Again in 2012, Neptune moved into Pisces and it’ll keep there till 2026. That is first time it has been in Pisces since 1862!

The signal Neptune was in while you have been born shines a shimmer on the way you join along with your highest degree of each creativity and divinity, in addition to your religious practices. And the signal Neptune is in proper now impacts your creativity and spirituality within the second. Consider your self as a lamp, whereas Neptune is the sunshine. Your Neptune signal helps you perceive how the sunshine heals with each self-compassion and forgiveness in the direction of others.

Undecided what your (or another person’s) Neptune signal is? Take your bday to a free beginning chart calculator, or just verify the years beneath.

Neptune in Aries

1862-1875, 2025-2039

Your religious observe and creativeness is energetic and centered on the way you perceive identification. Are we human beings having a religious expertise, or religious beings having a human expertise? Neptune will enter Aries in 2025, so we’ll be asking our hearts this query and studying to stay into the reply that manifest in our expertise.

Neptune in Taurus

1875-1888, 2039-2052

You connect with creativeness and divinity by magnificence and pleasure. Neptune in Taurus helps you see all of the methods which artwork, aesthetics, and visible storytelling helps individuals really feel like they’re much less alone and deeply linked to the next energy.

Neptune in Gemini

1988-1902, 2052-2065

Your relationships to divinity and creativity is psychological and virtually at all times by significant conversations. With Neptune in Gemini, you possibly can reply a few of life’s most tough existential questions by dialogue with others, and with the universe as you perceive it.

Neptune in Most cancers

1902-1915, 2065-2078

Feelings are knowledge with a soul. With Neptune in Most cancers, your feelings make it easier to connect with your inventive items and talents. That is additionally a placement that connects you to ancestral practices and traditions out of your tradition of origin.

Neptune in Leo

1915-1928, 2078-2092

“Charisma” initially meant “of the spirit.” Neptune in Leo offers you a charismatic connection to spirit that enables your management, creativity, and open coronary heart to information others in the direction of a lifetime of love. You’re right here to grasp learn how to stay with extra braveness and fewer concern.

Neptune in Virgo

1928-1942, 2092-2105

The Artist’s Means writer Julia Cameron defines G.O.D. as “good orderly route”—and that is Neptune in Virgo to a T. This placement helps discover religious reality, creativity, and peace in Virgo simplicity, cleanliness, and order. You’ll entry each therapeutic and creativeness with easy, utilized, behavioral steps.

Neptune in Libra


Relationships are a form of religious observe, proper? With Neptune in Libra, you discover divinity and inventive options by different individuals. Your expertise for diplomacy, understanding, and negotiation may assist others discover what the world desperately wants, like peace, mercy, and justice.

Neptune in Scorpio


What’s the reality? Neptune in Scorpio is worried with the deepest, most hidden dimensions of honesty, reality, and intimacy. You wish to reveal the reality to others we are able to have extra significant moments and relationships, too.

Neptune in Sagittarius


Hope is crucial! Neptune in Sagittarius helps us discover a imaginative and prescient of what’s potential so we are able to change what must be modified. Your creativeness, creativity, and pleasure is remodeled by training, experiential studying, and journey.

Neptune in Capricorn


If it’s not grounded, you don’t need it! Neptune in Capricorn helps you keep centered, non-reactive, and responsive by way of religious practices that hold you and others shifting in the direction of alignment, integrity, and accountability. Your self-discipline and impulse management are a present

Neptune in Aquarius


The extra disruptive, the higher! With Neptune in Aquarius, you realize that it’s usually a small group of outrageous thinkers who’ve a greater concept that upsets the established order. Spirituality and creativity assist your beliefs keep clear and instructive for fast utility.

Neptune in Pisces


Can peace prevail? Along with your assist, it might probably. You’ve got a lens on common religious themes like forgiveness, mercy, accountability, and love in a manner that helps others progress and heal in miraculous methods.

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