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Lucky colours for Feng Shui elements in Year of the Water Tiger 2022

A brand new 12 months units the stage to begin issues afresh, albeit with a clear slate. We want for luck and positivity within the ensuing 12 months that may assist us prosper. Whereas there are numerous beliefs that vow to convey success, conventional practices, like Feng Shui, may also assist usher in prosperity into our lives.

Chinese language tradition launched us to the world of Feng Shui, a apply that believes in balancing energies to convey luck, wealth and guarantee good well being.

In keeping with Chinese language astrology, 2022 would be the Yr of the Water Tiger — a creature that signifies ambition, aggressive spirit, impulsiveness and communication.

Here’s what it’s essential to learn about Feng Shui, its 5 parts and fortunate colors in response to Chinese language astrology for the Yr of the Tiger. Welcome dwelling constructive power and dispel damaging ones as you embark upon a model new journey, with hope and confidence in 2022.

The 5 parts of Feng Shui

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Nationwide Geographic explains Feng Shui as an “historical Chinese language artwork of arranging buildings, objects and house in an atmosphere to attain concord and stability in a approach that may convey peace and prosperity.”

Rooted deep within the Taoist idea of chi, which is shaped by the confluence of two opposing but complementary forces yin — the female power related to nighttime, coolness and quiet — and yang — the masculine power related to the solar, sociability and warmth.

Chi is nothing however the life drive current in every entity, and Feng Shui goals at putting a stability between yin and yang energies. This may be performed by means of organising furnishings/decor objects and setting up constructions that improve the circulate of constructive chi and maintain away damaging chi and dangerous luck.

Sustaining a constructive chi not solely ensures luck but additionally retains illnesses at bay and enhances interpersonal equations.

Feng Shui has 5 parts — wooden, fireplace, earth, metallic and water. Every ingredient represents sure traits. Wooden stands for creativity and development; fireplace represents management and boldness; earth is symbolic of energy and stability; metallic denotes focus and order; water signifies emotion and inspiration.

Striving to take care of a stability between these 5 elements results in constructive chi and balances the pure circulate of power. Utilizing colors that correspond to those 5 parts is without doubt one of the best methods to include Feng Shui into your life.

Fortunate colors for Feng Shui parts in Yr of the Water Tiger 2022

Feng Shui
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The Yr of the Water Tiger helps resolve the fortunate colors for 2022.

Cerulean blue, fiery purple, mint inexperienced and imperial yellow are the fortunate colors for 2022. These colors are derived from the 4 parts of Feng Shui — wooden (main ingredient of the tiger), water (ingredient of the 12 months 2022), fireplace, earth and the Yang polarity.

They’re often known as fortifying colors, as they enhance the luck of those that put on them as a fortunate allure or as clothes. One may also embrace these colors of their dwelling.

What do ‘fortifying colors’ signify?

feng shui
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Cerulean blue: The shade represents appeasement, liberty and serenity. This color will improve one’s luck in job interviews, communication and negotiations. Extreme utilization of this color prompts the water ingredient and may also result in despair, sluggishness and frigidness.

Mint inexperienced: This color prompts the wooden ingredient and represents therapeutic, development and inventiveness. Mint inexperienced will show fortunate for individuals who are trying ahead to adapting to a brand new job/place or are embarking on a brand new journey. Nonetheless, utilizing the color an excessive amount of would possibly result in defeat and emotions of jealousy.

Fiery purple: Symbolic of motion, vitality, ardour and love, fiery purple prompts the ingredient fireplace and is fortunate for individuals who are coming into a romantic relationship or are welcoming a child. Though a beneficial color to enhance your love life, utilization of this shade in extra would possibly give rise to rage.

Imperial yellow: The color stands for foreknowledge, knowledge and organisation. Imperial yellow will show fortunate in relation to buying property and transferring invaluable items, however extreme use of this shade may also give rise to self-importance and adultery.

These fortifying colors for the Yr of the Water Tiger 2022 apply to all of the 12 Chinese language zodiac indicators — Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Canine and Pig. Know your Chinese language zodiac signal right here.

Balancing colors

feng shui
Picture credit score: Rachelle Magpayo/Unsplash

Now that you already know about colors that activate the 4 parts, let’s discuss concerning the fifth ingredient — metallic.

Right here’s the place balancing colors come into play. To guard you from the damaging results of the 4 fortifying colors, you could have the balancing and protecting colors of white and golden, which activate the metallic ingredient.

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