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Malaysian feng shui experts on what the Year of the Water Rabbit holds for us

It’s time to welcome the Rabbit, which represents longevity and fertility.

Historically, it’s thought-about an emblem of excellent luck, whether or not within the East or West.

The 12 months 2023 is the “Gui Mao” 12 months of the Water Rabbit. Gui is Yin Water whereas Mao refers to Rabbit, which is Yin Wooden. The start of spring, or Li Chun, falls on Feb 4 at 10.42am.

Will the Water Rabbit 12 months be a hoppity and affluent one for you?

In line with Grasp Lee Cheng Hoe of Penang Feng Shui, the fortune of feminine leaders might be higher in 2023. This might be good for international locations, companies and households with females on the helm.

Lee says it is going to be a troublesome 12 months for older male leaders. Moreover, those that are notably domineering could even resort to creating battle with the intention to maintain on to their positions.

2023 is the ‘Gui Mao’ 12 months of the Water Rabbit. Gui is Yin Water whereas Mao refers to Rabbit. Photograph: 123rf.com

The economic system is predicted to be dangerous and susceptible to giant fluctuations. There’s a phenomenon of cash leakage and a pointy improve in prison exercise.

Competitors is fierce, political preventing intensifies, international locations exhibit hostility, and wars will get away.

Nations within the West like america and Europe will proceed to be continually bombarded by issues. These within the Northeast similar to China and Korea could face political disputes and energy struggles.

The sickness star within the East may imply that international locations similar to Japan and Taiwan could should deal with main well being points like illness transmission in addition to severe disasters similar to earthquakes and landslides.

The East additionally represents the eldest son so the well being points may have an effect on the crown prince of a monarchy or the eldest son who is because of inherit the CEO place of a conglomerate.

South-East Asian international locations may also be continually at odds, and political turmoil is inevitable because of the presence of an argumentative star.

Lee additionally advises individuals to place extra effort into bettering interpersonal relationships with the intention to make progress this 12 months.

Lee says emotional disorders will become increasingly common among urban dwellers so it is important to learn how to relieve stress. Photo: The Star/Izzrafiq AliasLee says emotional issues will grow to be more and more widespread amongst city dwellers so it is very important discover ways to relieve stress. Photograph: The Star/Izzrafiq Alias

Well being-wise, emotional instability is a significant difficulty. City dwellers are susceptible to psychological weak spot, so emotional issues will grow to be more and more widespread. It is very important discover ways to relieve stress.

Further care must be taken to make sure the wellbeing of aged male relations.

Additionally watch out for infectious ailments of six home animals (horse, cow, goat, pig, hen and canine).

The world’s materials and meals provide chain may also be a lot affected, Lee predicts.

Beneficial areas

Lee advises people to put more effort into improving their interpersonal relationships this year. Photo: Penang Feng ShuiLee advises individuals to place extra effort into bettering their interpersonal relationships this 12 months. Photograph: Penang Feng ShuiTo create wealth in 2023, change is important and pioneering abilities reach making breakthroughs in new areas of growth.

Nations and areas within the South will profit from financial achieve, so Singapore, Hong Kong, and Johor are set to prosper in 2023.

Those that are blessed with the present of the gab can capitalise on their loquacity this 12 months. Articulate orators might be notably persuasive and may benefit from their eloquence to achieve authority and followers.

The arms trade will make a fortune. Many international locations will spend some huge cash to enhance their defence tools.

The playing trade shines, therefore on-line playing may be very affluent. On the flip facet, on-line scams are additionally rampant. As such, Lee advocates prudence, in order to not lose huge fortunes over small earnings. Many corruption scandals might be uncovered this 12 months.

There’s a tendency for individuals to be shifting round rather a lot, so the tourism and aviation industries might be making loads of progress. Nonetheless, this additionally means individuals are dwelling in unrest.

Outlook for Malaysia

Malaysia grew to become impartial in 1957, a 12 months of the Rooster which is in opposition to the present 12 months of the Rabbit. Individuals’s dissatisfaction with the federal government will rise. Political turmoil is troublesome to resolve within the quick time period, and should have an effect on our economic system.

As a way to survive this probably difficult 12 months, Malaysia can not rely solely on petroleum revenue. Financial diversification facilitated by the opening up of extra roads would be the key, Lee urges.

The excellent news is Malaysia’s ba zi requires water and wooden, says Lee, which the Water Rabbit 12 months of 2023 supplies.

“It’s a good 12 months for technological innovation and scientific breakthroughs. I’m assured that Covid-19 will probably be managed as a result of our understanding of this virus is enough to deal with this pandemic,” says Lee.

Companies within the wooden and fireplace industries can stay up for a significantly better 12 months, whereas water industries could have a passable 12 months. In the meantime, metallic and earth industries are worse off.

Wooden occupations are those who take care of crops, flowers, fruits, paper and printing, vegetarian eateries, Chinese language drugs, prescription drugs, stationery, furnishings, artwork and music. Hearth industries embrace armed forces, vehicles, eateries, web, lighting and promoting.

Water industries embrace transport, commerce, fishery, transport, liquid and chemical, gross sales and advertising and marketing.

Banking, finance, legislation, equipment and athletics come beneath metallic occupations.

Earth industries embrace actual property, magnificence, tiles, ceramics, crystals, marble and stones.

General, 2023 is not going to be a quiet nor peaceable 12 months. Being on the turning level of Interval 8 (ends 2023) and Interval 9 (begins 2024), there might be many modifications in numerous facets.

Yap says the number 23 is a lucky Golden Number this year which will lead to wealth, success and happiness. Photo: Clker/PixabayYap says the quantity 23 is a fortunate Golden Quantity this 12 months which is able to result in wealth, success and happiness. Photograph: Clker/Pixabay

Being introspective

The 12 months 2023 is a common 12 months 7, says Singaporean numerologist Gracy Yap, who describes it as a 12 months of financial uncertainty and self-reflection.

“7 is about Spirituality, Perfection, Evaluation, Logic, Data, Scepticism, Instinct and Self-Reflection. These are the themes of the 12 months. 7 is a interval of some pause and reflection, and suggests a slow-moving 12 months. This tends to not be a 12 months of motion however moderately a 12 months of ready and growth.

“As we start the 12 months, we’re already in a Mercury retrograde which signifies delays and communication breakdown. This may form of set the tone for the 12 months.

Yap suggests a focus on self-improvement to make the most of the year. Photo: Frederick H.Yap suggests a deal with self-improvement to benefit from the 12 months. Photograph: Frederick H.In 2023, financial uncertainty, job losses, enterprise closures, bankruptcies, conflicts, earthquakes, floods and water-related ailments, and plagues are predicted.

“This can be a 12 months for prudence and energetic introspection, and spending time alone to ponder, ideally by the ocean,” Yap advises.

“The start of a brand new 12 months is an effective time to take inventory of your life, undergo your funds and monetary spreadsheets, funding portfolio, financial institution accounts, and so forth and work out the place you might tighten your belt and make your cash stretch by means of the 12 months. You’d need to put your cash in secure, low-risk investments.”

Yap additionally factors out that it’s not an acceptable 12 months for marriage because it could possibly be a wedding the place one or each companions could possibly be holding illusions in regards to the different.

“Regardless of how romantic or promising, the wedding could possibly be an addictive poisonous relationship, with one associate in search of a caretaker, and the opposite paying an enormous sacrifice within the union. Watch out as Neptune is a dreamy trickster planet and your relationship may flip right into a nightmare as a substitute of a dream come true, except you’ve gotten beneficial planets like Venus in your chart.”

Nonetheless, Yap says sure sectors will thrive: training, writing and publishing, non secular practices, occult sciences, spiritual organisations, analysis research, consulting, transport, pubs, skincare and pharmaceutical merchandise.

“As 7 is related to Neptune, that dreamer planet of science and invention, the science and expertise sector ought to do nicely. 7 can also be associated to Poseidon, one of many 12 Olympians in historical Greek mythology who dominated the ocean, storms and horses. I predict all companies associated to the ocean, water and liquid, or those who require water to provide, will thrive.”

Fortunate numbers

The excellent news is quantity 23 is a fortunate Golden Quantity, a quantity that carries the key karmic code to unlocking wealth, success, happiness, and so forth, in line with Yap’s proprietary Numerology system.

“This quantity known as ‘the Royal Star of the Lion’. It’s a promise of success, assist from superiors and safety from these in excessive locations. In coping with future occasions, it’s a most lucky quantity and a promise of success of 1’s plans,” provides Yap, who’s the creator of Secrets and techniques Of Golden Numbers.

Therefore her recommendation for 2023 is to cost forward along with your objectives and intentions – regardless of being pulled in reverse instructions, by means of dedication, willpower and endurance.

Yap says this is a year for prudence and active introspection, and advises people to spend time alone to contemplate, preferably by the ocean. Photo: processingly/UnsplashYap says it is a 12 months for prudence and energetic introspection, and advises individuals to spend time alone to ponder, ideally by the ocean. Photograph: processingly/Unsplash

In line with Numerology, the numbers which can be Water Indicators are 2 and seven. Quantity 2 is detail-oriented, which inserts into the Perfection theme.

It’s an necessary landmark 12 months for quantity 7 in a Common 12 months 7 as their selections can have far-reaching penalties within the years to return. Quantity 7 shouldn’t overthink or over analyse a scenario, or could remorse missed alternatives.

7 is a quantity with masculine vitality, so the alpha male will get an opportunity to shine within the Aquarian Age that’s dominated by girls energy, so long as he holds the reins and wields management over his environment.

The numbers suitable with 7 are 1 and 4. 1 is the variety of Management and an individual born with this quantity is decisive.

4 is the Builder quantity and as a good quantity, it makes an excellent staff participant.

Collectively, the numbers 1, 4, 7 give you wealth luck. If these numbers are lacking out of your Numerology beginning or identify charts, you should have no wealth potential.

However, fret not, Yap consoles, as there may be truly a solution to treatment that. She shared that the ‘quantity remedy’ is to make people with the numbers 1 (these born on 1, 10, 19, 28 of any month or having 1 as their Life Path Quantity) and 4 (these born on 4, 13, 22, 31 of any month or having 4 or 22 as their Life Path Numbers) your allies in 2023 for this to be a greater 12 months.

Fortunate gem stones

As you utilize these Numerology tricks to manifest your objectives and goals, Yap additionally suggests utilizing fortunate gem stones for optimistic energies.

Amethyst: Promotes spirituality and helps you retain calm. Show within the Wealth Nook of your private home or put on as jewelry.

Pyrite: Attracts prosperity and abundance. Show close to your money register or put on a bracelet to draw cash luck.

Yellow sapphire: Helps to manifest your huge goals. Put on as jewelry.

Moonstone: The stone of affection. It’s a image of readability and hope. It’s linked to stability, fertility, instinct and female vitality. Put on as jewelry.

To benefit from the 12 months, Yap suggests a deal with self-improvement.

“Learn extra self-help books or attend a course. Spend time to meditate and delve deeper into your psyche. Do extra introspection and self-development work. Assist others develop,” she advises.

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