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Kween Katt’s new single, ‘4:44,’ arrives with a lesson behind it

Native hip-hop artist Kween Katt is again with one other installment of acutely aware rap in her new single, “4:44” — the most recent in a succession of songs that discover numerology off her upcoming album 61989: A Juneteenth Album.

In line with Kween, “61989 is breaking down all the numbers that we see, that are known as angel numbers.”

Different singles embody “5:55,” “11:11,” “3:33” and “222.” 

“After I began coming into the information, I needed to do a number of analysis after I was seeing all these numbers on a regular basis,” Kween stated. She’s taken courses with a purpose to acquire a balanced perspective of numerology, which is the assumption in a divine coincidence between numbers and occasions. 

“If you happen to’re seeing 444, it might be that you simply misplaced a liked one and they’re getting your consideration, or that it’s time to construct one thing. 4-four-four is about neighborhood,” she stated of the brand new single. 

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