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How to Shuffle Your Tarot Cards, Because Yes, There Is a Specific Way to Do That

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Each time I do face-to-face tarot readings and ask individuals to shuffle the tarot playing cards, they (nearly with out fail) grimace and say they don’t know easy methods to/aren’t excellent at shuffling/may make a multitude. I reassure them that they’ll do no matter they need, even simply chopping the deck backward and forward, so long as they get their arms on the tarot deck. So, please don’t overthink shuffling your tarot playing cards! You don’t must act like a Las Vegas on line casino supplier. Simply get your arms on the deck and transfer the playing cards round.

On the most elementary stage, shuffling makes it so you do not draw the identical tarot playing cards time and again (or these of the final one who had a studying with that tarot deck). That stated, there are a few issues you possibly can add to your shuffling method to make your tarot studying as private and related to you as attainable. And there are a couple of totally different shuffling strategies that you just may need to check out. If shuffling like a professional is one thing you take pleasure in, then you must carry it into your readings—it’s a part of your factor!

A very powerful factor to find out about shuffling tarot playing cards

It is all about your mindset. Shuffling tarot playing cards ought to introduce a aware or meditative state in which you’ll consciously step out of every day life and right into a extra intuitive and insightful way of thinking. It gives a pause earlier than beginning the tarot studying. Whereas shuffling, silently ask for help, steerage, and safety. Take into consideration the questions you are about to ask the tarot playing cards, or just silently put together in your tarot studying. Should you do nothing else, be sure to transfer your mind out of “on a regular basis” mode and right into a extra targeted mindfulness.

How skilled tarot readers shuffle tarot playing cards

Historically, tarot card readers used their left hand to shuffle, as a result of the left facet is related to intuitive and receptive power. Others consider you must shuffle and deal tarot playing cards along with your non-dominant hand, for related causes. Nevertheless, I can’t shuffle one-handed, so I’ve by no means achieved this!

Apparently, the precise variety of shuffles to realize a really random tarot deck is seven, however truthfully, there isn’t a want to stick to that. Some individuals prefer to shuffle their tarot deck a couple of occasions, whereas others prefer to shuffle for at the least a full minute as they zone in on their query. If a non-traditional shuffling technique works for you, go for it—a very powerful factor is to only transfer the playing cards round.

How you can shuffle new tarot playing cards

While you get a brand new tarot deck, you need to actually, actually shuffle your tarot playing cards, or else they will be so as. I feel it’s best to place your tarot playing cards down on the ground and ~smoosh~ them round (sure, that is the official time period), then decide them up and begin shuffling much more.

Some professionals advocate maintaining new tarot playing cards with you for every week (in your bag, in your desk, below your pillow, and so forth.), so the playing cards can tune in to your power and vibration. Consider it like a ’90s Tamagotchi toy! Others merely prefer to spend some additional time shuffling them. It is as much as you.

Tarot card shuffling methods

Overhand shuffle

In in all probability the commonest kind of card shuffling, you place your tarot deck in a single hand and launch a bit of playing cards at a time into the alternative hand, till you’re feeling the playing cards are suitably blended up.

The drop and ~smoosh~

This technique is fave. Drop the playing cards face-down on the ground and smoosh them round, nearly such as you’re massaging them in a round movement. Consider it like scrambling the playing cards. Some playing cards may spin out to the sting or exterior the final pile. It is best to decide these playing cards up and skim them—they’re making an attempt to get your consideration!


Place your tarot deck so it is sitting in entrance of you. Then, take a bit out of the deck deck and place it in a brand new spot within the deck (high, center, or backside). Repeat with totally different sections till you’re feeling your tarot playing cards are suitably blended. This method is useful if the playing cards are huge (or your arms are small) and overhand shuffling does not work.

The three-pile lower

I really like to make use of this shuffling technique after I work with purchasers, as a result of it provides individuals one thing particular to do and helps them chill out. Start by shuffling the tarot deck nevertheless you want, after which lower the reassembled deck, putting the playing cards in three separate piles to the left. Then, decide a pile and skim the playing cards from there. Some individuals use this technique for a easy previous, current, future tarot studying: The primary pile represents the previous, the second represents the current, and the third, you guessed it, the long run.

The fan

Place your tarot playing cards face down and fan them out, both in a straight line or curve. Then, hover your hand over the playing cards and select those you’re feeling drawn to. I like to recommend this system if you happen to’re specializing in one query at a time, and it is also good for individuals who don’t like shuffling!

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